Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life back in USA has a pace we have been out of touch with for some time. We are so happy to be back, been busy running around. Vet appointments, registering Katelyn for High School, buying washer and dryers....etc...Still in a hotel, our closing has been postponed...we are so disappointed, NY state has lots of red tape. 

Sophie is doing great, she loves being back in the car, sticking her head out the window. Has a new bed and treats...she seems good.

We are having a hard time in restaurants, gonna take us awhile to get used to the noise level again. Germany was so quiet, freakishly quiet. I loved having a meal and a ears are still ringing from dinner tonight. The trade off is amazing service...I like that. 

So far we have had Mexican food, hamburgers, bagels, Chinese food...Canadian Beer! 

Life is good!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back in the USA

We're back......
Landed yesterday evening...
Long long day...
Spent the night in NJ with my family...
Drove 6 hours to Buffalo...
Tired and happy...
Ate a big juicy Hamburger tonight...
I've moved from German Beer to Canadian Beer
Lovin Molson that didn't take long!
Great to be here....Sophie did great...
We are all tired but wearing smiles!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The Packers are still here, not them...

But more like them...

They kicked butt the first day.....some how I think they may be hungover! Deutschland played in the World Cup last night...they are moving really slow today. It's funny they have skipped a few things but managed to pack both Craig and mine toiletry kits. One of the young men speaks good English but I feel bad for him he has to so all the writing in both languages. He keeps asking me what certain things are box springs and my hubby weight machines. I think they hate us, in fact I'm pretty sure they do. They are used to Ikea furniture and we have lots of heavy pieces. One of they said he has never seen so many shoes in his life! Really cause I feel like I need to do some shoes shopping....those are so two years ago! 

 It is really hot here, yet they don't want the fans on...Germans do not like drafts! Even though they have sweat dripping off themselves. We bought them some water and they aren't having it. 

The young one is the rule enforcer.....he said no drugs, alcohol, porn or weapons! WHAT! So he is not sure about the vitamins, I keep asking him aren't you going to pack them? And he humm and haaa's! I said they are not drugs they are for wellness! He said can you buy them in USA? Yes that is where I got them! Okay yes....yes we will ......but they haven't yet! He also wouldn't pack Katelyn's German ginger bread heart necklace...he said no food....okay! But they packed all my cleaning supplies and Sophie's food which I didn't want them too and some of those cleaning supplies are bleach!!! WTH but don't pack my heart shaped cookie necklaces!

They are really hard workers.....and listen to pretty good music.....but I still think they hate us! I hope they don't lose my shoes! 

Monday, June 21, 2010

One hand BABY!

The count is down to one hand.......FIVE DAYS, FIVE DAYS! Lots to do this anyone else dizzy...I feel dizzy! Maybe I ate something wrong last night.....does anyone else's stomach ache? I can't breathe...there is no air in head feels like a fog rolled in last night...What's that? The sounds of me stressing out .....holy crap FIVE DAYS.....WTH am I doing online....gotta go!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday in My City and Father's Day!

This is my last Sunday in the City from Bremen, Germany. Next Sunday we will be in Western NY...suffering from jet lag but happy to be starting a new adventure.
Today is Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to my Dad and my babies Daddy and to all the Father's out there in Blogland. I hope you day is extra special.

To honor these two men, one of the things they both enjoy is a good glass or bottle of Merlot. We took a tour of Bremen Ratskeller located under the Rathaus in the center of the city. The Ratskeller is a restuarant and a wine cellar, one of the oldest in Germany. It's a must do if you ever visit here.

Oldest bottle is behind this door-1653

Famous German Poet Heinrich Heine, spent many nights in the Ratskeller drinking wine and writing famous poems.

Beautiful Fresco's 

Barrels and Barrels of wine once was stored here.

We did the wine tasting in a special room in the cellar, it was so dark only lite by candles, I didn't even know the color of wine until I tasted it. I was an amazing tour and I'm glad we did it before leaving Bremen. 
Cheers to all the Dad's Today!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Last day...

Today is my daughter's last day of 10th grade and school in Germany.  She is really excited to move back to USA, but sad too. She has made some wonderful friends here and she will surely miss them.
Jumping for joy it's summer time!

Today is my Husband's last day at his job here. He too is looking forward to the next chapter, but loved working with his German colleagues. I think he will miss his work friends and the job he did.

