Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vintage Easter

This is from 1970
Easter egg hunt in Lynwood Washington
Not sure which is worse
the hats
the coats
or both
I imagine in 1970 that was the look!

New Jersey Easter egg hunt 1974
I think I was too scared to get close to bunny 
But my sister in red hat was front and center..
again love the mustard color coat
 I think I'm rocking some serious bell bottoms!

Katelyn age 4 in Sandy Utah 
notice the snow in background...
and the fact she is squeezing the life out of the bunny! 

Katelyn age 6

Katelyn and a few of her cousins

Love looking at old photos.....most of mine are glued down in scrapbooks or in books fading away...
Some day I hope to scan and everything! At least the most important ones before I had my first digital camera.

Happy Saturday!  


Purple Flowers said...

Great photos - such treasures! Happy Easter to you and your family.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love vintage photos. They just take us back in time. So cute! Yes I hope to do a lot of scanning someday too. Happy Easter!


What wonderful memories. LOVE vintage photos.

kks said...

i love to look at old photos too…..these are great!
happy easter!

Joyce said...

Well it's a pretty gorgeous spring like day here this year, but I too have experienced many frosty Easters in the Garden State. I love the fur sister had one very similar. Ahh, gotta love the 70's! Happy Easter!