Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sundays In My City

Everyone knows the fairy tale of The Bremen Town Musicians right? 
But did you know they never really made it to Bremen? 
Yet it is a very important part of Bremen....there is a huge bronze statue located outside the Rathaus.
Word has it if you rub the legs of the donkey your wishes will come true!
All over the city and there are colorful painted statues of the Town Musicians. 
Here are a few!

This one is outside the Starbucks....missing the Rooster.
I guess it's typical to go missing of all the animals on the statue.

Hope you enjoyed the color in this grey city on a cold, winter Sunday!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fragments -Episode 1

Hosted by Mrs.4444

Finally Friday, TGIF- Thank god it's Friday.......OMG yea! It's Friday!

In my former life, as in 18 months ago when I lived in AMERICA and had a job, friends and a life! I loved Fridays, it was my day off from my part time job, the day I ran errands, met friends for coffee or lunch. My everyday is a Friday but not nearly as Fun. 

My German teacher always uses words like "IN FORMER DAYS" . I always thought she meant back during the war or something like that, but really she means beyond yesterday. I drive my daughter crazy, I always say "Back in the day" I'm thinking of switching it up to "In former days" and really put her over the edge! 

I was telling my German teacher about a PTA meeting I went to, how a German parent was complaining the she feels too much German is spoke by the children in the halls and playground. The director assured her that she was most likely hearing a mix of German and English. And not all English is the same, they are taught by an American teacher for one subject, an Australian teacher for the next, British teacher are bound to sound different but the fundamentals are the same. So I was telling her I was talking to the British teacher and I had no idea what she was saying....she was talking about her daughter in London that was in labor at that very moment and so forth. My German teacher said what do you mean she was in labor and why would she talk about medicine? SO I explain to her  what the word labor means as far as having a baby. She got all excited she had never heard of it used in the context...she said surly none of my friends know this. I'm pretty sure I'm the topic of many of her conversations! I'm not sure who is teaching who! 

I broke out my Wii Fit Plus I got for told me I'm obese and my Wii Fit age is 59! At first I was all depressed and pissed off then I started thinking how close I was to AARP age and all the discounts that go with it. I wonder if I can get a Wii Fit age ID! 

Happy Friday!!
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black and White Wednesday & Wordful Wednesday

Sophie venturing down the country road.
She doesn't get to do that anymore.....she's grounded.
Last time she took off running, to catch up to a nice old man.
She didn't stop to her name,whistle just took off like a rebellious teen.
I had to run after her.....I'm not a runner, especially when wearing Sorel boots.
Sophie now does that walk with her leash always on.

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Happy Hump Day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm a winner

January has been a lucky month for me!!! 
First on my friend Cathee  Blog My Life in Color
I won this:

Cathee is a retired teacher, a stay at home Mom and a Stampin Up consultant. Our husbands went to college together and a one time worked together. She has three beautiful children, one biological and 2 adopted.  She is so creative, loves her family and her faith. Please stop by and give her some bloggy love.

Today on Beth's Blog  be yourself...everyone else is taken 
I won this:

Well actually I'm not sure which one of her amazing photos I won but it's a win because they are all amazing. Beth has amazing talent as a photographer, talented writer...her words and pictures are so moving. She is a mother of 2....loves chocolate chip cookies...okay alot more than that but really isn't that the most important! If you want to see incredible art in photos and words please stop by and give Beth some bloggy love and drool on her pictures.

I'm a winner....I'm a winner.....I'm a winner!

Friend Makin Monday and Bagels

Meet Katie from Sneaker Teacher
She is also an American living in Germany.
 She is a teacher, exercise queen, wife, baker and crafty gal 
not only is she teaching but she is also working on her doctorate.
She designed her own's really good, loves her TV shows and much more! 
Please stop by and say HI!

I'm always happy to find other Americans living aboard it is helpful and resourceful. I'm really happy I found Katie she posted recipe on Homemade bagels! You see you can't find Bagels here....seriously!
On Saturday I made Bagels for my family.....they were delish!

