Monday, May 31, 2010

My search continued

We hit the town this weekend, in between rain storms. Searching for more treasures before we move back to USA. I'm kinda sad and kinda glad I haven't been doing this for the last two years. Not sure if everything would fit in sea container or if we would have any money left. So it's good the bug bit me so late in our time here.
Here are our weekend finds:

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sundays In My City

One thing I love about my city Bremen, Germany is there is always something going on. We went to the city yesterday, to run some errands and go to flea market along the river again. I won't bore you with my buys...but I did pretty good! Every corner of my city had something happening. By the water were booths and booths of food, drink and arts for sale. Lot's of music and entertainment and tons of people. 

Had to get a picture of the Aussie German.

These guys drew quite a crowd.

Lots of boats, ready for dinner cruising.

Got Schwein !

Beautiful flower store fronts

World Cup starts very soon and Germany loves their soccer. Yesterday in the city center they had a whole Africa theme going on, kicking it off. Mini soccer area were set up and games were being played. This soccer ball flew out of gated area and was stuck to one of the oldest and most important buildings. The crowd roared with I found that picture worthy.

That's my Sunday!
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today....I watched a women with her baby in stroller get on the crowded tram, stand in front of another couple with a 2 year old. The 2 year old girl was standing near the legs of her sitting father. This women who they clearly did not know took out a tissue and wiped their toddlers nose. She then got a wet wipe out of her stroller and wiped the girls face clean. All awhile the parents just sat there, either in shock or perhaps this is common. I stood a few feet away and  "was all OMG what is that women doing" "WTF"! Then she reached into her bag and gave the little girl a wrapped communication is going on between women and parents just her and the little girl. Next she took out two little pink clips and started fixing the girls hair! The little toddler kinda started getting weirded out and was like wooooo this has gone too far, and pulled the clips out of her hair and threw them on the ground. I couldn't believe how ballsy this women was and why! The next stop off they all went in different directions and I sat there with my mouth wide open saying WTF was that mini baby makeover tram style! So bizarre!

We went back down to the Saturday flea market along the river. I totally cleaned up on more blue and white plates and such. But even better I realized I'm actually pretty good at holding my breath and can do it for some time. The level of BO today was an all time euro high!!

We also had to buy two light bulbs.....they cost 11.50 Euros each...that's about $15.00 per light bulb. Have you ever paid so much for a bulb the size of my thumb! We said to the guy holy sh@t are you kidding me. Everything here is so expensive....but people here think America is so expensive.

I apparently look like this:

While we were in the city I went to get my eyebrows threaded. My girl doesn't speak English and all I do it point to my eyebrows and say Ja! So she gets to work and is all oh my and other sounds to imply I have a uni brow and I'm asking her to solve world peace or something. I said they are bad uh? She is all Ja Ja Ja!
So after my brows are done and tears are running down my face from the pain, she points to my lip and says okay! And I'm like, You think it's bad and she makes a face and says Ja bad! Okay go ahead! Now that hurts, the pain level is close to child birth....seriously! Then so points to my cheeks and chin, I was like seriously am I the bearded women ....crickets....blank stare.....then I say is it bad? Ja it's bad! Okay go ahead!  Now this is me! Bald faced baby! 15 Euros later and a few tears!

And that folks was my Saturday!How about yours?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's Birthday! 

I wish I could be there to celebrate with him in person...maybe next year. My dad loves sunny weather, he says it's not a good day unless he is wearing shorts! They live in Arizona in the winter and in Utah during the summer months. He loves to golf, read, and play more golf. Probably pretty sad 24 is off the air, it's his favorite show. Loves going to movies, especially getting that senior discount. Popcorn with butter, good n' plenty are amongst his favorite. He loves his girls especially his number one chick my Mom. 

Happy Birthday Dad I love you with all my heart!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black and White Wednesday-Horses

Happy Wednesday!
These pictures are from out in the country by our house. It never gets old taking pictures of them, they are fascinating creatures. They have several new babies this Spring and it's fun watching them grow.
These pictures are taken by my daughter Katelyn and I edited them to B&W. 

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday but yesterday was a holiday here and it feels like Monday! My hubby flew home from WNY today, while he was there he video taped some rooms in the home we are buying...he is no Spielberg. His finger was in half of them and you have never seen someone scan a room so fast. But I appreciate seeing them even though I'm dizzy.

