Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Vacation recap
Rome rocks!
Tours are the way to go, see so much, learn so much and you don't have to study ahead of time.
Buses and scrambled eggs, plus traffic makes Katelyn throw up.....
Newspaper works like a charm cleaning up throw up!
Bus drivers can be so rude!
Why is there a protest or demonstration every time we are on vacation?
I'm all about freedom of speech except when is messes with the Bus schedules!
Churches,Churches, Churches.. Rome has over 900!
I think we saw all of them....that counts....I get credit for missing mass right?
Marble Men, Fountains, Fresco's, Paintings and Popes Oh my!
Italian Men Food...Yummy!
Wine Best EVER!!!
Rain, freezing cold...wish had heavy coat and gloves...OMG it's so hot why didn't I pack shorts!
Walking,more walking...Spanish steps, steps to the Dome...walking
blisters, achy feet and some whining!

Florence has The DAVID
and more churches, statues, fountains and bridges!
Better Food....oh and the Gelato straight from heaven.
open air markets...leather goods and other crap you don't need!
 Free Internet and cheesy hotel, too tired from walking to use free Internet.

Leaning tower, pretty church, crappy lunch.....train ride away!

Loved Rome for its history and beauty
Loved Florence for its Food and Wine
and David too!

Great family time....Blackberry came too, for her GPS skills and bricker breaker for train rides! Oh! and Google knowledge of various facts. No work or emails drafted during this he says!


kks said...

love it!!! very funny.....never been to Rome, thanks for giving the facts!

honeypiehorse said...

There is always a protest or demonstration in Italy when you're not on vacation, too.

Anonymous said...

ok you have to tell me all about more in detail- julie and i are planning a girls only trip and i was thinking of doing rome while the husband is in south africa for the world cup. cheap hotel? I LIKE IT! :)

pve design said...

I hope you read "Eat, Pray, Love" before you went,
now when I think of Italy, I think of that book, and of course getting "pinched" --- ah, those Italian men and the food!

Kwana said...

Love the recap and Mr David!

Ina in Alaska said...

Were you taking notes? Loved the agenda!! Bellisimo! xoxo PS I was reading the comments, I too had read Eat Pray Love and the only part of that book I enjoyed was when she was in Italy. I was starving the entire time I read that portion. Uh oh... now I am starving again!

Sheryl said...

I would love to visit Rome and a lot of other places on that side of the world.

Ronda said...

So funny! Thanks for all the facts, it is good to know. I have never been, but we are planning a trip in the near future. I will probably be e-mailing you for advice when the time comes.

Grand Pooba said...

I wanna go just for the wine and the yummy men, I mean food.

Pink Martini said...

"Boo-ya" for David!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Frau, WELCOME HOME! It sounds like a great time. And I'm with you on the Italian men, I mean food ;-)

bernthis said...

Rome is my favorite European city. I'm so jealous. I could walk around there for days

Joyce said...

I'm glad you are exploring all the beauty around you. Thank goodness for newspapers and blackberrys xoxo

Oh My Goddess said...

I am so untraveled.
As soon as I win that Powerball, look out!

Bobbi said...

I've always wanted to go to Italy! I'm so jealous!

P.S. Did you find me a tall, dark and handsome Italian man?

Unknown Mami said...

David hasn't aged at all.contrit

Expats Again said...

How fun! Loved the format and the agenda... What a great family vacation for all of you!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Oh!!! I'm so jealous, thanks for taking us along the only way possible!

kks said...

Happy Birthday scorpio!!