Monday, February 4, 2013

ME....from A to Z

Have you heard about the A to Z blogging challenge in April?  Are you in? I'm thinking about it seriously. But while visiting on of my favorite people JJ at The Fifty Factor she participated in Me from A to Z...I love these kind of things. Remember back in the day of blogging when there was lots of these meme going 5th picture etc...

Me from A to Z

Age: 39 47

Bed Size: King
Chore You Hate: cleaning bathrooms

Dogs: Wire Fox Terrier- Sophie 

Essential Start To My Day: Coffee and a splash of flavored creamer

Favorite Color: Currently Blue

Gold or Silver: Both as JJ said bling is bling! 

House or Apartment: house

Instruments Played: flute when I was younger...air guitar currently

Job Title: domestic engineer and office administrator

Kids: one daughter....Katelyn ♥

Live: Western New York

Married: Celebrating our 25th this March!!

Never Again: Sky diving....somethings are meant to do once in your life! 
Other Fun Fact: Margaritas are my Kryptonite! 

Pet Peeve: currently people that tail gate me while driving....just pass me! When the roads are icy or snowy.....staying alive is important not rushing to get somewhere...slow and steady. 


Righty or Lefty: Lefty ( we are the only ones in our right

Siblings: Four amazing sisters...I'm the second youngest! 

Time You Wake Up: 6am maybe 7am on the weekends if Sophie lets me!

University Attended: University of Utah

Veggies You Dislike: Beets, peas...there is a long list...I could go on and on!

What Makes You Run Late: Saying goodbye to Sophie she has separation anxiety. Long goodbyes probably don't help but I feel guilty leaving her....:(

X-Rays: haven't had one in years

Yum Food: Sweet Potato fries...Yum! 

Zoo Animal Favorite: Giraffe 

Here is a list if you want to play along! 


lisaroyhandbags said...

Awesome A to Z! We seem to hate the same things: cleaning bathrooms, beets, peas and share a love of margaritas! Happy Monday - enjoy your week! :)

May said...

Loved this post. it's so nice to get knowing bloggy friends a lot better.
Germany has taught me to hate cleaning bathrooms. We have one the size of a master bedroom, completely white and every time I clean it, I go into a rant!!!

Tressa Westerhold said...

Fun fun... I remember in the good ol' bloggy days there were alot of these fun memes to help us write... Think I will give it a shot. :-)

Atif Ahmed said...

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Joyce said...

I'm still trying to settle on a theme for my A-Z. I like to write a few of them in March and have them ready to go, otherwise it's a lot of pressure. I like it though, so will definitely join in.

Air guitar-ha! Me too! : )

bill lisleman said...

blog challenges are fun sometimes but sometimes they are too much work. Blogging should stay fun for the blogger.
sweet potato fries - the best and the name just sounds good.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Giraffe is my favorite too!
My husband would be one of those people on your tail....

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You're so right that memes were the rage at one point!

I despise cleaning bathrooms too. Does anyone like that job?

7am on weekends? Oh lawd that's early.

likeschocolate said...

Giraffes are pretty cute!

Mark said...

A little peek in.....pretty cool. A lefty huh?

Saeed Zia said...

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Joanna Jenkins said...

Sweet Potato Fries!!! Absolutely. Love those-- great answer.

Thanks for playing along, Frau. Memes are fun but seem to have been few and far between lately.

And you have a Porn Start comment! What a hoot.

xo jj

Cathee said...

I love that. Even knowing you all these years I still learned some new things about you!

Unknown Mami said...

I love me some sweet potato fries and I NEED a king sized bed.

pve design said...

There really need to be more letters in the Alphabet for you~ How funny you are....I love to clean bathrooms. How weird am I. Giraffe. Who knew.

Tami said...

This sounds like FUN! I am proud to say I knew a lot of those answers about you. It was cool learning new stuff too!!