I've been doing pretty good going through crap and getting rid of stuff and organizing...but I'm losing interest...I wonder if I have ADD. I have 30 or more days before packers come so I figure I'll pace myself!

List's are made....checking them twice, adding to them! I feel like we are on track then I get a wave a anxiousness like I'm forgetting some thing.

My 70 plus year old neighbor does his yoga exercises in the back garden right outside my kitchen window in his Euro bikini, there is something so wrong about it. Katelyn calls it his yokini! It's disturbing that we find it entertaining, man I can't wait for American TV.

Sophie's breath smells like garbage...any ideas to freshen dogs breath up...makes me want to vomit!

I think Tupperware lids and hanging out some where with missing's greatest mysteries!

That's all I got rattling on up stairs......

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Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sundays In My City-Flea Market

Yesterday I went to our flea market along the Weser River. It's there every Saturday, mostly it's a bunch of crap mixed with a few treasures. Yesterday was gorgeous 70 degree day sun shinning and lots of people. Above the river embankment is the Beer Garden - Schlachte, it was full of vendors selling new goods, food, drinks and a Country Western band was playing and lots of people were line dancing. The city was full of energy. Germans are fascinated with all things Western. After I shopped I sat in the beer garden, had a beer and brat wurst and soaked up the sun and culture.  It was certainly the place to be!

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Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finding your chocolate side...

My daughter's friend always says this before you take her picture "make sure you get my chocolate side",meaning her sweet side. We gave Katelyn a new camera for her 16th birthday and she is always snapping away, you are never really safe. She doesn't necessarily want you to pose for her pictures she is more random or creative. I don't really like having my picture taken especially as of lately..I've gain a lot of weight, have a few extra chins and need my hair dyed desperately. Needless to say it's gonna be a while before that changes so in the mean time I need to find my chocolate side.

Not my chocolate side...

Gimme some chocolate...

Where are my eyes? 

What do you think #2?

Do you know your chocolate side?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

39 more days...

39 more days until we board the plane and return to the USA. I'm excited but starting to feel nervous. There is a lot to do...between filtering through our stuff here, getting rid of crap, deciding air shipment and sea shipment. We are in the process of buying a house in NY, a hard process with the time change and distance. It's a different process in the East coast compare to West coast with real estate lawyer etc.. I feel like their are a lot of cooks in the kitchen. Need to head to Utah and pack up our storage unit, ship our cars...yada, yada, yada
I know I should be making lots of lists....

I'm feeling a bit over whelmed....39 days is a while but yet May is almost over, where did it go? Remember when we were all looking for signs of Spring...Summer is knocking at the door. Off to make a list or two!

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Black and White Wednesday-Sophie

This my Sophie girl, we spend our days together. Most the time she is asleep, she takes naps from her naps. She is a 4 year old Wire Fox Terrier. She is not what I think a typical terrier is, she is really mellow. But when she wants to play she lets you know, she suddenly has a ton of energy, she occasionally barks. Like today I yawned and she jumped up barking running to the door. Who needs a big dog when not even a yawn gets past Sophie. Sophie loves her food, a lot of times she forgets she has been fed and will lay pathetically by her bowl waiting. Sometimes her dad gives her an empty jar of Peanut Butter to lick out and she is in heaven. Bad thing is Sophie thinks she has free reign to anything and everything within my morning coffee, or glass of wine. Sophie loves to sit by the windows and watch the that is the only part terrier she is, she has never caught one YET! Sometimes I let Sophie sleep on the couch only because it's in the office and I can wash the slip cover, her dad doesn't like it! But look how cute she is....who can say no to that face?

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Talkin shoes

Talking shoes should be so easy right? Today I took Sophie to the vet, it was a full house. I was the last to be seen, apparently you don't need an appointment only applies to the non German speaker that doesn't have a life and can wait 1.5 hours in a waiting room cause where else does she have to be, is me. Sophie loves going to the vet, she greets everyone all happily wagging her tail and jumping up to be noticed. Just gonna say bad day to start a diet, stuck in a waiting room with no one to talk to but a candy dish. It's not really my fault I almost emptied it, hour and a half is a long time. This is where an iphone would be handy I hear they have games and you can email etc... okay sorry back to the shoes! So normally when I lived in America if I saw someone with cute shoes or outfit I would ask a perfect stranger....Omg I love your shoes where did you get them...etc! Okay I have never done that here, granted I don't know how to say that in German. Plus I don't think Germans take well to strangers coming up asking about their shoes in an excited fashion.