Cinnamon sugar Bagel before cooked

I made only a small batch of 8, because I ran out of flour and it was too cold to go to store! I made raisin one, cranberry one, 3 cinnamon sugar, 2 plain and 1 salt.

Boiling in water
then bake......yummy!

Finished product!! My family loved them, thanks Katie for sharing your recipe!!

Stop by and get the recipe from Katie and tell her Frau sent you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sundays In My City- Focke Museum

Bremen, Germany has several museums.......I finally went to one, after living here for the last 18 months! The Focke Museum is located on beautiful grounds with a lovely frozen over. It deserves a Spring time visit. It was a beautiful modern building with many things to see. The most interesting feature in the middle of the Museum  is a huge shipping boat located outside, that you can only view from inside. The only problem is it was all in German and they headphone things that give wonderful details on each exhibit were also only in German. So my husband and I wandered through trying to read the info provided, it was interesting even though we were clueless on what exactly we were looking at. I was sure I'd find an English book in the gift shop and I could read all about it after the fact......but NO English anything. I have to say I was shocked...and my husband reminded me we are in Northern Germany, where they speak German! OH! right!

So I wish I could tell you more about this Museum but I show you my pretty pictures instead!

This statue was outside and I thought it was pretty cool, it looks like a cornucopia. Spilling out of it are plates with different Medieval looking objects.

Bremen Crest

 This vase was not behind any glass, it was gorgeous but all I could think about were kids on a field trip and one of them knocking it over and kaput!

The Museum had a special exhibit call Manieren which means Manners. I could not take pictures in there, but I can tell it is the history of manners in Germany or perhaps Bremen. Not sure but it had two interesting or perhaps odd displays. The first was a thong...1990 H&M started carrying thongs! Okay! And the second was a video showing this guy with a George W. Bush mask on curling threw NYC with a sign on his butt saying "kick my ass".....and they interviewed people kicking was odd. Not sure what either had to do with manners?!

All in all I saw a lot of historical pictures, paintings and artifacts of Bremen pre-war and post war up until modern times. It's a must see but bring an interpreter or speak the language to really enjoy it.

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Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Black and White Wednesday-Week 2

My Girl

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Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Tuesday


I'm trying to have a New Year, New Me attitude. I'm getting a late start...started yesterday....woot, woot!
I started the 30 day Shred with the bitch Jillian from Biggest Loser.I'm starting with Level 1 it's a 20 minute workout! I wanted to quit after 4 minutes. Today I wanted to quit after 6 minutes! I woke up this morning sore...after 20 minutes of working out.....amazing video uh? or poor out of shape Frau!

I also started a 2 week cleanse....we aren't gonna talk about that...TMI! But I'll let you know if it is a success!

Last night was my first night without my Red Wine....trying to be good during cleanse!  I miss it!! Is that a problem?

It's really hard to workout when you have 40 pounds to loose....I've been down this road before and never thought I'd be here again. It was hard work and I have the time but not sure if I have the strength and will. Plus I don't think anything Non fat exists in Germany!

My German teacher is annoying me, she is being an etiquette Nazi pain. Yesterday she told me the way my name is on my Mail Slot is not correct I should not have Herr/Frau or even our first names.....she said "It just isn't DONE" Nobody does it! Okay lets see I can count on two hands in 15 months how many times my door bell has been you really think it matters?!!!

I also have a Welcome plaque outside my door it's in English with a snowman holding an American flag plus right above it I found a German one saying Herzlich Willkommen, it means a heartfelt welcome. Yes it's cutesy but whatever....when she was leaving she said this is interesting you welcome anyone to your house? Ah!! is this a trick questions?  Anyone that rings the bell....but that doesn't really happen's just a friggin decoration. She said, Nobody has this it's quite different.

I did a return today and I asked the girl in German if she spoke English? She answered me in German and I had no idea what she said......EVERYBODY and I mean Everybody does that when you ask them! If I'm asking you if you speak English don't answer me in German! Isn't it clear I don't speak German!

