Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Friday-Fragments

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Happy Friday! 

Anybody else all screwed up on what day of the week it is? My hubby finally went back to work on Wednesday after being off since the 21st. It was so nice having him home although we didn't complete any of the house projects I was hoping to, it was still nice to see him relax. But with that said I'm all about routine and structure. 

Last winter we were lucky and had very little snow. The year before was our first Buffalo winter and boy was that a shock. Coming from Utah I was use to snow but this was so different. I often said it was like living in a snow globe everyday someone shook Buffalo and it snowed just enough to keep me home. Well this winter is looking like that kind of winter.....a blistery one! 

You see until I find a job and can afford a good snow driving car I'm driving what people around here call a summer car. My hubby thinks it does fine in the snow....he hasn't been in it when I can't get up our street or start sliding coming down all the different hills to get to our house. Once Katelyn goes back to school I will use her truck and not be so confined. I love these homemade snow globes found all over Pinterest. I really want to make one or two. 

One of my goals this year is to take more pictures. The blog Fat Mum Slim does such a great job posting every month a picture a day ideas. I really wanted to start with this....I might be a few days off but that's okay no rules here. 

I have a phone interview next week, I'm excited but frustrated just the same. I never thought it would be this hard to find a job. There is so much competition out there even for the starter jobs. I really hope I get this one....I could really use a break! 

Katelyn is home for two more weeks....I think she is ready to go back. She misses her college friends. She misses being able to sleep in. She has had a lot of early morning shifts. Who would of thought people eat cupcakes for breakfast! Today she is at her old high school doing a talk about her college experience to the senior class. She has had an amazing experience and is excited to share. Not many of her classmates went out of state so she really wants to encourage and share what it's like. 

I'm really proud of her, she had a great first semester. She made a lot of amazing friends, loved her classes and professors. She made the Dean's list. It's hard to believe how much has change in such a short time. I swear I just dropped her off at kindergarten....

Have a wonderful weekend! 


likeschocolate said...

I just saw a segment on NBC about how those who are seekin jobs that haven't been in the job field should consider doin internships and explained the benefits of doing so. It might be a way to get your foot in the door. I have been toally messed up with the days of the week all week! Finally, I am on the right day. Have a great weekend!

Purple Flowers said...

Your daughter is a very intelligent girl. First semester - Dean's List, WOW! How nice of her to want to share her college experiences. You have a very nice daughter!

Don't fret about the telephone interview; all will work out.
Have a nice weekend.

pve design said...

I really hope that you can start something you love to do and do that versus taking a job. I think creating your own hours especially since you are great with structure - a little shop or etsy....your photos, your finds....and just your life tips. I know you have it in you. My days of working for others is long gone. I prefer my commute!:)

bill lisleman said...

Good luck with the interview. You both should be very proud of your daughter.

Laurie Matherne said...

Wow. Your daughter seems like a great kid. You should be proud. Employment is worrisome in many parts of the nation and the world, too. So many people are hurting for work. I hope your adventure in job-seeking ends soon and ends well.

Unknown Mami said...

Those snow globes are adorable. Stay positive on the job front: IT WILL HAPPEN!

Tami said...

Today IS Friday!! Wow! You are right, my week has been thrown off.
Jobs are so hard to find right now. I have had a few parents who have lost their job, which affects me because then I don't have their children in my care. Ripple effect all around. I hope you are able to find something quickly.
What if you make those snow globes and sell them? I bet you'd make a fortune!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tami said...

oh! Congrats to Katelyn!

Shannon said...

Glad your daughter gets a few more days at home. How fun that she gets to share her positive experience with her school. More people should branch out like her! Good luck with the interview!

Keetha Broyles said...

Funny, I call a "bad winter" one that is warm and pretty snowless. I call a GREAT winter one where the ground gets covered in snow in mid November or early December and we don't see the ground again until spring and snow just keeps PILING up on top, layer after layer.


American in Norway said...

hate to tell you that I left the house without a coat today... in NORWAY.. lol Congrats on your super smart beautiful daughter! :-) Going to go check out the picture thing.. I am going to need some good ideas to keep my 365 going.. - have a fantastic weekend!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Two more weeks with you daughter, I am sure your happy about that. Yes the days have been very confusing. My husband was off a lot too. I love snowglobes, those are so cute. Good luck with you phone intereview.

Mrs4444 said...

I really like that idea of having college freshmen visit high school--very cool!

Congrats to Katelyn on the great start! (though I would expect nothing less :)

Loved the snow globe metaphor :)

Internships--Hm. That's an interesting idea.

As you already know, I am SO ready to take pictures!! (well, except that I don't have my camera yet!)Maybe I'll join you on a meme or two.

Thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful weekend.

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Good luck with the job interview...I sure hope it works out. Congrats on your dean's list daughter too. Not an easy thing to do first semester, freshman year. Enjoy the rest of the weekend...Ann

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

Good luck, Kathy. Wish you were around the corner. We'd hire you in a heartbeat. Congratulations to Katelyn on such a great start. Wishing you a wonderful new year. Good luck with the interview. xoxo

lisaroyhandbags said...

You must be so proud of your "little" girl - she's definitely a role model and has grown into such a lovely person. I'm glad she's doing well - I'm sure it's nice to see her flourish. Best of luck with the interview - I've certainly had my share over the years and it never gets easier. I think 2013 is going to be your year! oh, and keep that shovel handy! xo

Leslie said...

Katelyn Rocks!!!!
Good luck with the interview ~ my fingers are crossed for you!!!!
Love the snowglobes!
Have a great sunday.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I'm shocked by how long her break is! I sure hope you're able to find a job soon. You sound like you really, really want one!