Sunday, June 7, 2009


Crazy 8 Tag!
I was tagged by Tami
8 Things I'm looking forward to-
1.School ending summer starting
2. Trip to Oslo, Norway
3. My parents and Niece visiting
4. Trip to the States
5. Loosing weight
6. Going home
7. My Sisters visit this fall
8. A good night's sleep
8 Things I did yesterday-
1. Woke up too early
2. Rode to our town's Strawberry Day
3. Rode to the Grocery Store
4. Rode to another Grocery Store
5. Relaxed
6. Drank lots of Coffee
7. Went to dinner with friends
8. Drank too much wine
8 Things I wish I could do-
1. Be content
2. Be adventurous
3. Speak German
4. Find joy in every day
5. Commit to working out
6. Go home
7. Love Germany
8. Go home
8 TV shows I watch-
1. BBC
2. Boston Legal (DVD)
3. Rock of Love
4. My super sweet sixteen
5. Hogan knows best
6. Pimp my ride
7. The Hills
8. Rev's House
(Hey we only get two channels here BBC and MTV)
I'm bad at tagging people so join the fun if you want and list your Crazy 8's


Ina in Alaska said...

I enjoy Rev's house too! Don't you wish you could click your ruby red slippers 3 times and be home....... although I enjoy living in Alaska, sometimes in the dark and cold of winter, I wish I could be somewhere else too.... xoxo

Suzy said...

My mom says German is the hardest language to learn. I'be been there a few times but just can't warm up to the country. I would love to go to Berlin though.

bevchen said...

Good list. I may steal it from you when I get a chance.

By the way, I asked the boyfriend how he would say the colour burgundy in German and he says "burgunderrot". So next time someone asks what colour your cup is tell them that :-)

Lisa said...

Do you go online and watch TV shows? I know you can watch ABC shows a few days after they have been on TV and a lot of the other networks have full episodes on them. Try It is a new site but I think you can watch a lot of things on there. Of course, you may be enjoying not being able to watch a lot TV, some of it is pretty stupid

You'll know you've watched too much MTV when you start dressing like the Rock of Love babes and start wanting to shop at Strippers-r-Us!