Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My BFF Award goes to....

(Thanks Tami at

This BFF award goes to 4 friends nominated for being a great blogging friend. My 4 BFFs are listed below. In order to nominate a BFF you must list their blog and a reason why they were nominated.
1. Tami at she gave me this award and I'm happy to call her a BFF . Tami was the very first non family member to comment on my blog and we have a lot in common. I love reading her blogs and hearing about her boys and their sports. She also brings a smile to many of my gray days here. Thanks Tami!
2. Joyce at because she has a quality about here that turns a bad day to good. She always has amazing recipes and looks for the joy in everyday.
3. Somer at she has the best attitude and spirit for life. I wish to be more like Somer, she radiates positive energy and fun. Her smile is contagious and has the cutest pugs!
4. Ina at is one of the kindness blogging buddies I have, she is honest with her opinions, has great taste. I love her attitude and spirit and her love for her pups and family.
If you don't already follow these lovely ladies please check out their blogs and see why I think they are great BFF's!


t.t. millers said...

Your kind comments brought happy tears to my eyes! Thank you Kathy! Love ya! ~Tami

Ina J Offret said...

Hey thanks, Frau!! Very kind words.... My BFFs are all of you who are listed alongside my blog....

Check them out, they are great blogs and I read them every day.

Frau, I enjoy reading about your trials and tribulations with the German language and customs, your adorable Katelyn, sweet Sophie and handsome husband. What a great experience to live in another country temporarily, thankfully!!! The Scary Santas were hilarious!! Your trip to Austria was heavenly. I look forward to whatever you have to say over my morning coffee. I look forward to meeting your sister, the Preppy, and soon! xo and Hugs from Alaska

Somer Love said...

Thank you for the BFF gold card! I hope there isn't a limit on there ;)


pve design said...

yah, yeh to the bff's in blogland.
love your bff's too.