Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Fragments

Happy Friday!
Stop by Half Past Kissin Time with Mrs. 4444's and join the fun!

So happy it's about you?

We had the most beautiful day was sunny and 70! 
I had to turn on the A/C it was so hot in our house.

Last night was my Theater Group Night the play was South Pacific!
The music and voices were amazing but it was a long and slow moving story!
We are a group of five two seat are separate by a row each way..not a big deal!
But last night the lady to my left was leaning so far into my seat and the guy to my right was doing the same! I was so boxed in, it was maddening...! I wanted to say something so bad!
But I didn't want to come across rude...but I can't believe people are clueless to their space allotment !

My hubby replaced our half bath faucet over the weekend! It resulted in a few bumps and bruises! 

Not sure how this happened but it's gotten worse with each day passing! It's more purple and now an inch lower....I keep telling him if people ask you should should see the other guy! But he tells his plumbing tale instead...boring! 

Started Pilates this week with Orlando..... core is so sore! 
Orlando is hard core...I got caught resting a couple times!
I thought first day and all cut me some slack....oh no not Orlando! 
I loved the class it was a butt kicker or a gut buster!

Mother's Day is a week from this Sunday! 
Love this family treats me pretty good everyday but love having a dedicated day to being the Queen! 
I have my eye on one of these babies for me!

Momma loves Shoes!

Happy Weekend! 


Joyce said...

Theater Group Night sounds like a lot of fun (aside from being squeezed). How was the play?

I can't believe Mother's day is next week already, this is one of those bittersweet days for me, but I embrace the slight pain in my heart for a moment and move on to count my blessings of spending the day with my mom.
Happy Core day! xo

likeschocolate said...

ooh, I like all the shoes. I hope you get all of them or at least a couple of them. Sorry your hubby got a few bumps. Ouch! I love musicals. Happy Weekend!

lisaroyhandbags said...

argh - I can't stand people like that - it happens to me all the time.
I love all of the shoes - maybe you'll get treated to more than one! have a great weekend! :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Can you imagine if you were stuck on a plane with your seat mates? Ugh.

On the other hand, Orlando sounds like he might be a cute guy. True???? I no longer participate in those hard core work outs. Just give me doubles tennis and a dog walk and I will call it good!

Wow, the bathtub faucet won the battle. Hilarious!!! Have a great weekend!!! xoxo

Cathee said...

I always get stuck in the position of not wanting to be rude. So maddening when the rude people seem to not even stop to consider. We went in to the lululemon store and I gave karl my Mother's Day list. We shall see . . . . Have a beautiful weekend!

Heather Smith said...

Luv the first pair of shoes... hoping you get what you want for Mother'sday!

bill lisleman said...

"my core is so sore" what body part it that?
Tell Orlando he doesn't know hard core until he tries replacing your faucet and then show him your husband's pic.

Ann in the UP said...

I wouldn't have subjected myself or my core to Orlando any more. What a doofus! I hate the leaners, too.

It happens to me on planes, where men always seem entitled to all commonly shared armrests. I'm not being a misogynist, but it does seem to work that way!

Ann in the UP said...

I meant to include in my comments---how did you make your header? I love it!

Wayne W Smith said...

I always enjoyed South Pacific. It is a great musical!

Unknown Mami said...

I love me some shoes too. I keep hinting I could use a new pair of Tom's.

Kwana said...

Oh those shoes are nice. And I'm sorry your hubby got all bumped up but it was for a good cause.


We always sit on the end of a row. It helps if you have the aisle or wall on one side of you. I forgot all about Mother's Day. My daughter's IGNORE me. Out of sight, out of mind. They're too busy, etc. sad but true. Take care.

Keetha Broyles said...

LOVE that first pair of shoes.

Plumbing always upsets my hubby - - - he thinks he has it all finished, turns on the water, and SOMETHING leaks.

Katherine said...

I love your new header!
I can't believe Mother's day is next week too! WOW time goes by SO FAST!!

nancygrayce said...

I would have had to get up and move at theater! I am claustrophobic and always get an aisle seat! If not, I'm miserable!

Your husband should say he made you mad one time too many! :)

Tami said...

One can not have enough shoes!
Today it was 88 degrees. We definitely needed the AC today.
I'd like to see a Theater Play. I never have. Gotta put it on my bucket list.
Have a wonderful weekend!
ps. stop beating your hubby and blaming the plumbing.

oceangirl said...

Love your selection of shoes, they are pretty and look comfy. The bruise is so close to the eye.

a happy little life said...

those clueless people are cut from the same clueless people cloth of those that cough and sneeze into the air with no respect to others and get all up in my personal space in line. hello you are too close i can smell you, back the BEEEEEP up!!!
me... SCREAMING inside my head on verge of panic attack.
i'd say what are people thinking... but they are not. at all.

boooo on the boo-boo eye :(

your core. i know it hurts in a good way.

i just ordered 2 new pairs of clogs.. yes, let's say they are for mother's day. yes that's it.
happy weekend to you!
xo tracie