Monday, April 13, 2009

Early days continue Days 6 & 7

Day 6:
Too many German Beers not feeling so hot! Had a nice dinner with Craig’s American Co Workers at the old fishing village got home late and did not sleep well last night, having a rough morning! Katelyn and I are hoping no repairman come today we need to go to the city today to return banking papers. So glad it is Friday and the weekend is here.

Went into the city today flower/veggie market going on Katelyn was not really into shopping there so we went into a few clothing stores. With the Euro/Dollar so bad hate to buy just to buy want to save money for trips and household needs but it’s hard to switch gears from the American way of thinking or should I say shopping. Went grocery shopping on way home, made Gnocchi and fruit with wine than we watched a movie nice night to a rough start in Germany.

Day 7:

Big day for the West we are heading out to Ikea for lots of necessitates. Craig got up and was full of energy and washed the windows inside and out, they look so good! So hot and humid today almost unbearable really.

We took our bus then tram then another bus then another tram and then once again another bus out to Ikea I was so hot and sticky we were all hungry and decided to eat lunch there first. Tragedy of the day Craig had 5 euros on him and I did not bring my purse (big mistake) they only take EC card, which we do not have yet, and cash! Well five Euros won’t buy squat in Germany so after 2 hours we turn around and head back!!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to cry!

We decided to stop at the city center and have lunch, Craig got some cash and Subway lunch and an ice cream cone later we were hanging out at the step of city building people watching and cooling off. Home bound we decided for dinner we would try this Mexican restaurant we see from the tram tonight. Went home and putzs around for a while before heading out for dinner. Dinner was good but service in Germany is very slow and very poor but the food was good, definitely a return restaurant. It seems like so far our days are spent trying to figure out the food. I hate to admit I'm not the most adventurous there. Trying to make eating more like we are used to is very difficult. I'm sure we will adapt as time goes on.


Kim said...

don't they have a/c in germany? interesting how things are so different, i'm sure by now you are figuring things out and hopefully not so many stressed out's the german coming? have a great monday!

Deidra said...

Did you ever make it back to IKEA? I love that place!

A Day That is Dessert said...

hope your week is off to a great start!! xoxo

Ronda said...

Yea, did you ever make it back to Ikea??
It's pretty neat how you started your writtings from the beginning.
What is the weather like right now in Germany?

Shady Lady said...

I definitely would have been in tears at this point. What a trooper you are! But then, I guess we handle things that we have to.

Courtney said...

Kathy! Thanks so so much for the "formal" introduction. I cant even begin to tell you how comforting and helpful your comments have been the past month. You bring a sense of experience and realism to my situation and I'm so very thankful for that. The blog world is sort of impressive in that sense -- everyone's willing to cheer one another along and help them along the way.

Thanks again! xx