Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today's version of postcards

Remember back in the day when people actually used the US postal service?
I loved receiving and sending postcards 
You know the wish you were here....
insert sunny beach or mountain capped background!

My hubby has been traveling for work
We haven't vacationed in a long time
So we live vicariously through others trips
even business trips! 

Todays versions of postcards are Instagram or snapchats or FB status.
I'm usually annoyed by my husbands out of town pictures of amazing foods and views.

His last trip was to London 
A place my family loves and has visited many times
It was fun to see our favorite spots and remember the last time we were there.
He had gorgeous weather, which we never had. 
I assumed it always rained in London 
But his wish you were here pictures always show beautiful blue skies and sun!

Royal baby tea towel
( I collect tea towels from various places)

The Tower Bridge

Big Ben

My hubby on the London Eye surely saying I wish you were here!


CM said...

I know, we were in Colorado and two days before we left, I thought about mailing my in-laws a post card from the boys, but then realized we would be home before it got there. They aren't into technology, so they don't see my FB updates. But things like FB sure do make it easier to keep family and friends updated instantly!

Maggie May said...

Love the Royal baby tea towel. Haven't seen one of those. Guess you have to go to London!
Post cards are not so common now but occasionally we get one sent through the post. The postage costs are a bit prohibitive now. I can remember once, sending about 20 post cards from Scotland to various places in England and only half got to their destinations!
Your trip looked lovely.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

likeschocolate said...

So sad you can't enjoy this adventure with him. I hope you can go next time.

bill lisleman said...

London is a bit crowded but they do have plenty to see especially along the river. Lots of changes since I visited there (London eye for one). Great Tower Bridge shot!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I still love to send postcards but I agree that Instagram and Facebook are the quickest way to get the word/picture out there! I love London and I copied your tea towel photo so my husband makes sure he gets me one when he is in London next month!


I LOVE getting postcards too. I have to admit I'd be a little jealous if my hubby got to go to London without me. I'm sure yours missed you.

Tami said...

I still like getting snail mail. Something special about it. I'm sure our kids, with today's technology, cannot understand that.
London looks beautiful! I hope, for his sake, he's bringing home a tea towel!!