Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fragments...Happy July

Happy Friday and Happy July!! Oh and since we live so close to Canada now it's Canada Day so Happy Canada Day EH!

It's been gorgeous these last several days, really enjoyable out....almost cool in the 70's feels so good out.
If you were to come in our back yard right now your first thought would be wow these people really don't like bugs! We have a japanese beetle aka June bug trap, a wasp trap and a mosquito magnet trap....okay maybe we are freaks....enough said!

Katelyn and I have been playing a mean game of cards daily.....never knew we both were so competitive, we both love to win.  We also have been playing each other in Words with Friends. Do you have that app on your ipad or iphone? So fun.....I have to say I've never really been a scrabble playing girl but I love this game. I suck at it and am limited on my word knowledge apparently. It's addicting....

So happy it's Friday and July 4th hubby is off next week so today I'm making the HONEY DO list....!

Hope you have a great long weekend all! 
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Sneaker Teacher said...

LOVE words with friends! Let's play. My name is KTop626

Ina in Alaska said...

Bugs! Ugh! Have fun with Katelyn & I can't believe July is already here!!! Now I will be a bit absent, having fun with the family xoxo

Joyce said...

Today and tomorrow is calling for 90's and possible rain today and the 3rd. Hmmm... might not wear my new paper hat if that is the case. :( My love is off next week too. Have a happy and safe 4th my friend!!xo

PS does the noise bother Sophie?

lytha said...

i will be a little sad on the 4th as usual: (

if i could put bug traps out for all the bugs i would! in fact my horse has a big sticky paper fly strip in his stall, and so far, no flies.: (

i have a big bump on my neck that won't go away from my last bite, and just tonight i noticed this awful hot swelling on my arm that seems like an alien spawn might soon burst out. i saw blood there and thought it was just another bite but it's nasty and i think i might die.

it's been nice reading your blog until this death by insect spawn.


Bethany said...

Not big on bugs myself, except for my daughter whom everyone calls bug.
Found you on Friday fragments

lisaroyhandbags said...

I'm not big on bugs either - luckily in Dubai, we don't really come across many - although I did see a tiny salamander climbing the wall of the parking garage today!
Have a fantastic 4th of July weekend! xo

She Writes said...

I love to play cards and seldom do, but I am terrible at it. NOT competitive :(. Just not in me, but wish I was!

THANK YOU so much for the recipe!


She Writes said...

oh Happy FOURTH!

Mrs4444 said...

Kendall is always begging us to play games with her. The trouble is she always wins--It's just no fun for the rest of us!

I play WWF, too! Mrs4444 is my username :)

I'm envious of your weather; It's been so hot here, I can't even think about going for a bike ride!