Today I was sporting my last year Sperry's feeling all Spring like and happy the sun is shining kinda. Anyway the women working the front desk is wearing Sperry's too I have never seen them cool baby blue suede, love them especially with what she was wearing. So after my appointment I was paying and I said love your shoes are they Sperry? Why I asked when I already knew, I don't know! She speaks a tiny bit of English so I know she only understands some. Some days I'm starved for conversation! She comes behind the desk and says I don't know what they are? Hello who doesn't know what kind of shoe you are wearing! I said they are pretty, very Spring like. She just looked at me like I was insane. I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

I miss talking shoes! These are a picture of mine.I said to her I'm wearing Sperry's too,  she just looked at them and went back to work! Omg I think I'm out of touch on how to have a shoe's been too long.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sundays In My City-Bremen

Sunday in my city Bremen, Germany
We have lived here for almost two years now and are still discovering things about our city. As we come to a close to our time here, I find myself talking about the things I will miss. On thing is the many parks and gardens throughout the city. On Saturday we stopped by the "Bible Garden" in the courtyard of the Bremen Cathedral. 
There are 120 varieties of flowers and shrubs mentioned in the Bible each labeled with it's name and bible verse where mentioned. Also in the center of garden is a statue of Jacob the patron saint of travelers. Because of the harsh winter we were a little early for the flowers, so another visit in a couple weeks is needed. 

Another thing I will miss about our city is the colorful people, I love to people watch and I'm never disappointed. Seems like a lot of European city the local are always in black colors but not here...color makes up for the lack of sunshine. I also love how there are dogs everywhere. They are the most well mannered and trained dogs, most you see are without leashes. Also the fountains and statues situated throughout the city. Last weekend the fountain in the city had been tampered with, the result red foam...for some reason our soccer aka Football team was playing rival Hamburg...perhaps that is why? Not sure! 

Happy Sunday
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Saturday, May 15, 2010


If you ask my Husband what did you do this weekend....he will say "Antiquing"! Sounds funny coming from my manly of a man husband. On Friday we went to our Flohmart aka Fleamarket near our house, it's basically, ones mans junk is another man's treasure kind of place. We were like two kids in a candy store ewwing and ahhhing! We had so much fun. I'm kicking myself for not going sooner.

Here's our treasures:

1.5 l Gallo Le Coq Pitcher - I collect Rooster Motif 

I love Green and Toile -Royal Staffordshire

Delft Holland plate

Also collect Russian stacking dolls

Copper pans- Need a good cleaning

Total cost of items- 7.20 Euros/$8.90

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vatertag recap

Yesterday was Father's Day in Germany.

We took a bike ride in the country...
  • Saw the goats, the one guy was climbing the wire fence and sticking his face through the opening, it was too funny. The other is giving him a look like show off! I have a feeling they are feed by many people passing by. They were practically begging from us. 
  • Fields are freshly plowed and had a Oh so stinky manure smell to it!
  • Fields of yellow flowers dandelions, they were really pretty. 
  • It was cold, I had one many layers, scarf and gloves. It's May right?
  • The random roadside Grill was open due to the holiday. We stopped had a Bratwurst and bier! 
  • It's hard to ride a bike after drinking a bier! 
  • Sophie"s boyfriend Eddie was hanging out at the Grill.....tried to deflower her once again....the girl has got a growl on her, she wanted none of that. 
  • Came home and watched our first German movie with English subtitles....Germans talk fast and I discovered I'm a slow reader. I loved the movie it is called "Rabbit without ears" or in German "Keinohrhasen".
  • It's was a great Vatertag! But I have a feeling come June 20th I might have to step up my game and actually cook a meal and possibly get a card.



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Thursday

Today is Ascension Day, marking Jesus ascending into heaven. Do you do anything to celebrate this?
I don't remember having to go to mass or refrain from eating meat or anything different. But here in a place I don't find to be very religious it is a major holiday. I know I have mention this before, my teacher said a lot of people here do not claim a religion because they are automatically taxed from paycheck.

