Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 2014

Happy 2014

I'm happy to see a new year...
Not that 2013 was bad....just different!
I'm raising my glass to a happy healthy new year to all! 

I spent from Thanksgiving to Christmas being sick. 
I still don't feel 100%!
But that could be because my family has been gone for 10days!
I've been staying up late reading!
Hearing scary noises in the middle of night!
I haven't had a good night sleep in 10days!

 They are in the mountains of Utah
Doing what they love most in life...

Look at those smiling faces!

Look at the sun and blue skies!

While they have been gone they are missing the arctic blast!
They are missing all the snow!

I'm missing my snow shoveling hubby
I'm missing them both! 

Thankfully they will be home TODAY!


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Love a father daughter trip! Happy New Year :-)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How exciting to have them come home! Hope you continue to feel better and all things wonderful to you and your family this year.....

Unknown Mami said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. You look cute all bundled up, though.

Purple Flowers said...

Happy New Year. Here's hoping you feel better soon!

bill lisleman said...

There is some irony in the fact that they were away enjoying snow while you were shoveling it. Wishing you a healthy feeling good year.


Hope you are feeling 100% soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Follygirl said...

I wish you a Happy New Year and a speedy recovery!!!
Liebe Grüße, Petra

lisaroyhandbags said...

Boo! Hope you feel better soon! Not really fair that you're not 100% and left shovelling and lonely while they're enjoying the slopes. Hope your 2014 is happy and healthy! xo

kks said...

a very happy and healthy 2014 to you and your family!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Praying for healthier days! happy new year!

emi said...

we were just skiing in utah! our home state! back to warm california now...great blog! XO

the well-traveled wife ♥

Tami said...

I sure hope you are feeling better. Being sick sucks! Are Craig and Katelyn home yet?

There was a lot of snow to shovel recently. The ice on top made it wicked to shovel too.


Buckeroomama said...

That's so sweet - a father-daughter trip.

Happy new year to you! :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Frau, So sorry you're sick. I hope you are feeling great now and that your illness did keep you hone from Utah. That would not be so fun.
You're had some brutal weather. Sheesh. Upstate NY deserves a break!
Stay warm and feel good,
xo jj