Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Tuesday

Today I got frisked by a nice young German policeman....okay well not psychically, he had a wand that beeped a lot. We needed to get some documents notarized, it is very difficult and costly to have done here in Germany. We had to go to the US Consulate office so that is why we were frisked or scanned. High security, like at the airport...kinda made me chuckle a lot of hoopla for a couple stamps.

After I left there I was waiting for my tram, though I miss having a car, I love the tram system here. It is always on time and pretty clean. I was standing next to this women waiting and next thing I know she opens here shopping bag and throws up in it and then closes it like nothing, continues to stand there. I was like WTF are you kidding me, who does that. I moved away so fast. She carried her bag on the tram, thankfully we were waiting for different trams.

Later in the day on my bike ride home from my daughters science fair , I saw a naked guy on his balcony in all his glory shaking a sheet or towel. Wasn't really focusing on what he was shaking I mean the object that is. I lost my balance temporarily .....as I gave him the thumbs up.

Quite the day I must say!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The London Eye

The London Eye is an amazing way to see a birds eye view of the city. Every time we have been to London I have always steered away from doing the London Eye. First of all I'm afraid of heights, secondly I hear it breaks down a lot and you can be stuck in it for hours. Thirdly the thought if being stuck in a capsule with strangers, my weak bladder, no food is a nightmare in it self.

But it was a beautiful afternoon when we arrived in London on Friday and we thought we better take advantage of the good weather, knowing it may not last. There was very little of a line and it moved rather quickly. We were in our capsule with maybe 20 people total, better in spring than summer with the heat and euro BO. It was a clear sunny day and you could see for miles. I didn't freak out at the height, or the fact we were over water. It was so breath taking all my fears left me and I gazed at the sights instead. If you ever go to London I would definitely do The London Eye.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Girl !

Today my baby is 15! It seems like yesterday she was learning to crawl, taking her first steps, saying Momma for the first time. Katelyn is our one and only, she is the highlight of our life. To say she is pretty special to us is an understatement.
One of my favorite things is waking her up in the morning, I love being the first to see her smile . She has the best smile, her eyes just light up. We are extremely proud of her, she is a hard working student, responsible teen, she is very funny, has a great sense of style, and a very caring individual. She is an all around great girl, we are so lucky to have her.
We love her with all our heart. Hope her birthday is as special as she is.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Today we are heading back to London for the weekend. Katelyn is turning Fifteen on Saturday and we are taking her back for a special weekend. This is her first birthday away from family and friends, so what better place to forget and remember amongst the English! Last time we were there it rained and was bitter cold, we are hoping for better weather, or at least a warmer rain! The euro and pound are at a lovely point together so what better time to shop. Because that is what all Fifteen year old's living without a mall want on their birthday and tea with Harry would be nice too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This picture is of the Berlin crosswalk guy "Ampleman". All over Germany this is a recognizable figure and very popular souvenir, even here in Bremen. One observation my family and I have made while living here is people really observe the crosswalk guy. We don't have a car, so we walk to our bus/tram and bike, so to say we are a crosswalks quite a bit everyday. We find it humorous that people will stand there waiting and waiting, and there is no cars in site or it's late at night and there are no cars in site. We always just go, and the looks we get you would think we just murdered their mother. Maybe it is the American in us and we are in a hurry. After missing my fair share of buses and trams, if it's clear you will be looking at my rear!
(now that's a bumper sticker! heehee) My impression of people here is that there are rules and you must follow them, but until I get a ticket or flatten by a car. I'll be damn if I'm waiting on the corner and watching my bus/tram drive away because the little guy is red!

Our crosswalk guy does not look like this friendly little guy, but still different than in the states. Here is a snippet of the "Ampleman" history.

He looks a little different than your standard crosswalk guy. The reason? The east German government wanted to come up with a more cuddly and friendly symbol to teach young children how to cross the street.When the wall fell and reunification began, the western government went about wiping out all signs of the east German communist government; streets were renamed, statues torn down, etc. When the time came to change the street lights, citizens of the former DDR protested. Literally went in the street and held demonstrations, the thrust of their argument being You´re changing all we've been used to for the past 41 years. At least let us keep crosswalk guy....please?The west German government abdicated, and now the image of crosswalk guy is one of the most profitable souvenir images in the city.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Special Delivery

This weekend was extra special, not only did I celebrate my anniversary but I received a care package from my parents and from a friend. In both these packages were something I have been missing so much especially this time of year. Now this is not loved by everyone, and many of you will say yuck! But that's fine we all have our vices. I received several packages of Easter Peeps, little rabbits and chick marshmallows pillows from heaven! Yes Germany has nothing of the sort, granted they have the best chocolate in the world and so why carry marshmallow animals covered in sugar but whatever. I'm so thankful for my packages of love.. I just hope at least one will make it to the Easter basket. But the good news is I think having Easter Peeps everyday is so going to help me kick my chocolate habit, who knows I may even lose some weight!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I would take thee all over again!