 It is also Father's Day (Vatertag) in Germany...My husband is off work. All of Germany is shut down and Friday is also a day off for many they call it a bridge day. Bridge over to the weekend...okay I seriously have never heard it referred to as that. I said to my husband we even do that or call it that? He said of coarse it's like the day after Thanksgiving...I said you mean Black Friday! So back to Vatertag aka Father's day here according to my google's a time when men gather together and take part in outdoor actives like a walk in the country or horse and cart ride...WTF century is this ? So tomorrow there will be men gathering and us women folk can't go shopping or dine anywhere because everything is closed...there is restrictions on alcohol selling and public performances and DANCING!
So tomorrow I will not be:
Dinning out
buying alcohol
performing in public
What's left to do?
Laundry, cooking, cleaning.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Black and White Wednesday-Niece and Nephew

Today's B&W Wednesday I'm posting a picture of my Niece and Nephew before meeting up with dates for Prom. They looked so gorgeous! I wish I could have been there in person to see. I took this picture my sister took, did some editing and here is my B&W....I really need Photoshop! I think they are pretty darn special ...he is graduating and heading away to collage. They have such a good brother/sister relationship, gonna be hard next year and quieter in my sister's house. I love them both and can't wait to see them this summer.

Happy Wednesday!
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Monday, May 10, 2010

When Mother Nature gives you another day of GRAY...

You find yourself looking for the PINK....and you say, MOTHER NATURE you stink!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday in My City- Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all!
This is my Mom, I love her with all my heart. She is from a large Irish family one of eight children. She reminds me a lot of my grandma. My Mom has five daughters she is strong yet quiet. She has alway been a wonderful Mom and grandmother. It couldn't have been easy being a Mom of five girls...good thing I was so good and easy I'm sure that helped! (hee,hee) We moved a lot, I never realize until this move for me, how hard that had to be on my own Mom all those years ago. I have a new found understanding for what she must have gone through with all those many moves as I was growing up. She always tried to make our lives easy and took care of everything. I know this has helped me during these last two years. She is so generous and unselfish has always put others first and never complains. Some times I think my Mom is a bit of a mystery and other times she is predictable. A long time ago when Katelyn was very little she said, "when I'm a grandma will I have freckles like MumMum"! I love that. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom we love you! 

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's a Girl!

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant like it was of those days that are so clear in your mind. I was never really a crier or particularly emotional but that day someone at work upset me, it was nothing really but the flood gates opened. I couldn't stop crying was ridiculous! I remember calling my sister Beth and telling her what happen at work and that I couldn't stop crying and being confused by it. She said get a pregnancy test I bet you are pregnant....sniff, sniff sniff okay and I did and I was. I was shocked we had been trying for a long time and just like that I was pregnant. We were so happy and scared.

At the time we had bought a little house and were remodeling it after work and weekends all the while we lived in the basement. Our kitchen consist of a microwave and refrigerator. We ate out almost every night, healthy things like burgers and fries, soup and bagels. I grew like a house!

My pregnancy was exhausting, I worked full time mostly on my feet. I remember coming home every night to crash on the bed, while my husband worked feverishly after work on the house. The day after we put the dishes away in our new kitchen I went into labor, two weeks early.

We lived down the street from the hospital, how convenient right! I went into labor on a Friday at a restaurant far away from said hospital. Didn't even get my meal. I remember my husband driving like a bat out of hell (what does that even me) to the hospital and we went rushing in. Well everyone in SLC was also there waiting to give birth and they did not have a room for me. Well to say I went a little "jersey" on them, meaning there might have been some language mixed in. They said I didn't look like I was in full labor to wait in the waiting room. WHAT!! So we waited and waited, the pain was all in my back I was pretty sure death was knocking at my door. My husband ask again and finally they put us in a room, well it was more like a storage closet. Seriously there were ladders, buckets and a bed with a dirty foot print on the bed....I went ballistic! They checked me and I was only at a 1 and my water had not broke. The nurse was like okay listen you can stay here as in here in the closet and have no food and wait. Or you can have a shot of morphine and go home and eat something take a warm bath and wait. I took door number two!

For the next two days I would have the most painful back pains, go to the hospital and be sent home once again. After all I was not due for two weeks, and most time I came marching in demanding to have this baby. All clear factors I was not in full labor to the nursing staff. Fast forward to Monday morning intense pains and contractions so intense...I was having this baby.

