Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fragments

Happy Friday! 

*Yesterday my daughter had her last field trip for High School....they went to an airfield where they have a driving course demonstrating drunk driving and distracted driving...kinda of a scared straight before Prom and Graduation celebrating starts! As she left for school I said have fun driving drunk! I hope I never say that again....felt wrong! They don't actually get the kids drunk, they wear googles that make them feel drunk....Needless to say....she came home and said it was so boring! I say so is a hangover! DON'T DRINK and DRIVE! 

*Any American Idol fans out there??? Dancing with the Stars?? All the finals are next week...this years talent was so good! I hope Jessica wins Idol and Donald Driver for DWTS! I'm glad the shows are all ending...the weather is getting nicer and spending less time inside and more time outside! 

* I have been looking for throw pillows for my outdoor furniture...holy cow why are they so expensive? I was at Walmart they wanted $25 for an oversized today I'm heading to the fabric store I want 7 pillows made, I'm hoping my 7th grade sewing skills come back to me.

*Katelyn got pulled over for the first time in almost a year of having her license. It was after work on Saturday night late after 11:30 on a deserted country road...she was hauling ass I'm sure. He followed her a while before pulling over....her thoughts were "why is this car folioing me....I'll speed up"! then the lights came on...her next thoughts were "oh it's an ambulance..better pull over to let them pass...!"
It was no ambulance.....poor girl was shaking....officer was nice asked her a lot of questions and told her to slow down lots of deers on this road. Then followed her another mile down the road...
When she got home she was shaking and said " I'm never speeding again"!! 
I road with her yesterday....she was speeding! Gotta love teens!

* This weekend is orientation for Katelyn and registration for the reality of college is slapping us all across the's really coming quick! 

Happy Weekend to you all! Gonna be gorgeous one here! Enjoy!

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Joyce said...

'Kids' driving-yuck.

Pillows are crazy...someone gave my daughter a $75 gift card to Pottery Barn and I asked what she bought. Two pillows. They're cute and they're a good size and she needed some color on her couch but still! I think she bought the couch from a friend for $100-the pillows cost almost as much : )

lisaroyhandbags said...

Good lesson with the drunk goggles! Poor thing getting pulled over. It's only happened to me twice and I swear I was almost crying when they approached my car, I was so shaken. I guess they felt bad both times since they let me off easy. Have fun sewing! Its always nice to have something new to admire, especially when you've tackled it yourself. Have a great weekend!

Tami said...

Our high school has a drunk driver assembly the day of prom. I think it would be very effective.

I made pillows for my living room with extra material I had from the drapes my mother-in-law made. I am not that talented with sewing, but pillows weren't much of a challenge. I do recommend getting heavy material. They hold up much better.

I want Phillip to win!!! :-P

Ina in Alaska said...

I LOVE DWTS! I was very surprised that Derrick and Maria were booted off. Although I ADORE Donald Driver I thought Maria was a better dancer. This season has been an excellent one. This last group, including Maria, were just superb. Next season will be an all star season, some of the best dancers will be back for a dance off!

Oh I just love William Levy....... what an adorable man!!!!!!!!!!!


Katherine said...

It's hard not to go over the speed limit because people behind me always seem to tail be cuz they want to go faster! UGH

WOW That much for a pillow! OH MY

Keetha Broyles said...

When our youngest was driving, she was pulled over many a time, but didn't TELL me because she knew I'd MAKE her slow it down.

She was too cute for her own good - - - they never did give her a ticket.

And all those poor teenage boy drivers, they get a ticket every stinkin' time.

Wayne W Smith said...

Speed can be really dangerous especially in an area with a lot of deer.

bill lisleman said...

Driving is a dangerous thing that too many drivers don't think about enough. Of course deer don't know how not to get hit at times. No ticket for the speeding then? Wishing her safe driving.

likeschocolate said...

I hate that European law won't let me watch American TV. I guess I will have to catch up in the fall.

Joyce said...

Pillows, drinking and speeding my kind of post. :) I wish I could sew and admire people who can. I'm glad they give drinking classes it might be boring but it could save one life. Speeding on the other hand, remember my story being barred from the roads of WISC for a short time. We are having beautiful weather today and tomorrow, Sunday storms. Enjoy
Kathy!!! xo

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Have fun making your pillows. I agree buying them retail is for the birds. We have had the drunk goggles presentation at the school where I work. It really gets the kids thinking and that's half the battle. Have a good weekend and don't sew the whole time!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Oh my I have a grand daughter learning to drive this summer..I am too old for this stress:)
I really hope Jessica wins too. Those 2 guys get on my nerves.
I cannot sew either but am about to attempt some draperies..
Have a wonderful weekend!


You are right about the pillows. I needed to buy one and was SHOCKED by the sticker price. I refused to pay that much for it either. The drunk driving class was a good idea. Did NOT have anything like that back in my day. Too bad she got nabbed for driving fast. Lead feet leads to tickets. take care.