I married the most amazing man in the world 21 years ago....I can't believe it's been 21 years. It really feels like yesterday we said "I do" . I would marry him all over again in a heart beat and not change a thing about the last 21 years. Craig is my best friend, the love of my life, most honest and genuine person I know. He is so hard working and committed to our marriage. He is the worlds best father and husband. He makes me laugh so hard, smile and makes my heart skip a beat. I'm truly bless to be his wife, I love you sweetie Happy Anniversary!
Cheers to the next 20 or so!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Ramblings

I have a few things rambling in my mind so I'm venting:

  • Is it really necessary to have a smoking room at my gym? So just say I'm doing "sport" and suddenly I need a smoke. No problem corner glass room with all the lounge chairs is in fact where you go, do you want a latte while on break from getting healthy?
  • I don't understand why men wear Capri's to workout in or why at all?
  • Why can't I have the window open while on the treadmill?
  • Sorry you showed up late to "pump up" class and there aren't any bars left, not sure why you are giving me "stink eye" I was on time , ya true I'm not a regular but so !
  • How come it is so hard to say "hallo" back, when someone smiles and says "hallo" to you on a country road and no one else is around for miles. Would it honestly kill you to say "Hi"
  • Range Rover driver why didn't you look both ways while exiting the parking lot instead of make me swerve, scaring the crap out of me, giving me a mini heart attack.

Okay I feel much better ....I haven't had chocolate in like 25 hours so I'm not sure maybe I'm being sensitive or if it is the withdrawal....!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiss Me I'm Irish

Today like many people I'm celebrating the "little" bit of Irish in me. I love all things Irish. Years ago the first time I turned forty, my husband was going to Ireland for a business trip and I joined him. We decided to make it a birthday celebration and stay longer. It was one of the most memorable trips I've been on. We did all the tourist things, Ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle, Kiss the Blarney Stone, listen to Irish music in Irish Pubs. Drank Guinness beer, ate potatoes with every meal.
Until going to Ireland and meeting "real" Irish people do you realize that you are so far from being Irish it's funny. I will always love that I'm some small percent Irish, and I will always wish I was more. Mostly because I love their accents....and their beer!
Another thing I love about the Irish is the blessings here a few of my favorites:
Like the warmth of the sun And the light of the day,
May the luck of the Irish shine bright on your way
May good luck be your friend In whatever you do
And may trouble be always A stranger to you.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day all!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Seven things I love tag....

I have been tagged by Preppy Player to name seven things I love and then tag seven bloggers to do the same.

So here are my seven "things"

I love the first sip of my favorite drink. Coffee in the morning, Diet Coke in the afternoon, Franziskaner Weissbier in the evening.

I love my husband with all my heart. Our 21st anniversary is Thursday. It feels like yesterday when I first saw him and knew I’d marry him some day.

I love my daughter so much; she is everything I hoped for and more. She makes me so proud and happy. She is the highlight of my life.

I love my friends, old and new. Friendship is my rock; it’s where I pull my strength.

I love reading; love when the story ends and you walk away with the story still dancing in your head.

I love that my family, parents and my four sisters, brother in laws and all my nieces and nephews. I love being an Aunt.

I love my Sophie…she is my pal, my shadow, my scruffy puppy.

Now I tag, (when you have a chance or have writer's block) seven bloggers.

