Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Broadway !

Last night we saw the Musical 9 to 5 it was amazing. The singing was so good, dancing and humor was better than the original movie from 1979. Allison Janney from "West Wing" and "Juno" was Violet. She was unbelievable. The girl that played Dolly Parton sounded and sang freakishly exactly like Dolly. If you ever are in NYC and it's playing it's a must see.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New York City

Tomorrow the girls are all heading to the city for shopping, food and BROADWAY!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

To do list....

Tomorrow Katelyn and I are heading to the States. First we are going to New Jersey to visit my three sisters and their hoard of kids for a week. After that we head to Utah for two weeks to see other sister, parents and friends.

Making my list of must get....I know I need to adapt to what is available here. But life without Ibuprofen and Deodorant with antiperspirant in it, is stapes for me and totally unattainable here.
Okay and there is Skippy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Morsels oh my the list is growing. Oh and Gossip Girl season 1, 2 and is there a 3?

Maybe some Xanex(sp?) and diet pills and anything else I can get my hands on..... !

We are really looking forward to seeing the mountains and our home, but family and friends most of all! And Target I can't lie!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sophie aka Boots

Our little girl Sophie is sporting a new look. A bigger and clear Elizabethan Collar and booties.
She has had a itching skin problem on and off forever. We always assumed it was allergies, but the Vets could never figure it out. She has been on Steroids, Allergy meds, Antibiotics, special food, special shampoos you name it we have tried it.

So after many tests and a day of "observing" by our Vet, he concluded her itching is a psychological/anxiety problem. The itching has become a habit for her. She itches and itches causing open wounds and then they get infected. It's a cycle that has gone on most her life.

I have a hard time believing it's anxiety.....I know she has had a hard time with the move. She follows me everywhere and cries when we leave. But I keep thinking of when we lived in SLC she had the itching and never had a problem with being alone.

So in the mean time, the coarse of treatment is mild sedation to relax her and hopefully break the habit. And more antibiotics for cure the infection . Booties to stop her hind legs from doing any more damage.

I hope it works cause my baby is suffering. For now she is sleepy but not itching.

In Bavaria we did lots of .....

Eating good food

Beautiful Churches


Statues and Fountains

Rainy poses




and Doors.......

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Doors of Bavaria

I love taking pictures of doors on our trips. I could fill a photo album of just pictures of different doors. I think my love started in Ireland and since than both Katelyn and I love finding different doors and photographing them. It was funny even my father got into it ...he kept saying what about this one or this one. We would be like already got it or no. It's our thing! The doors in Bavaria were not bright colors but mostly ornate wood and very small in height. But they were all really eye catching and beautiful.

One year ago today we.....

moved to Bremen, Germany and started this adventure. It's hard to believe it's been a year, and on the other hand it's gone painfully slow. I want to say one down and one to go, but we really don't know the length of our stay here.

Looking back on the early days, how hard the smallest task was and how scared I was. Those days are over, I have confidence and am comfortable knowing where to go. But I'm still learning how to live here. I barely found out how to use my washer correctly, a month ago! So everyday is a learning experience here. I'm understanding the language better than I speak, but am clueless most of the time.

Some days are really good, and some not so good. I haven't cried in awhile because of missing friends and family, or ached for my old life. But is it because I visited family in April and family just left and I'm heading to the states this weekend. Knowing that is that carrying me through the lonely days or have I adjusted to my new life temporarily?

We have had an amazing experience this year. We have travelled to wonderful places. Spent quality time together as a family and are closer now than ever. Grown a lot in many ways, changed some too. Made this home here feel like a home. But I will always ache for my Home Sweet Home!

I hope to be a Mrs. instead of Frau very soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just back from Bavaria with the "rents"

My parents and niece have been here visiting for 10 days. Barely time to catch my breath, more tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I love the days I have German. Not because of the love of learning a difficult language. But the entertainment and cultural training my teacher gives me. I think I'm only paying her for language lessons, though the knowledge and inside laughter I gain is priceless.

For example I've been getting ready for my family to come sprucing up the house and I told her I need to cut the lawn today. She said just don't do it between 1-3 pm it's FORBIDDEN!
Forbidden is such a strong word ...kind of a scary word.....wooooo! Forbidden!!

She said you can not cut the lawn or make unnecessary noise or your neighbors will complain. I said I thought that was on Sunday...No she said it's everyday. During that time is when people must lay down and rest! Do people do that in America? I said you mean Nap? Some people do but it's not breaking any cardinal rules it you make noise during the day. Well here it is and you can get a ticket so don't do it, also it is best to never call anyone during this time. Okay because it is FORBIDDEN? No it is just best no to because they are resting. Our bank and post office and several stores close during this time. I wonder how you say Siesta in German???

She ask me to use my closet....I knew what she meant.....Water closet aka toilette aka bathroom. But it still made me chuckle!!

She also made me turn off the fan because she can not have a draft or it will make her squeeze!
I didn't have to heart to correct her, sneeze or squeeze either way I have sweat running down my back!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


In four days we are having visitors from America....well from Utah actually! My parents and niece Allie are coming for 10 days. Allie is the same age as Katelyn. We are so excited to see them, Katelyn especially to show Allie her new stomping ground. While they are here we are taking them to Bavaria for four days. We are traveling by train and I think it will be a beautiful trip. I just hope the trains have some sort of A/C or we could all die from BO overdose.

My parents


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America

This is the first year not celebrating July 4th in America. I really missed the traditions, the decorations, the patriotism everywhere you look. But I especially missed celebrating with my best friend and her family. We have spent many 4ths together having a BBQ and watching fireworks. Last year my Husband was returning from Germany to help us pack. But his plane had a emergency landing in Scotland, and he missed the festivities. I 've spent today doing my normal Saturday chores etc.. but all along thinking of the meaning of today. Remembering our celebrations with friends and thankful for everything and everyone, but especially for our freedom. Happy 4th of July.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Used by.......

Okay so if I drop dead tonight or early tomorrow, it's because I made Enchilada Sauce with expired Tomato Paste! It looked fine, smelled fine and tasted fine. But in the back of my mind I hear this little voice saying OMG what did you just do poison you and your family, all because you were too hot and lazy to go back to the store. It expired March of 2009 holy crap it's July of 2009! Does this really matter in can goods? Dairy,meats I get that would matter but Tomato Paste?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday ramblings

Today Katleyn and I went to the city to beat the heat. Came upon a Michael Jackson Memorial on our Roland Statue...I was a little shocked, in a little German city to find such a display of loss. Personally I loved him in the 80-90's but totally over him. May he rest in peace.

Why is there not A/C in Germany...I'm pretty sure it's all of Germany not just Bremen. I thought the stores and restaurants would have A/C but no! Not even Starbucks! It is almost 90 degrees here and 100 % humidity! I'm sweating places I shouldn't!

I don't care how hot it is men shouldn't wear Capri's! Sorry!

I miss having a car and A/C.

I ate BO today while riding the SBahn without A/C, why does everyone stink! Can't they smell themselves? European BO is unlike any is!

I missed my bus and had to walk.....I'm so effing hot, I think I'm dying!

I wish my gym would stop emailing me asking me to come be SPORTY can't they see I'm too effing hot to workout. Plus who needs that guilt, what are they my mother!

What else can I ramble about or complain....buying time until clock strikes 5pm so I can pop open a bier! Oh hell it's 5 some where....see ya!