Wow this was more of a rant than I planed!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sundays In My City-Bremen and my ride

Welcome to my City-Bremen, Germany. When we moved here we opted not to get a car.People are shocked when they find out we are Americans without a car in Germany. But you don't really need one, the transportation of this city is very user friendly. Yes I do mumble and curse at time wishing we had a car, but those times are far and few between.
These are our main form of transportation Strasse Bahn-Sbahn or Tram. They go almost everywhere and are a convenient and comfortable ride.

The bus is also available and really convenient, we have a stop 3 minutes from our home. The only problem is making sure your watch and theirs are synced...unless you jump in front of it, once they leave the stop they aren't stopping!

 This little guy is a life and time saver you use it for your fares and they auto take from your bank account. It's nice cause you never have to carry money to ride. Plus each family member has one and it's been cheaper for us than a monthly pass.

When the weather permits I ride my bike. Sometimes when the weather is not permitting we still ride our this weekend to grocery shop. I rode my bike in the snow covered paths...I did a lot of ohhhh and OMG!! The whole time I was white knuckle riding I thought to my self I'm an AMERICAN we don't ride in the snow! And my husband was behind me saying ride's hard to flip him off when I'm holding on for dear life!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Retirement Gordon

This is my brother in law Gordon, he just retired from the Police Force in NJ. Tonight is his surprise retirement party...shhhhhh! We wish we could be there for it, we are all really proud of him. He is a great husband, father, brother in law, hard worker and very good with  his hands! I'm going to miss asking him about the interesting crime stories going on or what exciting happen on the job!

 Congratulations Gordon!  

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Tuesday


It's Tuesday.....and almost half way through January. My focus is off, still have jet lag.....nobody should be awake at 4 am except the Baker down the street.

First German Class of the new year .....I still suck! Today we totally got off subject and had a discussion about the words....strange, odd and curious. She thinks they all mean the same....I disagreed ....I'm stupid it would have been easier to agree. Remember that for next time!!

My German TV at 4 am plays 3 channels with naked women doing things not made for anyones eyes at 4am or 4 pm!

Walked to the store today in lots of snow.....uphill both least it felt like it! Note to self ...get to the Gym!

Ate half of the Baguette I bought for dinner tonight on my walk home from store...Oops SORRY family!

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Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sophie and her snuggie

This is Sophie giving me "Stink eye"!  I think she is still pissed off we left her for three weeks or is it the pink snuggie we dressed her in?
It's nice to be home with her and our luggage arrived all in tact!! She came home from the boarder  much thinner than we left her, apparently she was sick the last couple days. I took her to our vet today and all is good, now I just need to fatten her up a bit.
I think giving her extra food and treats will make up for my abandonment and her stink eye will fade in due time!
Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sundays In My City-Bremen covered in white stuff

Last winter it snowed once in Bremen, Germany and it was gone by noon. We've been told the year before zero snow......This winter it has been snowing non stop. It's been snowing all weekend and it's quite a site. Everything is bright and fresh, so quiet! You don't hear snow blowers or plows.....I don't think they exist here. Everyone is out walking and enjoying the rare site of snow. It's feels familiar to us a little like Utah followed us home.

Down our driveway....can you imagine shoveling it?

Our country road walk

So peaceful out

Favorite farm house with gorgeous eyebrow window

Another favorite German house with Thatch Roof

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Happy New Year!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back in Deutschland

We are home in's been a long flight home!
I'm happy to be home, excited to see Sophie
and sleep in my BED!
We arrived without our's in Paris or they have confiscated all my
 Peanut Butter and Ibuprofen.....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to catch up on blogs after a good nights rest!
Great trip and Holiday hope everyone's new year is starting out a 10!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Makin Friends Monday-Favorite holiday photos

Makin friends Monday 
Christmas season has been a dream come true....
.Home in Utah for 3 weeks
Family and Friends......SNOW!

All smiles

Katelyn Christmas morning

Not the best picture of me but I love the title.

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Happy Monday!