Sunday, April 21, 2013

Q is for.....

At first when I thought of Q for my A to Z challenge I dreaded it....
Couldn't come up with a single Q !
Once google and I sat down and had a little chat the Q's started flowing!

Q is for Quiet
Oh how I enjoy quiet 
there was a time I hated it
Now that I'm older I appreciate it!

Q is for Queasy 
As of lately pretzels are making me queasy
Makes me sad because I really love pretzels
I wish ice cream and candy made me queasy
But that makes me queasy just thinking of that nonsense!

Q is for Quarters
Back in the day we played quarters
This one time my friend swallowed the quarter
Why were we drinking from the same cup as the quarter
Who knows....gross though! 

Q is for Quilts
I once made a lap quilt
It took a long time
It was expensive to make
But I did it!

Q is for Quads
When I think of the word quad many things come to mind
One being I should work them more
Two is the part in the Will Ferrell movie "Old School"
where they go streaking down to the Quad..
or he goes streaking down to the Quad...makes me laugh! 

Q was actually the easiest letter yet!
Happy Sunday! 

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I love quiet too. The sound of lawnmowers droning will soon interrupt my tranquilty in the yard.