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Joyce at http://perfect-beginning.blogspot.com/

Belle at http://www.fawty.com/

Sara at http://www.cricketwife.com/

Brittney at http://benbrittney.blogspot.com/

Lisa at http://odompartyof5.blogspot.com/


Germans love their potatoes so much that they are all heart shape. Well not really but this one was....! I thought the Irish love potatoes but they have nothing on the Germans. Germans are the Kings of potatoes end of story.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday in the City

Saturday's in the city are crazy busy, people shopping, eating, hanging out. The streets were lined with people, the side walks were elbow to elbow . Flower market is in full swing, amazing hydrangea, azaleas, tulips the colors were so vibrant. I would of taken a picture but I was too busy watching the excitement around me. Purse snatching and pick pocketing is high crime in Bremen. You have to always be aware. So when we were passing through the market all of a sudden I hear yelling and screaming, well forget the beauty of the Easter Lily, Nosey Rosie #9 wants to know what is going on. Some guy had pick pocket this old man and basically this lady saw him and they took matters in to their own hands. It was all to exciting, and sweet justice to see someone NOT get away with it. Craig and Katelyn did not want to stick around and watch... unlike me is was sucked in like I was watching COPS or Reno 911. I don't know if the police ever made it to help the citizen arrest or not.

I'm thinking NOT, because as we waited and waited, waited some more for our tram. We could hear loud noses off in the distance and they were getting closer. First we saw motorcycle police and than vans full of police, and police on foot, behind them was a mass of people chanting. Yes a protest of some kind....awesome never a dual moment in Germany! I had no idea what they were saying or what their banners and sign said.
I kept trying to find someone that knew English to fill me in. I love this kind of action, as long as it is peaceful.

So come to find out they were marching against NATO and against War and I think against Nazi too ! Everyone was quite young I thought and very colorful individuals. They were almost all wearing black and a lot had hoods or hats on and sunglasses on, like they were in cognito.

Our tram finally came and we were on our way. I love Saturdays in the city, it never disappoints and there is always something going on.

Friday, March 13, 2009

OUCH !!!

Yesterday the one and only day my husband did not wear his helmet, proved to be a big mistake. Germany's streets and sidewalks are covered in cobblestone, as lovely as they look they are slipperier than snot when it rains. Unfortunately he went down fast and hard, while riding his bicycle to our daughters school. Fortunately his shoulder, hip and side of body took the brunt sparing his head of injury.

Today we visited the hospital, it was our first official encounter with a doctor in Germany. ( Other than a vet for Sophie) I have to say we were nervous, we were hoping he didn't break anything, also with our limited almost nonexistence German how would we communicate. It was nothing like in the States or on Grays Anatomy or ER . We had to sit in an office and answer questions from a rude German lady that was so annoyed that we spoke English and had American insurance. She charged us 49 Euros cash up front! Okay that's fine why 49 and not 50 whatever ! After she took our money she said go sit in the waiting room, for someone to come take us to Ambulance. I said Ambulance?! And she said why yes, to take you to see the doctor. Okay he is in pain but an Ambulance is that necessary! After what felt like forever a lady dress in blue called his name, and brought us back to the "Ambulance".

Ambulance is just the examine room! It doesn't move it's not mobile....just a room like in any hospital in any city, country. We waited again for what felt like forever, than Doogie Howser MD and mini me showed up. These two teens dress in white combined maybe were our age. Why is it when someone young in the medical field shows up, you automatically start doing the math on age. Okay graduate High School at 18 maybe 17 if a late Birthday, okay undergrad finish at 21 unless he took summer class maybe 20! Na probably 21 then Med School, Residency, yup no way is he a Doctor!

Not a Doctor, not sure even if a Med Student but he was wearing white scrubs and had a stethoscope! His English was limited but better than our German. There was a lot of filling in the blanks or guessing what he was trying to say. X-rays came back, no broken bones just a bad bruise. He gave Hubby a days worth of 600 mg. Ibuprofen for the pain! IBUPROFEN!!! Hello no vicodin, percocet he is in pain and whining in pain, come on Doogie!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Week!

Happy Birthday Week - Alissa and Rachel

These are two of my nieces out of nine. They are both celebrating their Birthdays this week. Alissa is turning 18 and Rachel 20. I wish them the best week and hope their day is as special as they are. Happy Birthday girls! Love you and Miss you Both!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Corners and Collection

My favorite corner of our home away from home is this wall of bookshelves located in our office. It's a feeling of our home in Utah, pictures of family and friends, variety of books. A collection of travel mementos and movies, games and Nick Knacks.
One thing I have started collecting during our travels is mini plates. I love plates and these are reasonably price items to collect considering the cost of souvenirs in places like Paris and London.

What is your favorite corner of your home and what do you collect?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's in a name....

Today I received an award from Rachel at http://areservationforsix.blogspot.com/ . Rachel is a new blogging friend of mine, she is very funny and has the most adorable kids. Thank you Rachel.

This is officially known as a "Premios Dardo" blog award aka a smoking typewriter award. Rachel did the research and found this award is

"given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing... created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web."

