Sunday, February 22, 2009


Skiing in Austria was amazing and frustrating at the same time. I've always heard that in Europe there isn't the queue in ski lift lines like in the States. I would never believe the chaos getting on the first Gondola every morning. The pushing and shoving, if a gap opened someone would push into the spot. At first I was laughing, like are you kidding me this is stupid. But then I would get pissed and hold my ground and no body was getting past me. The race and fight just to get in the Gondola was even worse, words can't describe what I saw it was embarrassing the behavior and need to go ski was animalistic. I would laugh again and say you obviously need to ski worse than me, go ahead knock your self out!

There are many differences in ski resorts in America compared to Austria. Think America is so sue happy that they have stricter regulations there for the precautions are noticeable. I never saw ski patrol anywhere and limited signs for runs and out of bounds. There were many runs that on one side was a cliff, and in the States it would be fenced off.

Skiwelt is the largest ski resort in Austria, not only were there 91 ski lifts/gondolas but they also had 70 restaurants. Lots of people from many countries, but very few crowded runs. Towards the afternoon you started to see more accidents and out of control skiers due to the large in take of beer being consumed during the day. I think some would ski a run and drink a beer than ski another run etc... lots of drunk singing by days end.

My husband was on cloud nine and daughter too. For them to ski the Alps is a dream come true. Me on the other hand lost count of the falls and started counting the bruises. Sorry to say I never sung "the hills are alive with the sound of music" coming down the ski slopes, I mostly was swearing various combination of swears and made up a few new ones!

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kks said...

interesting insight into the attitudes and way of the people...would piss me off, i dislike pushy people and rudeness....glad the hubby and daughter got to ski their take care of that body girl!