Monday, October 25, 2010

My Birthday week..

It's here again...turning 40 is so fun, I've been doing it for the last five years! My birthday is not until Saturday but I'm working it all week! So today I'm getting my hair cut and colored, can't pass for 40 sporting gray hair! Should be scheduling a botox appointment too but maybe next year! I can be over heard all week saying things like's my birthday week so.....I'm not cooking dinner or it's my birthday week can you get me a drink of water! Yup it's pretty much gonna be all about me! lol! Still have the headband and have to say it still fits and all ready to be worn.
 It's my birthday week so Have a wonderful Monday!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I heart.....

Lands End- FeelGood Easy Turtleneck

This is the Brittany Shoulder Bag from Lisaroy Handbags
One of my favorite bloggers and Etsy Shop- Isn't the lattice gorgeous!

Thinking these are a must for the Buffalo winters-Target Zappy Duck Boot- love the Patent look

Happy Friday!

Lisaroyhandbags and Target

Monday, October 18, 2010


Sophie loves going bye bye, on this trip she received a bone from the lady at the bank. Awesome for her, except I gave it to her and she was pretty clueless on what to do. It was her first time with treats in the car. We drove for blocks with her head sticking out of window bone in mouth. She finally caught on and ate it!

Sophie is still having her skin issues, they seem to be worse than ever. We have tried everything and our vet is out of options. So this week we are off to a Veterinarian skin specialist. I really hope they find a solution for her so she is not so miserable. Next dog we get is going to be a mutt this one has cost us a small fortune!

Happy Monday all! 

Friday, October 15, 2010


My daughter's school had an assembly to go over the parking rules for the Juniors and Seniors. Great reminder for the kids,especially the new drivers. But when it was almost over the Principal said, they would have another assembly later to review the snowmobile parking rules. Uh? Did he just say snowmobile?

I'm much freaking snow do they get here. Why is it necessary to discuss snowmobile parking? But then I started thinking wow it would be much cheaper getting Katelyn a snowmobile versus a car but wait what about after winter than what!

I'm totally envisioning driving behind this group....

Omg....I'm so not in Kansas anymore am I?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ditch the workout join the party...

My youngest sister will not shut up out this exercise class. She says if everyone started their day with Zumba the world would be a happier place! So I signed up for Zumba Gold through the adult education at the High School, it's once a week for one hour. I had my first class last week and it was jam packed with women. I of coarse ran right to the back, I was the youngest in the class. I'm thinking to myself omg did someone drop off a bus of  seniors here after bingo. Seriously there were a couple 40ish year olds, some 50's and the rest are AARP card holders in spandex. My next thought is this is totally my kind of class, I certainly have to have some moves on these ladies. I at least will know the music and can sing along...this is going to be fun!

So the class starts and my two left feet go to work, I stumble a little, sweat a lot, my mouth is hanging open as I watch the geriatrics bump and grind and Zumba like there is no tomorrow! My younger self is in shock these women have got more moves and shimmy like they own the place. In between gasp for air I'm mouthing OMg....!

One of the routines is Beyonce's Single ladies...the women hoot and holler! The routine starts and it's her dance routine...from her video. They bust it out like it's the Macarena, like everyone knows how to do the Single Ladies dance....everyone but me! So it looked a little like this video...

But not with that crowd more like this crowd...

I was walking out with one of the older ladies and she was all excited about what a great class it was. I said, wow you really had some moves I followed you instead of the teacher! She replied with ''well I have a dance back ground that's why"! My thoughts were well of coarse you do! I can't wait for the next class the entertainment is priceless!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My permit girl....3 hours on the road under her belt, she is doing good! She is tired of hearing the thump sound of my foot hitting the imaginary passenger side break. She is tired of hearing me suck the air out of the car. She is probably a little tired of hearing a faint "oh god!" under my breath. And possibly tired of me grabbing the arm of the car door bracing my self. She has maneuvered yielding, left turns, merging, round abouts, parking in sunny weather and rainy weather...I just want to say I have prayed a lot during those three hours and swore a few times, screamed STOP once or twice. She is doing great really, according to her I'm being dramatic.....yes this coming from her 3 hours of experience versus my 28 years experience I think not.

So in six months time I will surely have more gray hair, possibly grind down a tooth or two,  be closer to god for all my prayers,may make a deal with the devil to survive this intense time. Dramatic maybe but any mother of a teen driver feels my pain!! (Pray for me!)

I heart.....

Omg!!Have you tried them? I was lucky enough to find a box and I'm in love! You have to eat them warm, it taste just like pumpkin pie!! I was hoping my family wouldn't like them and I could have it all to myself...but I guess I'm sharing! Run out to your grocer and find these you will not be disappointed!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday K

Happy Birthday K!!!
Today is my one of my four sister's Birthday! 
I hope she has the best day and eats lots of cake!
I love you and miss you!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Black and White Wednesday-Fall

I love fall.....the colors,the smell in the air, wearing sweaters,making soups and drinking warm drinks.Ahhh! My favorite time of the year!

Love the orange and reds!

I like the B&W only because I see the colors in my mind

Happy Wednesday!!

Joining Lisa at The Long Road to China 
For B&W Wednesday!

Monday, October 4, 2010

World's Largest

 It was incredible, awesome and so fun!! Amazing Autumn weather, the colors along my drive from Buffalo to Schroon Lake were breath taking. My sister and I went over Friday after I arrived, not all the vendors were there. We previewed a bunch, bought a few things. Saturday was jam packed with vendors and people. They were expecting at least 10 thousand and I'd say I bummed into and cursed at least that many. I have never seen so many hillbillies in one spot, and mullets too! Like this guy working one of the booths! 

Lots of vendors with retail items, lots of junk and lots of over priced antiques. Greasy food and fried just about anything you want. Lots of sweets and baked goods too! I loved it and enjoyed walking the miles of treasures. I spent $10 here is my finds.... 

Here is how my wall is shaping up....still room for more!
 If you ever have a chance it is definitely a must do, just once or maybe twice in your life time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday B

Today is my sister B's Birthday! This picture is from last year when three of my sisters visited me in Germany and we traveled to Barcelona. I hope she has a wonderful birthday and all her wishes come true.
You are a great sister and friend, I love you dearly and miss you so much. I hope we can celebrate another birthday with a round of Sangria's some day soon.