OMG if you saw me in type class Junior year of High School, it was not pretty , not much better on the computer but any way back to the award....

The first part of Rachel rules to accepting the award includes posting the picture and linking back to the blogger who awarded me. Done above! (sorry not that savvy to link correctly)Next comes the fun task of putting my name in a Google image search. Rachel put a different spin on this because, why not! There's not rule police! But I'm a rule follower part of my integration of living in Germany, you must follow RULES. Google search and will share 10 results!

The UK's No.1 Professional Uniform Model
Kathy West sexy professional glamour model site, stunningly sexy in Policewomen, Schoolgirl and French maid uniforms. ( Don't image search this one not appropriate for young eyes, or most firewalls) Funny to me I hate wearing uniforms of any kind, costumes too! Too many years working in the Grocery Stores flash back!

MySpace.com - Kathy West - 102 - Female - UK - www.myspace.com ...
MySpace profile for Kathy West with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. (Okay I think this is the same Kathy because again not appropriate well it's semi tasteful MySpace profile picture but ......) My Face Book profile picture is nothing like this!

Riverside, Corona, and Riverside County, Real Estate - Kathy West
Riverside, real estate and homes for sale in Corona and Riverside County. Your Riverside real estate resource center, find MLS listings, condos and homes ...Wow Real Estate ...never really saw myself doing that ! Good to know when I get back to States my name is already established in Real Estate community I imagine that's important.

Kathy West Acupuncture
Why Kathy West? My practice is focused on your wellness, emphasizing a holistic approach ... Kathy West, L.Ac.. All rights reserved. Web Hosting Companies ...Wow again Acupuncture..have you ever had this done? My husband did and well there is no way in hell I'd be on the receiving end or giving end of that.

kathy west with peritoneal cancer
25 Sep 2005 ... Information about kathy west with peritoneal cancer.OMG Sorry Kathy I hope you are in remission.
kathy west: Directory - LinkedIn
Directory of professionals named kathy west on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps you discover inside connections to recommended job ...Whoo Hoo there are Kathy West professionals out there....! Wow I hope my parents are proud! Oh wait I'm unemployed! Damn!
Kathy West Flagler County & Palm Coast Realtor (Trademark Realty ...
ActiveRain real estate profile for Kathy West Flagler County & Palm Coast Realtor (Trademark Realty Group) a Real Estate Agent in Palm Coast, FL. More good news my established Real Estate career waiting for me in the States has expanded I'm now located in California and Florida. Which is really good because after a couple years in Germany I'm going to have to move somewhere sunny.
Kathy West - Dating, Gossip, News, Kathy West Photos
09 February 2009... Kathy West news, photos of Kathy West, biography, Kathy West
I do like to gossip, but in a good way! But a biography about me! No way I haven't accomplished enough in my Real Estate, lingerie modeling, acupuncture career to write a bio. Maybe a ghost author wrote it.....
Kathy West Staff Profile
Kathy West. Head Winspear Business Reference Library ... Edmonton AB Canada
I'm not sure what this but I have a STAFF so needless to say it's impressive in my book!
I'm not able to list the last one definitely not appropriate for my followers and their firewalls.
All I can say is I hope any of my people searching my name in hopes to be my Face Book friend throw my maiden name in there. I'd hate word to get out I'm a lingerie model in the UK! Yikes I don't know if Utah is ready for that.
To fulfill the final step in accepting this award, I'll pass it along to 5(Rachel did ten but I only have 11 followers so I'm making my own rules) more deserving bloggers, with the hope that they'll accept, take part in the fun, and feel free to put their own "creative and original" spin on the meme!

These like many are wonderful ladies with great blogs, please congratulate them and check out there blogs.

Signs of spring

Spring has arrived in Germany!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bicycle, bicycle I like to ride my.....

I love my bicycle! It's a Kona Africa bike 03 the cool thing about my bike is Kona donates bicycles to African Home Health care workers so they can deliver medication to Aids/HIV patients. And with every third bicycle sold they donate a bicycle to various African villages, so If you are in need of a new bike check out Kona and their bicycles.

Spring has shown it's face in Germany and I'm back on my bicycle again, which is so nice because waiting for buses and trams takes a lot of time. The problem I have is when I ride my bicycle I can't get the song out of my head from Queen " I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike...bicycle, bicycle and so on"! It's bad I know! I go back and forth between Queen and the wizard of Oz . I think about the wicked witch of the west riding the bicycle really fast and the background music "da na na da na na " something like that! Seriously need to ride with my ipod, I know!

