Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall

For me once Labor Day is here and school starts it's FALL!
It's my favorite time of the year.....feel like it's a new beginning! 
So we are putting away the Fedora Hat and Swimsuits...
Getting out the sweaters and jeans..
 Welcoming the crisp air of FALL!

Happy Weekend 
Happy Friday 
Happy Labor Day!


oceangirl said...

Sounds like a beautiful time. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend Kathy. I love the photo, just missing the Starbuck coffee.

Cathy said...

Here in Ohio we are still summer strong. Today's high is to be 102.. ouch..

lisaroyhandbags said...

Labour Day always marks the start of fall for me too. I guess I won't be getting out the sweaters and socks quite yet (if ever?). And no crunchy leaves under my feet (my favourite part of fall)
have a great long weekend! xo

Tezzie said...

haha!! She's so the hat! Hope you have a wonderful Labour Day weekend :D

Expat Traveler said...

It is a beautiful time but it's sad how I don't welcome it. I know it's because the days get shorter. I am in my element during this time too.. Ironic for sure!

I just envision Europe and then it makes me smile.. Ah those leaves!

Leslie said...

Yeah September!!!!! I love the silly pup!
I'm with you this weekend ~ out goes the summer stuff.

lytha said...

i love your s bahn symbol


not that i ride those crappy trains. oh no!


Joyce said...

I love fall too! Yesterday and today still feels like summer in my corner. Tell Craig not to work you too much, it is Labor Day weekend!!

May said...

I admire your enthusiasm for fall!! Somehow fall leads to winter and I hate old man winter!!! :(

sammy said...

Spring for me!! Hope you have a fab long weekend!