Thursday, December 18, 2008

OMG The Fitness Team is looking for me!

Okay I know it's been a couple weeks since my first "training" session at my new German gym and I haven't been back. But its because it is the holidays and I told myself I was going to enjoy them and focus on the new year! All very logical conversation me and my mind had, and we totally agreed with each other! So today I received an email from The Fitness Team......panic OMG what do they want ....Of coarse I could not read the email because it was in German, so my handy Google translate language tools guided me to the answer!
Here is the email:
Hi Kathy,
after your successful first training deadline are now a powerful and an endurance test. (what no one told me there was a test! I haven't studied )We want you with a muscle measurement and a heart check, so we find the optimum conditions for an even zielorientierteres(OMG the word doesn't translate what the heck is it ) have training. Join with us, please 0421/2760001damit we have a suitable date for you can find. (could damit mean something else in German or are they swearing at me because I 'm not in optimum condition)
Your team Fitnesspark
Okay Google translate is not the best, but that is kinda how there English sounds! I'm nervous they said damit call sounds kinda demanding, what have I gotten myself into ? What kinda Gym is this....? Seriously how many of you have Gyms emailing saying damit make a date for a test on Fitness! Ah!!!!!! maybe damit is part of the phone number? You know how business do that ....maybe they aren't yelling at me for not having optimum fitness!


Ina J Offret said...

That was sooo funny!! Get yourself back over there dammmitt!!

Ina J Offret said...

OK I am back... I checked with one of our attorneys here who is a fluent German speaker. He said that z....word means goal oriented.

and the dammit means call that number "in order" to ......

Frau said...

Thanks Ina "thats my goal" come the first of the year! German is a hard language and when people say it, sounds like they are yelling!New year and lots of goals like learning German while I exercise!