Saturday, April 18, 2009

Steiff and Vanilla Ice

Yesterday was a day of "bonuses". While I'm in the States I'm doing a four day layover in Dallas to visit a very old friend. I wanted to bring her daughters a gift from Germany so what better than a Steiff stuffed animal. They are very famous and made in Germany, I think they are known world wide. So the store I went to buy them has a huge selection, the bonus was yesterday was a "special day". Mr Steiff was there signing the animals you purchased, I was told in fact this is very rare and special. Being in the right place at the right time is good. He was very nice and spoke okay English. We had a funny conversation about Utah and Mormons.

My second "bonus" of the day was I went again to get my eyebrows and lip "treaded" , yes the tears flowed all on their own. But the girl must of misunderstood me when I told her just lip and eyes cause next thing you know she was doing my face and chin and I was like hold up Frau. Apparently I had a beard or maybe it was a goatee, I think I would have noticed a beard. Yeah the lighting in my house is bad, I went several months past due for my hair dying, not noticing the gray but a beard NO way that would sneak by!

It was a "bonus" until I got home and noticed she totally "Vanilla Iced" one of my brows! I think she knew exactly what she was doing, giving my a free face thread so I would be so happy not to have a beard and not notice a missing gap in my left brow!!

Needless to say it was a pretty exciting day and my husband says my eyebrow is barely noticeable, but I swear I heard him humming "ice, ice baby" as he walked away.


Joyce said...

Oh Kathy you are too funny about your eyebrow!!

I'm going to miss your wonderful comments! Actually I don't think I shared, but I changed my timing for my blog to post early for you to read it! I knew you were up a few hours before us and wanted to give you something to read! It is always a wonderful surprise to see your wonderful comments first thing when I sign in the morning.

By the way the Steiff is the best gift! Don't they have a dog that looks like Sophie and Kelly? Or maybe it is a vintage Steiff I'm thinking of. Oh well any account this is one verrrry lucky child!

Have a SAFE and FUN time!!! xoxo

Kim said...

ice, ice baby!
have a wonderful trip!!

Anonymous said...

hey many thought his look was hot. don't sweat it and i'm sure it looks mahvelous.

Deidra said...

That is too funny! All of it. The eyebrows. Vanilla Ice. Your conversation with Mr. Steiff. Fun start to my day! A bonus for me, too.


LOL whahaha...sorry dear, i know it's not funny to your precious eyebrow...even Vanilla Ice doesn't have that style anymore! ;)
~Anyway Have a safe trip!!! XO*

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can sell the eye brow as a big trend in the US while your in Germany and tell everybody in th US it's the big thing in Germany?

Sorry - at least it will grow back.

Somer Love said...

LOL!!! Funny how Utah and mormons always go hand and hand when you're out of the country.

Lisa said...

You are hilarious!!!!!! Hope you have a great time with your family!!!

Pink Martini said...

Hi Frau! I've been meaning to come on over and say hello! It is so nice to have you visit and leave comments and here you are Preppy Player's sister! Get out of town! I loved hearing about your parent's party in AZ. Sounds like it was a wonderful time. This post of yours was so funny. I have been thinking of the total face thing but I didn't know they really did that and I am in denial I could be looking like my aunt of 30 years ago. When did all this happen? No wonder god decides to let our eyesight falter as we age!
Have a great week! :)

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

lol--- ice, ice, bay-beeee. Hope your eyebrow is already fixed! I was wondering about threading over there in Europe.... do they do threading more often than waxing. It is tough finding a good threader here in the midwest and I've got high hopes for when I move to the UK in a few months. ;-)