I was admitted into a nice birthing room in the wee hours of the morning, demanding drugs asap! Long story short, drugs were given, drugs didn't work, I could still feel everything, no one believed me. There was screaming, yelling. begging, hair pulling, swearing like a sailor, pushing, panic,tearing and finally the Hoover sucked my baby out.

It was a GIRL....the joy and emotions, instant love. They placed her on me and seconds later whisked her away. Panic set in again as they work away, suctioning her and finally screams of my little girl. My husband  and baby left for the nursery as my doctor went to work repairing the damage her exit cause.
I kept saying are you done yet? He would say not even close!

I believe I said "You will never see me here again!" , that was nothing like the video....she will be an only child!

That was the day I became a Mom.
It's also the day my husband's hair turned gray!
I remember that first night home with our baby and Dr. Spock book both of us looking at each other and back at Katelyn saying OMG now what!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Woot,Woot it's Friday! I  Friday!

I mention yesterday in 48 days, well now it's 47 days we are moving to New York. I think I should clear up when I say New York it's not New York City. We are moving to Western New York....I can hear you all say OH!!!! Not quite Buffalo but a close neighbor of Buffalo. It's really nice there, not at all what I expected. People are really friendly, their accents are different, more Fargo ND ish and less NYC ish. 

Still having German lesson.....I know, I know! Why! Cause breaking up is hard to do!!! So today it's a rainy gloomy day, she comes and is sneezing and blowing her nose non stop. So I say to her "are you sick"? Logical question in my mind right! She said "sick" that is a big word, no I'm not "sick" it's just the weather at this very moment that is all, not "sick"! I'm glad we cleared that up! 
It's Mother's day here also this I ask her are you doing anything special for Mother's Day with your daughters? She looked at me like I had three heads....why would one day be different. Okay, okay I agree everyday is Mother's Day...blah,blah,blah! But come Sunday I'm QUEEN for the day! Brunch and Dinner made by someone other than me! It's my Day! 

Does anyone watch GLEE? I love that show, but it's making me broke! After every episode itunes sells the songs from said teenage daughter is on a down loading rampage. She is officially not permitted to buy show tunes or any tunes....from Satin itunes! She tried the old trick they are not just for me but for all of us to enjoy! REALLY! Like I want to hear Olivia Newton John's Let get Physical ! 

Wishing all a nice weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

In forty eight days the movers come, packing will begin and our time here will be done. It's time to go back to America, not Utah but New York. The start of another adventure, maybe not as exciting or culturally different as here but still not home. We are all excited, but like anything when it comes to an end, you start thinking about what you will miss most about the experience.

I'm going to miss many things.....
pause,pause....more silence......crickets chirping........awkward silence....

Okay maybe it will be easier to list them.....
~Incredible experience and opportunities
~travel opportunities
~family togetherness
~beer and bratwurst
~awkward silence
~cheap milk and juice
~ good cheap wine
~country walks and bike rides
~incredible city center and parks
~flower and veggie outdoor markets
~random naked German sites
~ice cream
~fresh bread

I will not miss
~the long hours my husband worked
~ rules, rules and more rules
~daily stares
~ not having a clue what people are saying
~not being able to read most signs,mail, food packaging etc...
~the Metric system
~Military time
~small sized food items
~expensive meat and veggies
~mystery meats
~potatoes with everything
~Quiet hours 12-3 daily
~shops being closed during quiet hours
~rainy gray days
~formal rules and etiquette

What I'm looking forward to:
~family on same or close timezone
~making friends
~understanding languages, signs, packaging
~large pack items
~2 ply soft toilet paper
~Kleenex tissues
~good shampoo
~a real dryer
~losing weight
~working again
~having no excuses

Will I have bet I already do!
Have I learn something....of coarse!
Would I do it again.....maybe!

P.S. -Shelle I swear I don't have a drinking problem....but come on we are taking GERMAN beer...yes I will miss it! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Black and White Wednesday- Cinco de Mayo Baby!

It's Wednesday B&W day!
But it is also Cinco de Mayo
or fünften Mai
Since I miss visiting Cabo and Mexican food and beverage so much.
I thought I'd do my b&w from our trip to Cabo two years ago.

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