This is my husband with his boss congratulating him on his success at a farewell dinner. It made me really proud to hear the appreciation from the customer and his boss. He worked his butt off for the last two years, benefits outweigh the negative.

It's weird for me to think they have both had wonderful celebratory goodbyes...lunches, dinners and parties.

I on the other hand have had.....nothing! Well that's not totally true, my vet shook my hand and wished me all the best. I think I should stop by Starbucks and say goodbye to my barista friends, they might wonder why they suddenly have too much chai latte in stock. I made a few connections here but they have already moved on. So am I ready to move on...yes!Will there be! Am I leaving with good memories? You bet! My family is closer than ever and the experience was worth all the tears, loneliness and antidepressants. Is it weird and a little sad for me to not have friends or connections here? Yes! I'm pretty social, I have friends since childhood. But here I totally struck out, I hope it hasn't ruined me from ever putting myself out there again.

I'm leaving here a stronger, confident, braver women and a bit guarded. This journey wasn't about me, it was about the growth of us as a family and individually. I may still be 5'4" but I feel so much taller!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happiness comes easy...

I received some happiness...from Lisa at  lisaroyhandbags , she is a Canadian blogger with the most amazing taste and her ESTY shop of homemade handbags is out of this world gorgeous. I hope to own one soon....hint, hint Hubby that reads my blog!  

Happiness comes easy these days...
1. Moving home as in USA
2. My family and friends
3. Flea Markets
4. Traveling
5. Shopping
6. Taking pictures
7. Sunny days
8. Yummy food
9. Shoes/handbags
10. Blogging

I'm passing on this lil bit of happiness 
1. Ellie at Shine because like me she is moving back to USA :)
2. Preppy at Preppy Player cause she is family and I love her.
3. Rhoda at Southern Hospitality because she is the flea market master.
4. Joyce at from this side of the pond the girl can travel.
5. Megan/Kristin at BonBonRosegirls they can shop and the deals plus amazing taste.
6. Becky at Lifewithkaishon her picture make me smile everyday.
7. Sonya at HomecookingwithSonya  she is my expat friend and amazing cook.

Thanks Lisa!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Pictures today from our trip last week to Hamburg, with my Nephew.
Hamburg Rathaus 

Charlemagne founder of the city-Hamburg

View from top of St. Michaels

Light a candle say a prayer to St. Michael..

Angel on Earth

Hamburg...Venice of Germany
My Nephew.. indulging his Aunt for many pictures

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm suppose to be taking down all the pictures in the house. We need to fill all the nail holes.....I'm excited to move know it....but I hate a bare house. The next time I will see these pictures is in several months, once our sea container arrives and we make a house a home again. It's bitter sweet really but ...this chair is so comfy!

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Monday, June 14, 2010


It's getting closer by the days....12 more!
We had such a nice weekend......
Last sleepover before we move....
Last Flea Market finds before the packers come....
Yard work and World cup......

We found everything we set out to find and a little more:

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Happy Monday!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Yesterday we went to Hamburg with my nephew...everyone always ask is that where Hamburgers came from. I always say no way, mostly because I haven't had a decent Hamburger since living in Germany. But after going back and forth I decide to see what Wikipedia had to say on the matter.

Oops I totally messed up on that one....could have been bragging all along, Welcome to Hamburg the home of the Hamburger! According to Wiki, the term comes from German city of Hamburg. "Burg" means castle, people from Hamburg are refereed to as Hamburgers, like Londoners are from London. More than just the term originates from Hamburg it goes back to the 16th century where Russian import steaks in Hamburg and by the 18th century people were requesting Hamburg style steak. And it goes on and on and many have their claim to the first Hamburger!

I rarely see it on a menu here and miss a good juicy two weeks we land in NY it's a toss up what I will have first a juicy Hamburger or Mexican food....both I miss so much!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Our last visitor is coming, to visit before we move back to USA. My nephew is stopping in for a few days during his month long European trip. I can't wait to see him and hear about his travels so far. He is my sister, Preppy Player's second oldest son, he graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans. I'm looking forward to showing him Bremen Germany one last time. I hope the weather holds out.....hard to enjoy the Bier Gardens in the rain!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

We had such a gorgeous was in the 80's yesterday. We spent almost all weekend outside, bike rides,  flea market...lunch in the city....walks.....yard work. One of the best weekends....sad to see it end!

I wanted to share our flea market finds:

Blue and White Spice holders....I have been looking for these for a long time. Only one missing is Salt.
Cost 2 Euros for set.

