Thursday, July 29, 2010

Niagara Falls

Yesterday I went to Canada for the first time....We went to Niagara Falls Canada side in Ontario. I have always heard it is the nicer of the two sides, and it really is. It was a rainy day which was a disappointment for pictures. My favorite part was riding the Maiden Mist, it was amazing. Words can not express the excitement of being that close to the falls. We wore our blue ponchos, cinched the hoods down tight and we were drenched. I loved it in the moment but afterwards I think my fit flops stayed wet the whole night. It is a must do if you ever go to Niagara Falls.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black and White Wednesday-Small Town fav

Living in small town America now, some of my favorite things are found on Main Street. I love the old barber shops and  Five and Dime stores, mixed in boutiques and yummy restaurants. It's the best of both worlds. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, stop by Lisa @ The long road to China for amazing B&W talent. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fragments

It's a rainy muggy day in my little village here..the kind of day you bake cookies and stay in PJ's all day.
My hubby asked if maybe we could unpack a few boxes....WHAT! on a day like this....okay maybe a few!
Currently the main part of the house is pretty empty, consisted of a little rental furniture and some clothes. Our basement on the other hand has boxes everywhere. Boxes from our storage in SLC, things we have been without for two years. Mostly holiday decorations and some knick knacks and old things. So even though I have no where to put them, today we are organizing and possibly emptying some boxes and we may do it in our PJ's while eating cookies! Maybe!

Good news...our air shipment after one month of being in German and US customs has finally been released! Woot Woot! Now the wait is when the moving company is going to pick up and deliver...I hope early next week. I hope everything is in one piece, I hope all my shoes are still there!

Other news....our sea shipment is still in US customs and I hope we hear soon. I miss my bed!

I would like to report my memory of driving has returned, I've gone two whole days without a driving incident...though Katelyn might say otherwise. I have successfully mastered the roundabout in our town without screaming my way though. Woot Woot!

The neighbors that I'm borrowing their wifi from are home from vacay...really nice people! We actually had the cable company come out and currently have TV and Wifi, but the problem is there is instructions to hook up our Wifi router and well I don't do instructions well so.....maybe this weekend the hubs can figure it out..mean time I'm hanging on my one bar of borrowed wifi!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black and White Wednesday-Dog days...

Black & White Wednesday
featuring none other than Sophie the dog that takes naps from her naps!
We are back in America enjoying our new house and new little town. Spending a lot of time on our back porch watching thunder storms and wild life roam through our yard.
Happy Wednesday !

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sundays In My City-Letchworth State Park

We've made the move and have done only a little exploring. Before some of our stuff arrived we ventured out to Letchworth Park about an hour away from our new home. Letchworth State park is known as the "Grand Canyon of the East" because of the Genesee River that runs through it's three amazing waterfalls surrounded by large cliffs. The day we visited it we had no clue what to expect, put on our flip flops loaded the google maps and off we went. It was gorgeous, the scenery, green lush trees, trails and trails. A outdoor mecca of things to do for all ages.

Stop by and visit Unknown Mami and travel the world with her. 

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm borrowing my new neighbors wireless! If I sit in the far corner of my back porch I can get one bar of signal...woot, woot! Our internet and TV are being connected next week....yeah!! I have my iphone and can check emails, facebook etc...but reading blogs and posting I haven't mastered.

I thought I would do a quick random update...We closed on our house on Monday. So happy to finally have that behind us...what a pain in the neck. We spent the night here on Monday with our bare bones rental stuff. Its funny all the things we acquire over the years and it takes a move to realize how much crap we have. So we are living with the minimal until our stuff arrives. Like 4 bowls, 4 cups, 4 plates etc....

Our cars arrived Tuesday, happy to see them. They have been in storage for two years, we would pull them out for our Christmas and summer visits home. I drove that day for the first time in 7 months...I was nervous and scared, but it was like riding a bike only better. My only fear is I have no sense of direction here and clueless where everything is. Tuesday night we bought a Garmin GPS now all is good. Where we live its pretty rural, it's in the sticks! So my land marks are turn right at the smiley face flag and left after the Llama farm. If I see the goat farm I've gone too far!

Tomorrow the truck with our stuff from storage in Utah will be here...I'm excited but I haven't seen or used any of it in two years I wonder if it's anything usable or just crap. I know there will be anything with american plugs like mixers and lamps etc... Maybe my china from my wedding, holiday decor..random stuff. Also my new washer and dryer from Sears is arriving tomorrow...I have a ton of laundry to do,we are running out of clothes. Our air freight container from Germany, the one that should have been here a day or two after we arrived two and half weeks ago. Is still in Germany with the German I nervous, yes! All of our clothes and shoes and breakables are in that container. Hopefully they will release it this weekend, then it will have to clear US customs. If all goes according to the new plan we should have them late next week. Our sea container with all our furniture and stuff from Germany is somewhere around Greenland and when it will arrive and clear customs is the million dollar question. Maybe mid August..?

My baby is still in Utah with family and friends, she is having a great time. I miss her first time apart in a very long time. Sophie is doing great, she did great with the plane ride, hotel living and boarding while we were in Utah. I think she likes the new house. We have to watch her pretty close outside, our yard is not completely fenced in and its wild life central here. She has chased rabbits, squirrels, birds and had a stare down with a baby deer. They say there is foxes here and to be careful of small dogs.

Still waiting for my neighbors to bring cookies and say Hi...I even put on a bra first thing in the morning in case one wants to bring morning muffins by. Maybe next week I'll have to bake them cookies and say Hi instead.

I hope to be back reading and commenting on Blogs as soon as I have better internet and stop spending my days with Mr. Clean and a rag.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So far....

 It's been a busy week and half since landing on American soil. We spent a week in East Aurora NY getting adjusted to the time and finding our way around. Katelyn is registered for school, classes picked...checked that off long list. New York State driver's manual in hand and I'm sure she is studying hard...or will be soon. Our closing of our new home was bumped back to this coming Monday. We can hardly wait to unpack our suitcases and live like normal people.
Our sea container is on the way, we are tacking the vessel and should have our stuff by Aug 1st. Shoe Air  container on the other hand is somewhere in Europe, slightly worried about that. Our cars are on the truck ready to leave Utah, our storage here in Utah will be loaded the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter.
All the dotted i's and crossed T's are falling into place. We have had a great time since leaving Germany, feels like a vacation coming to an end. I'm going to enjoy my last couple days in Utah and hope to be back to reading and writing blogs soon. Until then I hope everyone a wonderful week.