Welcome to Frau's Kitchen Tour

Joyce at A Perfect Beginning challanged me to share our heart of the home with you, telling you my loves and not so loves about our kitchen. Also to answer some questions along the way. Our German house we are renting so unfortunately there is not a lot I can do to change it, but I tried to make it a small reflection of us.

1. What color is your kitchen? Sterile white, I guess I could paint but when we leave the whole house must be white. Sometimes I hate the white, but on gray, dreary days it brightens a room.

2. Describe your kitchen: By German standards it is large, by America standards it is not. I'm very lucky I do have a normal size refrigerator but a tiny oven.

3. Describe your dream kitchen: My dream kitchen in Germany would be something out of an Ikea AD, functioning yet realistic.

4. Fave activity in kitchen: Gathering with family talking about our day, while pouring a glass of German Beer! Ja!

5. Name one thing your kitchen is lacking/missing: Cupboards space, color,oven that cooks!

6. Do you cook or bake a lot? I do because I'm not working, and my family likes to eat! No really I like cooking but the problem here is most my recipes there is always a missing ingredient therefore everything taste a bit off.

7. What don't you like and what would you change? I love the three large windows and the natural light it brings. I would paint it a color if I could.

8. What do you love about your kitchen? I love all my rooster,chicken,hen decor it's a little bit of Utah I brought with me. I also love the bulletin board/dry erase board area helps keep me organized.

9. Worst kitchen activity? emptying dishwasher or garbage it's a toss up.

10. Tea or coffee? Both

11. Chocolate or vanilla? Both

12. Do you like to prepare food- or eat it? Eating!

13. Do you prefer to serve meals in the kitchen or dining room? Our kitchen only has dining at the bar, so other than breakfast we eat in our dining room.

Thanks for joining my kitchen tour hope you enjoyed ! If you have any ideas what I can do with the lovely blank white wall I'd love to hear them?

I'm also going to challenge 3 others to show us a tour of the heart of your home, first is Somer at http://lovetobreathe.blogspot.com and second is Heidi at http://faboolosity.blogspot.com/ and my third is Rachel at http://areservationforsix.blogspot.com/

Have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Elizabethan Sophie

Poor poor poor Sophie! She is so embarrassed and miserable, just look at that face! Sophie is suffering from allergies and her skin is pink and itchy. She has had this problem all her life and the vets can never figure out what she is allergic to. She is seeing a specialist in dermatology ( that sounds so la dee da!) hopefully he can figure it out. She scratches do much that it breaks the skin and gets infected from her licking and scratching. But I know I'm no vet but he is treating the infection first and then we will look into the cause of the itch. Okay but it's getting infected because of the itching so doesn't it make sense to stop the itching? He does not want her on cortisone so she is being treated with antibiotics and a antihistamine. Needless to say she is walking around here like Eeyore with her head down low and a look of "why bother"! Poor Sophie!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big girls don't cry!

For the record I had no control over the tears! Yesterday I went with my husband to get his haircut, while I was waiting, I asked the guy that works there if they do eyebrows? Ja! come sit! Do you wax or thread? Ja! he says! Okay buddy that's not really an answer, but my bad for asking two questions at once. He than comes around the corner with his tools...thread and tweezers! Oh boy I thought there is no turning back now!

Have you ever had your eyebrows done this way? I have once well twice now, but after the first I vowed I would never do it again. The pain, oh and did I mention the pain, it hurts! So there I was already in the chair and sporting a uni brow to boot, so I obviously needed to be there. But did I mention the pain and oh it hurts!

Tears streamed down my face uncontrollably, I know I tried breathing and in my mind I was having a little talk with myself saying suck it up! The whole time my husband was two chairs away saying " oh man that looks painful!". After he was done, I wipe the tears and looked in the mirror, wow it was amazing! No more uni brow and very little redness. So he says okay now we do the lip! And I said I don't know I think it's fine! No he says its not fine we must do! The tears started again and maybe a little whimper! The pain from the eyebrows was nothing compared to the lip. He did half first and let me breathe some and finished the job.

My lip and eyebrows looked amazing, I was thankful I didn't ask for a bikini wax also! The best part was the price for both the total was 7 Euros! I think this would be a perfect form of torture! I'm thinking of bringing Katelyn there next week, not for the torture please her uni brow is bad!