Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.  When were you last facing an ocean? Using just ONE word, describe how you felt as you faced that ocean. 
Last year during spring word.....HAPPY!

2. What are three sounds you hate to hear?
Nails on a chalk board, nails being clipped, loud chewing! 

3. This question comes to you courtesy of some real life friends. Hi real life friends! When you shop for yourself, do you try everything on in the store before buying or do you buy, try on at home, and then return what you don't like or what doesn't fit?
I try on at store most the time...and curse those evil mirrors and bad lighting! 

4. February 26th is National Pistachio Day...are you a fan of the little green nut? Do you use them in cooking and baking or prefer to eat them right out of the shell?
Love pistachios....I eat them right out of the shell. 

5. When did you last have to compromise with someone?  Were you happy to reach the compromise or slightly irritated it was necessary? 
Perhaps today ,I'm in the midst of a possible compromise. I'm beyond irritated and mad as hell. 

6.  Have you ever written a letter to an elected official? Did you get a response?
Does sending a graduation announcement count? I received a nice note of congratulations back. 

7. We 'March' into a new month at the end of this week...what's something on your March calendar guaranteed to make you smile?
So many things.....first it's my 25th wedding anniversary, than Katelyn's 19th birthday and Spring break for Katelyn and Easter of coarse. Love March!

 8.  Insert your own random thought here.
You know the saying " You're only as good as your word" ? Does anybody live by that today?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's the little things that make your day! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. When were you last 'on a mountaintop'?  You may answer in the literal or figurative sense.

Last February over President's Day we were in Utah. This picture is from Alta ski resort....gorgeous day of skiing with my family. It's what we call a blue bird day! 

2.  Do you establish and maintain a strict budget in your household?  What is one piece of financial advice you would offer someone just starting out on their own? 

Yes we have a budget but are flexible somewhat. Save save and save some more! 

3.  Cherries-yay or nay?  Cherry pie, cherry cola, black forest cake, or a scoop of Ben and Jerry's Cherries Garcia...pick one. 

Love cherries and cherry cola.....but not hot or warm cherries. 

4.  Should you ever discuss religion or politics with people you don't know? 

I don't 

5.  When you take a road trip do you prefer to be the driver or the passenger?  Where were you headed on your last road trip? 

I prefer to be the passenger, last road trip was taking Katelyn back to college after Christmas break....and we do it again in four weeks. 

6. If we peeked inside your closet, what color would we say is most prevalent?


7. Who's your favorite senior citizen and why are they special?

My dad...because he loves being a senior citizen. Don't even get him started talking about his movie deal he cracks me up. I think he loves the whole senior concept...the right of passage. My Mom on the other hand is way too young to get a senior discount...that's for old people. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I have lots of randomness floating in my head today.....

I'm tired....working full time is kicking my arse.

Why are  gas prices here over $4 a gallon!

I stumbled upon Gypsy Sisters on TLC....omg I got suck in to that train wreck of a show!

I asked the young 28 year dentist working at our office that was leaving on vacation if she was ready to get out of dodge? She had no idea what I meant....seriously am I dating myself.....come on other hip 40 something years old say dodge right!!

I miss blogging and reading blogs....every night I come home and I'm beat and I can barely keep my eyes open....I miss you all. 

Happy Wednesday! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Joining Joyce at From this side of the Pond

1.  This week marks the beginning of Lent...will you be giving something up or adding anything to your life during this season of the year? 
I usually add to my life during this time and try to give up something. Basically try to be a better version of me during this time. 
2. The day before Lent is Shrove Tuesday... tradition states you eat pancakes on this day. In some parts of the world Shrove Tuesday is actually known as 'pancake day'. How do you like your pancakes? Or don't you? 
I always thought it was Fat Tuesday! I certainly indulged a little yesterday. I like pancakes but would rather have french toast. 

3.  I'm sure there are many, but what's one love song you really love?
Hard to pick one...I'm really loving Bruno Mars lately....It will rain 
Also Michael Buble....Haven't met you yet

4.  What are some things you do to let others know you love them?
Tell them, show them by doing little things for for them, respecting's all so easy.

5., pink, or do you prefer another color? Can you recall the last time someone gave you flowers? Given your choice would you like to open the door and see a dozen red roses, a dozen purple tulips, or a dozen pink peonies?

