Friday, November 15, 2013

War Horse

Last night was my theater group we saw "War Horse"

I loved it
I cried 
I was amazed 
the puppeteering ( is that a word) of the horses were incredible!
Eight women are in my group 
Mixed reviews from all 8 
It was a bit long and 
the audio was low 
and the accents were strong!
But all and all it was AMAZING!
A must see! 

Happy Friday 
Have a great weekend! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sophie is eight...

Sophie turned eight on the 7th of November
I thought yesterday was the 7th....
It wasn't 
It was the 8th....
So in our house Sophie turned 8 on the 8th! 

She went to daycare and played with friends
Got a new toy 
and a few extra treats
gotta go bye bye twice....

A think it was a pretty good day in Sophie's world...

Thank goodness she doesn't know her parents are a bit forgetful! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday in my City

Happy Sunday! 
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Best Sunday surprise...
Katelyn and her roommate Amanda
are visiting until late Wednesday!
Unfortunately the President of her University passed away,
and classes have been canceled.

So since she has her car until Thanksgiving
"road trip"
Can you believe all the stuff for two girls!!
My hubby ask her if she dropped out?
I'm afraid two of those bags look a lot like dirty laundry! 

Amanda texted me along the way...
They are making really good time...
Better time than I ever made....
ummmm someone has a heavy foot! 

Amanda said they have been followed by three cars full of guys
for over an hour....the guys have held up signs asking for their numbers! 
Not sure I like hearing things like that...
But it's never a dull moment to be college age girls all of 19! 

Gonna be the best day...
wish I could call in sick until Thursday...
cough cough 
Happy Sunday! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I ❤ Buffalo...plaid

My love for Buffalo Plaid this season
has nothing to do with where I live...

These are all going on my Christmas list

In case Santa reads my blog
They can be found at Talbots

Sophie said she wants a new coat too!
She has good taste like her mom!

Only 7 more Saturdays until Christmas 
or 52 days.....

Happy Saturday 
Get shoppin!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Fragments......

Joining Mrs. 4444's at Half Past Kissin Time 

Happy Friday and Hello November! 

 Love my new scarf Katelyn gave me for my Birthday! 
I had a wonderful Birthday and was spoiled by 
my family and friends.

 Sophie waiting on the porch for trick or treaters
last night.....
6 kiddos that was it 6!
So much candy left....

 Even though the door bell only rang twice 
my lil cheerleader was pooped! 

We stupidly watched Paranormal Activity 2
Holy cow scared the bejesus out of me and I had nightmares all night! 
Just look at my data from my Jawbone Up
The orange is all the times I woke up! 

Do you have a Up or Fitbit ?
I love my Up
I sit all day for my job so I can set a timer for my Up
 to let me know after 15 minutes I need to move!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!