Gravy dish- 2 Euros

Another Gravy dish-2 Euros
(Isn't it pretty...I heart it)

More spice holders without names on them....1 Euro each.

Pretty corked blue and white delft bottle-1 Euro

Rumtopf-Rum Pot - I was told by the lady it's a rare find very hard to find in Germany right now. On the bottom it's mark West Germany-cost 7 Euros
It's perfect condition, never used from what I can tell. Rum Pots are used for layer fruit and rum and sugar stored in dark cool room for 3-4 months and used over ice cream or dessert at Christmas time here. 
I love the green but am on a blue and white kick so I was on the hunt for a blue one too. Next day at flea market I found this baby...not quite in perfect condition but the color is gorgeous.

Cost 3 lid but so pretty!

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Saying goodbye

 Last week I said goodbye to my German teacher aka paid friend. On one hand I was so glad to be done and on the other hand I really enjoyed our conversations together. Even though she was pretty direct, boarder line rude, condescending etc...she taught me a lot about the language, culture and art. Once I found out we were moving I tried to end our lessons, what was the point. She would hear nothing of it....our last day she tested me verbally on lots of basic then I've lost my will to learn. Oh I know some of you are saying what you had a will to learn ....kinda! I think I convinced my self I was an old dog that couldn't learn a new trick. I certainly was her worst student....we laughed about that!

So we go to say goodbye she extends her hand for a shake, and I go in for the hug! Awkward! I guess I thought we had cross the bridge from formal to friendly.....silly me!

The end of that chapter of my German life.

P.S. She looks in pain trying to smile doesn't she?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yesterday i...
 went to a new hair salon, I was desperately needing a color and trim. It's hard here for me to arrange my appointments with the language barrier. I have bounced from Salon to Salon with no loyalty... mostly because I don't want to wait for an appointment easier to just walk in and do my charades and bam! it's done.

This is seriously maybe five houses away from mine, I've never been there before. I ride my bike by there all the time, but never stopped there. I always figured what if it went wrong....I'd have to break up with them and then what how awkward would that be. But seeing that I'm moving I thought why not.....

I'm glad I did. I went in and the owner Katrina was very nice. She looked like Paula Abdul, seriously it freaked me out. So she speaks some English, I make my appointment and she asks my name. I say Kathy and I spell it in German, the alphabet is different...So I K..A..T..H.....and suddenly I forget how to say Y ! I'm searching my nothing, so I say i which sounds like E. So my whole life I've always been I'm Kathy with a Y and suddenly within seconds I've changed my name to Kathy with a i ! This has been my life here you just adapt and go with the made me laugh....I thought wow who are you! Kathy with an i!

Okay so I've got my hair date and I'm pumped, you know when you are aware your hair is bad but are in complete denial of how bad. So I did my hair so she would see how I do it....brilliant I know! One would think. So I have never been able to get anyone here give me high lights only single color. But not my new girl she was willing to shake it up and color and add highlights. I pick my color from a color wheel and bam! we are off. The girl that did my hair was very nice she spoke some English but decided it was best to just talk to me in German. So I did a lot of nodding and ja! I was a little scared, not sure that we understood each other on color...when she mixed my highlight color she said your hair this color it's was violet...I was all nein bitter...with a begging tone. Suddenly she was funny girl hahahaha I just kidding! WTF! There is no humor when mixing colors my friend!

Three hours later... she is done! She styled my hair like never before. I wish I was brave enough to take a one time I had 10 roll brushes in my hair I look like Medusa minus the green. The end result I like the color ....thank god! But I couldn't stop laughing after I left ......I rode home so fast to show Katelyn how puffy my hair was...I felt like one of Charles Angles old version 1970's!

Before and after:

Pictures really don't do justice of the amount of volume....just trust me! But end result NO GREY!! Woot !

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Sunny days....people sitting in parks soaking up the sun. Scare crow guarding the marigolds.....
Summer ah! Sweet Summer is officially here....

Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June baby and you know what that means....

Today I turned the calendar to June with excitement in my heart. It's's finally here! I never thought this month would come and it's here so fast! Yeah June! Woot, Woot!

27 Days 27 days 27 days 27 days! Our adventure ends here and starts new in New York State. I can't wait, I'm nervous but more excited than nervous.

Today I feel like there is a smile on my face that won't end.

27 days!!!!!

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