Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Fragments

 Happy Friday! 
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Last night was my theater group we saw
Porgy and Bess
I have to say I usually like everything
This one was not my favorite
Second half was better than first
Glad I saw it but once is enough! 

I know everyone is sick of winter
 and sick of people like me complaining about it!
It really feels like there is not end in sight...
Today there was a glimpse of Spring in my neighborhood
40's and Sun...
I turned off the heat 
Opened windows and doors
Turned on some music
Cleaned my house 
Cleaned the mud and snow residue out of garage
Sat on my porch soaking up the sun
because tomorrow we are back to winter

I wish my Girl Scout cookies would show up...
All I can think about is Thin Mints
and Samoas....she said March 1st....
I've really never known GS to be liars! 
Okay maybe not liars but procrastinators 
Delay at delivering....slackers!
Okay I'll calm down it's just cookies!

I pretty much bailed on March photo a day! 
I'm trying to look for a job and this weather
Well basically lack inspiration in the photo dept....
Maybe next month! 

Have a happy weekend! 


Joyce said...

I bought tagalongs and samoas and got them this week. I gave them to hubs because I'm trying so hard to watch my calories. We're waiting for spring here too. Still cold, still covered in snow. Ugh. It's gotta get here eventually, right?

Purple Flowers said...

Put the Thin Mints in the freezer; they are very delicious that way. Yummy!!!
Good Luck with the job search.


Hope the cookies show up soon. Too yummy to wait for.

Bill Lisleman said...

It does have that one great song, "Summertime" in it. That's about all I know of it. We are ahead of you on GS cookies. They showed up a week or two ago. Most are gone now.

Tracy said...

Wow I've been through three boxes of Girl Scout cookies already. We've only got one more week of sales.

Mrs4444 said...

If I were you, I'd call that GS before she eats your cookies.

Kids here started wearing shorts last week when temps hit 50 for the first time since November, even though it went right back to below zero shortly thereafter. Next week (the last before spring break) is going to be hell, no matter the weather. Pray for my sanity!!!

Thanks for linking up :)

lisaroy said...

Good thing I don't come across GS cookies around here - that would be dangerous! Soak up whatever moments of "spring" you can!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about your Winter blues, I can only imagine how tired you are of it! Then Spring brings all the dirty melting which I never liked and the cars get so dirty too! Enjoy your cookies when they arrive.....