Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday in Bremen

Saturdays in Bremen are some times too exciting to post about. Who am I kidding they are all pretty much like this...mellow and quiet. It was a gorgeous evening so we took our usual walk out to the country. Katelyn was the photographer of the night, only because she is never without her camera and I was. Most her pictures I can't include, her motto is the sillier the better. And for some reason taking pictures of my back end is funny. Trust me I know it's there and I'm not laughing! It's funny to look at her pictures vs. the ones I usually take on this same walk. She caught different things I walk by and never see or capture. The third top picture it's hard to see but in the field was a Doe and she never moved, just kept watching us. The horses rarely come over so it was a nice treat, maybe they were looking for a treat like a fuzzy dog! Sophie was not to keen on being sniffed by this big thing. It was wild night I tell ya! Hope your weekend was just as crazy!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I never really thought of dogs knowing other languages and if they can be Bi-lingual. Today while on our walk we passed a jogger and his dog, he yelled for him in Italian. Passed another walker she yelled at her dog in German. Some times when Sophie comes back from the boarder she seems confused, I think it is because the boarder only speaks German to Sophie. Now I'm pissed because it dawned on me, Sophie knows more German than I do!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A year ago today I was.....

In Cabo San Lucas

staying here

doing a lot of this

gazing at this wonder

dreaming about what was ahead for us.....

Enjoying time as a family with Craig before he left to start working in Germany. Making list in preparation to moving, what to store, what to sell, what to take. It was much easier thinking about the months ahead, with a Margarita in hand and my feet in the warm sand. Hard to believe it is approaching one year here. Seems like yesterday I was sipping Margarita's and making list, thinking about the next time I would be in Cabo San Lucas again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today I ........

Walked down this country road.....

Sophie and I met this beauty, her name is Sophia....

Saw these Spargel (asparagus) Farmers, they were harvesting Spargel in their bathing suits. Women had on bikini tops with sarongs, not typical farmers plus they looked like they were in their late 70's.

Saw this guy hanging out like he was king of the castle......

Then I saw the goat family, babies are getting bigger!

Walked by this gorgeous house, authentic German house with thatch roof and eyebrow windows. It was amazing!

Friday, May 22, 2009

No more Jo-Jo diets !!

Okay I have been a bit of a slacker, it's no lie. I need to seriously drop some lbs. My gym is famous for sending my nice emails reminding me to come be "sporty"! As if my muffin top is not enough of a reminder. Here is my latest reminder email and I have to say I'm excited about it and am definitely looking into it. Here's is the translation via Google language tools.

Hi Kathy,
From June to start again our "Pfundlos happy" courses.
This 8 weeks course with success guarantee makes because, where others do not move forward! In "Pfundlos happy" is all about you! It's about your desire figure, your fitness, your feel-good character, your diet and your fat metabolism.
"Pfundlos happy" is not a diet! Decreasing but a concept that works! Healthy and permanently! Meanwhile know that almost everyone: Most diets promise a lot and keep low. And because there is enough Jo-Jo diets there, here is our suggestion: Stop senseless diets!
Modify your active lifestyle. Use the "Pfundlos-happy" - course and learn in the group, healthy eating, proper exercise and positive thinking!

Register directly or to a non-binding information events:
Course start in Horn: Monday 08.06.09 at 18:08 clock
Tuesday 09.06.09 at 18:08 clock

Your Fitness Park - Team

WTF do you think the "Pfundlos-Happy" course is?? Maybe a magic pill you take with my weight loss water???
I'm so glad it starts at 18:08 and not 18:03 cause I'm usually really busy then! Who starts anything at 8 after the hour , strikes me so funny!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer salad do you have a favorite?

Salads do you have a favorite?
It's no secret I am missing American foods. My grocery stores here, have two kinds of Salad Dressing- Jougert and Oil that's it! I'm missing all my favorites. Reaching out to all my Blogging Buddies do you have a Salad Dressing recipe or a favorite Salad you love and want to share.
I thank you and my waistline thanks you!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

As exciting as winning the lottery....kinda!

