Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mantel Madness

Remember how I have five fireplaces...which means five mantels. I was so excited to decorate the three main ones. Heres how they turned out:

Our Kitchen one, I did simple and generic. I like how it came out but the lighting in this picture stinks. It's just candles with greenery and red berries with little pine trees and a Christmas plaid ribbon on top. Simple for the kitchen.

Family room

This fireplace is the opposite side of kitchen one, it's a see through fireplace. I collect snowmen so here is my collection. I also saw on Eddie Ross's Blog December 1st. and decided to copy him and add a lighted wreath to my mirror and I'm really happy I did. 

Living room

I also collect Santas big and is my collection on display. The stocking garland is Katelyn's Advent calendar and were the Advent fairy has been leaving her little treats and gifts. I tradition that followed us home from Germany. This fireplace is one of two electric ones we have, they look pretty cheesy but on a cold morning Sophie and I are cuddled in front of this one and happy! 

Mantel Madness continues hopefully we will get the Christmas village up on the last mantel this week! 


kks said...


likeschocolate said...

Very Nice! Love all the santas!

Joyce said...

How fun to have so many fireplaces to decorate! I love the Santas too!

VictoriaArt said...

Lovely collections! And I love your five fireplaces!
This must be great to have one in the kitchen!


Cathee said...

I love all of them. I bet it felt like Christmas getting all your decorations out after two years!

Joyce said...

A wonderful madness! Everything looks beautiful my friend. xo

lytha said...

you really love christmas!!!

it was always so special to us, the way our grandparents decorated their home and yard. it was a magical place (complete with lighted nativity figures, etc).

my parents do it now for the grandkids (my sister's kids). they can grow up appreciating this kind of magic.

as you know we won't even have our own tree, but i sure am enjoying my christmas lights on these long nights.

i love your bows and wreaths on your windows!!


forever folding laundry said...

OK, first I see that you have black shutters and a white house...and now those gorgeous mantels and paneling.

When can I move in?


CM said...

Oh, love the snowmen and Santa collections! You have a lovely home.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Big sigh-- Your fireplaces are beautiful all dressed up for the holidays and your collections are stunning.
Cheers, jj

jayne said...

what a challenge - five mantelpieces! well you have done very well, looks like you had fun.

Sonya said...

Wow you've got some beautiful mantal displays going on!!! The santas are my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Really nice! I think the living room one is my favourite.