Sunday, April 12, 2009

Days 4 & 5

Day 4:
Rough morning could not wake up, electrical problems continue. Woke up to the refrigerator not working and upstairs lights still out. Gardeners are back again today, electricians are supposed to show up sometime today! It is amazing how much you relay on telephone, Internet and television. Kate and I are at a loss without all of the above. We have been playing Demon until we can’t see straight. Took Sophie for a walk to the Comet and I bought laundry soap, big day!! Our washer is built in to the kitchen and it is very little holds a small load. The dryer is even more interesting you empty the water from it, of coarse I have no idea how to run them because all the dials are in German! Electricians finally came and yes they knew very little English if any. Basically my life is communicating via charades and I’m not good at that game. Laundry all day and three trips to the Comet store which is a mini mini grocery store. Refrigerator is working but they must come back for lights! Another day of being trapped home!

Day 5:
Have to meet Sabine at bank for appointment with Banker to get EC card, Doing the commuting all by myself today, kind of nervous plus leaving Kate home with workers and no way of communicating with each other, very nerve racking! I hope to find a store that sells a Blow Dryer today this bad hair has got to stop! Made it to the bank with some confusion, the banker knew little English, which means none that was helpful thank goodness for Sabine.

There was a flower and vegetable market going on in the square today didn’t stop to shop wanted to get home to Kate but it was so quaint everything you imagine Europe Street Markets are about. Can’t wait to get our bikes so Kate and I can explore instead of playing Demon all day. Sabine said there is a hold up with immigration due to us not having our resident card. So mad that GMAC was not on top of that hello they had to know that was required. So our airfreight sits out at the airport I hope they keep it indoors out of the rain.

Today summer returned as Sabine would say! So nice not really humid at all. Can’t wait to try out my new hair dryer I hope this is the last bad hair day I write about, for some reason I don’t think it is! We are meeting Craig and his co worker Mike for dinner in town. Big day for us first night out to dinner since our return.
We are mostly looking forward to getting out since we have been trapped at home with workers since Tuesday. Still no electricity in upstairs beds and baths thought the electricians would return today but no one yet. The repairman is here to re-key the doors sine the old tenant packed the keys and can’t find them! And guess what he does not speak English I’m so screwed I need to learn basic German NOW! Yay he is coming back Monday so another day trapped at home because they never tell you the time just the day!!! Gardener is done OMG the yard I mean garden looks so good. Must try and salvage hair for our outing with the boys!


Kim said...

so interesting...good thing you kept a easy to forget some of the details...
so is Katelyn in school? or how does that work?
have you driven 100mph on the autoban? scary stuff....
happy easter! (my jaw is almost back to normal...yeh)

t.t. millers said...

I didn't realize so many people did not speak English.
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!

Shady Lady said...

Oh my...I can feel your frustration. It is really interesting to read all that you went through.

preppyplayer said...

But... you survived!
So, can you speak some German now?

Ina J Offret said...

Yikes! You have come a long way, baby!! :D

Somer Love said...

These are so great! I am glad you kept these!

Ok so if you have any more peeps left over FREEZE THEM! They are divine this way MMMM good!