Love red....but tulips in any color are nice too and peonies.....all time favorite! Any thing but a carnation!

6.  President's Day will be celebrated in America next Monday. Does US Presidential history and trivia interest you?  Many Presidential homes are open to the public and offer guided tours...Monticello (Jefferson's home), Mount Vernon (Washington's home), Montpelier (James Madison's home), Hyde Park (FD Roosevelt's home) andThe White House (home to the sitting President) to name just a few. Of those listed which would you be most interested in touring?  Why?

The White House for sure......why? Why's the White Michelle Obama has amazing style I'd love to see how she mixed new with old. 

7.  Are you good at keeping secrets?
Depends on the secret.....

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Opinions......why is it only some people can have them and if you don't agree with them people hold it against you.....deep thoughts I know! Taking deep breaths these days.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One dog gone tired pup...

Doggie day care day one.....
Today was Sophie's first day at doggie day care...
We are sending her there when no one can get home for lunch....
She was so pumped up to go...
My husband had her running from the door to our room
She knew she was going somewhere...
Her sweater was on...
Her collar on...
Lunch packed..
Lease in hand...
Yup I'm outta here....
10 hours later....
She is KO'd! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

ME....from A to Z

Have you heard about the A to Z blogging challenge in April?  Are you in? I'm thinking about it seriously. But while visiting on of my favorite people JJ at The Fifty Factor she participated in Me from A to Z...I love these kind of things. Remember back in the day of blogging when there was lots of these meme going 5th picture etc...

Me from A to Z

Age: 39 47

Bed Size: King
Chore You Hate: cleaning bathrooms

Dogs: Wire Fox Terrier- Sophie 

Essential Start To My Day: Coffee and a splash of flavored creamer

Favorite Color: Currently Blue

Gold or Silver: Both as JJ said bling is bling! 

House or Apartment: house

Instruments Played: flute when I was younger...air guitar currently

Job Title: domestic engineer and office administrator

Kids: one daughter....Katelyn ♥

Live: Western New York

Married: Celebrating our 25th this March!!

Never Again: Sky diving....somethings are meant to do once in your life! 
Other Fun Fact: Margaritas are my Kryptonite! 

Pet Peeve: currently people that tail gate me while driving....just pass me! When the roads are icy or snowy.....staying alive is important not rushing to get somewhere...slow and steady. 


Righty or Lefty: Lefty ( we are the only ones in our right

Siblings: Four amazing sisters...I'm the second youngest! 

Time You Wake Up: 6am maybe 7am on the weekends if Sophie lets me!

University Attended: University of Utah

Veggies You Dislike: Beets, peas...there is a long list...I could go on and on!

What Makes You Run Late: Saying goodbye to Sophie she has separation anxiety. Long goodbyes probably don't help but I feel guilty leaving her....:(

X-Rays: haven't had one in years

Yum Food: Sweet Potato fries...Yum! 

Zoo Animal Favorite: Giraffe 

Here is a list if you want to play along! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

LOVE affair......♥❤

On this Super Sunday...

I'm sharing my new obsession
The love affair I'm having....
with not one man but two..
♥ Ben & Jerry ♥

This Greek Frozen Yogurt- Blueberry Vanilla Graham....
is to quote my friend Somer
"Ahh mazing"

Happy Sunday!!

Stop by Unknown Mami and wish Luna a Happy Birthday! 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy February ♥

On this snowy Saturday I'm thinking about how life has changed....two weeks ago I had all the time in the world to do nothing and that I did a lot of. What a time waster I was....there was always tomorrow! Suddenly the job I have been looking for is here.....yay! No more four hour interviews, no more prepping and selling myself, no more searching and emails daily from job sites. My two week training is over, come Monday I'm on my own. The cobwebs upstairs in my Face booking, blogging, Free Cell, Solitaire mind are now cleared and full of dental codes and procedures to follow and names of patients. 

But I do miss my mornings with this girl..

Sitting on my lap while I read your blogs.....

I miss texting and talking to her during the day.....

Change is good
I think after another week 
I'll have a routine down
Hopefully Sophie will settle down
I'll text my baby at lunch time...
I'll stop watching stupid TV and pick up a book to read
or read blogs at night...while watching stupid TV!

It's a process right.....
Okay that's what rattling around in my head today...
Happy Saturday
Have a great weekend!