Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome to Frau's Kitchen Tour

Joyce at A Perfect Beginning challanged me to share our heart of the home with you, telling you my loves and not so loves about our kitchen. Also to answer some questions along the way. Our German house we are renting so unfortunately there is not a lot I can do to change it, but I tried to make it a small reflection of us.

1. What color is your kitchen? Sterile white, I guess I could paint but when we leave the whole house must be white. Sometimes I hate the white, but on gray, dreary days it brightens a room.

2. Describe your kitchen: By German standards it is large, by America standards it is not. I'm very lucky I do have a normal size refrigerator but a tiny oven.

3. Describe your dream kitchen: My dream kitchen in Germany would be something out of an Ikea AD, functioning yet realistic.

4. Fave activity in kitchen: Gathering with family talking about our day, while pouring a glass of German Beer! Ja!

5. Name one thing your kitchen is lacking/missing: Cupboards space, color,oven that cooks!

6. Do you cook or bake a lot? I do because I'm not working, and my family likes to eat! No really I like cooking but the problem here is most my recipes there is always a missing ingredient therefore everything taste a bit off.

7. What don't you like and what would you change? I love the three large windows and the natural light it brings. I would paint it a color if I could.

8. What do you love about your kitchen? I love all my rooster,chicken,hen decor it's a little bit of Utah I brought with me. I also love the bulletin board/dry erase board area helps keep me organized.

9. Worst kitchen activity? emptying dishwasher or garbage it's a toss up.

10. Tea or coffee? Both

11. Chocolate or vanilla? Both

12. Do you like to prepare food- or eat it? Eating!

13. Do you prefer to serve meals in the kitchen or dining room? Our kitchen only has dining at the bar, so other than breakfast we eat in our dining room.

Thanks for joining my kitchen tour hope you enjoyed ! If you have any ideas what I can do with the lovely blank white wall I'd love to hear them?

I'm also going to challenge 3 others to show us a tour of the heart of your home, first is Somer at and second is Heidi at and my third is Rachel at

Have a great Wednesday!



Ina J Offret said...

Thanks for the kitchen tour, Frau!! You made the kitchen as cozy as you could under the circumstances... shopping has got to be a challenge! And not having your "stuff" must be hard too. My mom also has a chicken thing going in her kitchen. I think chickens are delicious and decorative!!

Anonymous said...

Fun to see every angle of the kitchen Kathleen. It has your great touch. Miss ya, Sis Beth

t.t. millers said...

You are right about the small kitchens in germany. Philipp sent me pictures of his family home and the kitchen looked like a "gally" kitchen in a boat. SO SMALL! He was amazed at how big a home we had when he came to visit.

bevchen said...

I really like your kitchen. it's much bigger than the one I have. Mine isn't even a proper one.

Greetings from a fellow "Frau" (I too am in Germany, but not Bremen. Karlsruhe, in the South West).

Lisa said...

I like your kitchen. Thanks for sharing the pictures!! Where is all the clutter? I thought all kitchen counters had a huge pile of junk mail sitting on it, like mine!!

Joyce said...

Frau- I LOVE your kitchen!! I love all the natural light in the windows. I'm so glad you joined in the fun, I knew it would be neat to see a German kitchen. I also asked Jane who lives in Spain. Thanks Frau! xoxo