This is my big find from the Grocery Store this weekend. I always get excited when I find something vaguely American. It made me laugh Doritos Cool American, what flavor is American?
Turns out it's Cool now the Germans are going to think American taste a lot like Ranch flavoring! You don't even want to know how much I paid for this little gem of a find. It's not even a regular size chip bag, not quite as small as a lunch size but it's a wanna be regular size chip bag. Needless to say Katelyn had some friends over and it was gone in seconds flat.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dancing with strangers-Happy Friday everyone!

dancing with strangers from katie sokoler on Vimeo.

This video I can watch over and over again. I don't know why but it makes me happy!

Hope you all have a great weekend.



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Sophie and I rode here

and saw these amazing flowers.......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Terrific Tuesday maybe....? Everyday is a new day in my book these days! Today I set out to make this the start of finding the "old"me, or maybe a "better" new me! I slept in an extra hour which was pretty good start, feeling well rested is never a bad thing. After some coffee and computer time, I slowly made my way to the Gym. It is a beautiful day in Bremen high 60's light breeze, perfect biking riding weather.

My Gym is a quick 15 minute bike ride, once there I filled my water bottle with their special weight loss water. Ipod in hand headed straight to my good friend the treadmill. One sip of special water and Katie Perry tunes, I was on my way. I have to say I was feeling it today but I couldn't have done without Katie Perry pushing me and I don't want to forget Flo and Beyonce. Music filled my lost soul today and carried me, energizing every step, an hour later and legs like jello I hobbled off.

I rode home feeling alive again, was it the treadmill or the special water perhaps there was an extra something in the water today. I want to believe it was the music awaking something inside me. I use to listen to music all the time, in the car, at work and home. Since moving here I only hear Katelyn's music and usually am yelling at her to turn it down or better yet off.

I came home turned on music and cleaned the house. Was it a terrific day? For me it was a day I haven't had in a long time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad choices 101

Have you ever had one of those days......?Where you wish you had taken the extra five or ten minutes and showered, or maybe put some eye liner on. Maybe choose jeans instead of sweats, you know a little extra effort. Today was that day for me. My husband left today for a business trip, he wanted me to go to airport with him, but I wanted to go to gym. I wanted to do both, so I fore go the shower, hair in ponytail, no makeup and yes sweats. All with the intention of heading to the gym after I went to airport with Hubby.

But like most people Monday's never go as planned. My daughter stayed home sick today, with either a cold or allergies but most definitely not the Swine Flu. So I called her as I was leaving the airport to check on her. She ask me to stop in the city for a few things she needed. And that is when I started regretting the non showering hair in pony sweat wearing Monday I was having.
Sure I live in a city where I really only know a handful of people, what is the big deal no one really cares and knows me right. But the little voice inside me said Kathy come on sweats!

Regrets went into full gear when I found myself at the Clinique Counter and face to face with the perky German cosmetic lady! Needed to pick up three step face cleaning products for daughter , she took one look at me gave me the up and down once over! You all know the look! And after she rang me up, took my money and ask me to wait a minute. I'm waiting thinking shit what is she doing, damn I hope my credit card is fine, WHAT is taking her! She returns with something for me she said and puts in the bag.

Okay Danke! So I look and it's a sample of Clinique Youth Surge. Package says..Unless you're in some hurry to look your age. New youth surge age decelerating moisturizer.

Lesson learned never fore go the shower and wear sweats in the same day you need to visit the Clinique Counter , NEVER.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
Thanks for being the best Mom a girl could ask for.
I love you with all my heart.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tipping Questions

Tipping etiquette .....this is one I always have questions with. Yes I know how to tip in a restaurant, hair dresser, pizza delivery guy those are easy ones. But what about the Dog Groomer? Dog Boarder? Flower delivery guy?
When we go to Mexico they make it easy the maid leaves an envelope for the end of the week, I like that. But honestly when I've stayed at Hotels and no envelope, I've never tipped. Should I ?Do you? What about when you need an extra towel and you call housekeeping?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Queen Bee!

