Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday in My City-Buffalo Foods

My city is Buffalo, New York, though I live outside the city in the rural's what most people think when you tell them you live in Western New York. This last week talking to several people from around these parts about food and how popular and known Buffalo is for these foods. Most I have never had or heard of before moving here.

First of coarse is the ever famous Buffalo Wings. People are crazy for their wings here, it's wings this and wings that. Gotta order pizza and wings. I personally have had Wings once here. They were good not earth moving omg good. Pretty much my hubby ruined Wings for me, how you ask? By giving me the calorie count per wing.....somewhere in the 200's including the sauce and dips than you need to add the sip of beer to wash it down, and who really has one wing.

Next is Beef on Weck......roast beef piled high on a Weck roll....I ordered one once also! The meat was piled so high and was so fatty....well lets just say I'm not a fan. But people love them here!

One of my favorites is Chicken Finger's spicy, cheesy and one of the reasons I'm currently not losing any weight!

Looks harmless right.....I won't even research the calorie count on that one....gotta have a few vises!

This little gem I never had or heard of until moving here. I say you either love it or hate it.....well I love it of coarse. It's Sponge Candy . My favorite is from Fowlers Fine Chocolate's Buffalo's best!
It's molasses flavored candy hard tasting at first than melts in your's not for everyone but it means more for me!

There are so many brands of food found here that when people come home they stock up on. With Buffalo being a melting pot of cultures the cuisine reflects just that.

Join Unknown Mami and travel the world with her today! Happy Sunday all!

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Joyce said...

I love wings...I guess its good we don't get them very often!

Tara R. said...

All those photos of food made me hungry. I'm going to try to forget how bad wings are for me though.

oceangirl said...

now i understand better and will think of you the next time i have buffalo wings. i have always wondered and never thought that there were from buffalo.

and those sponge candy they look awesome. i think people in buffalo know what good life is:)

Deidra said...

We lived in Rochester for a few years while my husband was in seminary. They had wings there, too. The goal was to see whose wings had the most tender meat and one of the local establishments claimed to have the MOST tender wings in town. Their slogan? "You don't need no teeth to eat my meat." And that's all I have to say about that. :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Deidra's comment is hilarious! I would like the candy too . Never been big on wings or the beef on Weck - Anchorage has great food choices & the world's best seafood!

My favorite local easygoing restaurant here is Bradley House.

Sonya said...

I am so envious of all that wonderful looking food! yum yum yum

lisaroyhandbags said...

I've had good wings and some not so great - I've never actually craved them. Love beef on a bun (though not when it's fatty). Never tried a chicken finger sandwich but it sounds interesting! I've always loved sponge candy even as a kid - we used to buy it in packages, not covered in chocolate though - just plain. I was surprised that it was also a big thing in Ireland! :)

lila Check said...

OMG!!! what a fabulous feast!!!

pve design said...

How fun to share your city foods with us. I have a few friends from your area and they tell me all about the local cuisine.

Leslie said...

If I ever get to Buffalo the first thing that I am going to do is EAT! : )
I love the new August header!!
Have a great Tuesday.

ps.. there are some great deals on the Compass right now.. go drive one, you will love it.

WhisperingWriter said...

Oo I'm hungry now.

I love my wings!