Saturday, April 20, 2013

P is for Pictures

I love taking pictures...
I use to take them all the time...
But lately I can't find my picture taking mojo!

I don't know why?
Life is busier now
Maybe I'm busy living life rather than photographing life?
I don't stop and enjoy or see the art around me?
I long to do the things I enjoyed once
but struggle to put into action....
Maybe it was a long dreary winter?
I hope this change in season brings more than allergies
I hope it brings me back to my camera.

Some of my faces!

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Purple Flowers said...

It's difficult to be so entrenched with one part of life, that one forgets about the other sides. I guess I'm writing about myself.
I, too, love photography, however, haven't picked up my camera since sometime in winter. Time to take some pics. of the garden.
Try it again and have fun.


LOVE the camera too. Hope it reclaims it's place in your hands again soon.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Being sick would do that! Has a great weekend!