It’s official, though I’ve always felt like a Queen, I now am one compliments of the stylish and wonderful The Preppy Princess who graced me with the Queen of ALLL Things Awe-Summm Award!!

As the newly crowned Queen, I am obligated to do the following:
1. List 7 things that make me Awe-Summm!!!
2. Pass this onto 7 bloggers.
3. Let those bloggers know that they have been tagged.
4. Link to Her Majesty who tagged me.
5. Copy the picture onto my sidebar to let the world know I am the Queen!

Seven things that make me Awe-Summm!!!
1. My Family
2. I’m a good friend
3. Values
4. Ability to drink a lot of beer and not be hung over
5. Incredible dancing skills
6. Sense of Humor
7. Skills I can’t mention!

We are also directed to tag 7 people:
1.The McMommy Chronicles

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Big D

Have you ever been friends with someone for 33 years? This is my life long friend Sheri, we have been friends since 4th grade. I did a layover in Dallas to visit her and her family after leaving Arizona. We talk and email all the time, but I haven't seen her in five years and I haven't been to Dallas in eight. It was like we saw each other yesterday, picked up right were we left off.
I had not met her youngest daughter and last time I saw her oldest she was barely potty trained. I loved getting to know her girls ,they are the cutest and have the sweetest personalities. We had a great visit, talking, shopping, getting nails done and eating. Dallas has the best food and margaritas hands down! It was a perfect way to end my America trip with good memories with an old friend.

Sheri and I

The B Girls!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Kevin !

I have been blessed with the best nieces and nephews in the world, fourteen total. Kevin came to Arizona for my Parents 50th. He is the most fun to be around, he makes my laugh until I cry. He is so funny and such a character. Kevin is the photo saboteur of the family, he never poses normally, drives us all crazy. But he is Kevin and you expect craziness from him and it's why I love him so. I thought I'd mess with a few of his poses and give him a taste of his own medicine.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blogging Buddies!!

Somer, Me and Patty

Somer and Patty, I at my parents 50th. Somer has been a family friend forever, I used to babysit her and now she is turning 30! Somer has the most special blog, please check it out. She is the most amazing person I know, her attitude and spirit radiates. I am so proud to call her a friend. My sister and I were so excited that Somer came to the party, we both wish we had more time to talk with her, especially about the blog world. Most of you already read Patty's blog but if you don't check hers out also. She is my sister, she has great style and is a prepster through and through.

P.S. Photos by Kevin aka Photo Saboteur extraordinaire!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lots of new babies in the country!

Today Sophie and I went on our country walk and there were lots of new faces. Six new colts, ten black sheep and one goat. The only one to even give us the time of day was the sheep, her babies were not near her, as Sophie and I approached she summoned them over and they hid under her, all you could see was a sheep with twelve legs. It was quite the walk today, lots to see. The corn is coming in already, strawberry fields are rocking and the white asparagus is almost ready. I love to walk out there, some days you pass a ton of people and others no one at all. It's so peaceful.

The big party!

The big party was on Saturday the parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! We had such a great time, lots of out of town guest, food, drinking and crazy dancing. It was like a wedding and a family reunion all in one. Everything turned out really nice. I was too busy talking and didn't take a lot of pictures. It went by too fast and I missed getting to say hi to everyone, I think everyone had a great time. Fifty years and an amazing tribute to wonderful parents.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Arizona sites

Arizona is so beige....all the houses, stores and the ground. Beige everywhere you look! But within the beige-ness is a splash of beautiful colors, green cactus, pink and red bougainvillea, palm trees, lemon trees, orange trees and even poinsettias. Arizona has it's own beauty...but way too hot for this Frau to live in.