Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 20 of my 30 day Blog Challenge-Nickname

My given name is Kathleen, some people still call me that but mostly I go by Kathy. Some people call me Kath and now some people call me Frau. My hubby sometimes calls me sweetie or honey. I guess I really don't have a nickname that isn't related to my name. 

When I hear other people referred by their nicknames and it's no where near their actual name I always wonder how they got that name. I worked years ago with a guy that went by Cricker his real name was Christopher I guess his sibling couldn't say that so that's how the nickname came about. Still to this day as a 40 year old he is Cricker! 

My daughter's name is Katelyn we call her that plus Kate, Katie, K. My hubby sometimes calls her Katdog don't ask me why....I don't think she likes it. Sophie has a few nicknames given by him too...SophieD, SD, and sometimes Flea (not because she has them...not sure why either)!

His name is Craig, he doesn't really get a nickname or like them. Just Craig not Greg lots of people call him that by mistake! 

How about you, any nicknames and fun reasons how or why? 

Happy Sunday!


Tezzie said...

Fun learning about your family's nicknames :D

I'm not sure why, but I've never had a nickname...other than Tezzie, which my brother calls me. I did get called T for a while, though, but the person who called me that annoyed me so I didn't let it stick ;D

Purple Flowers said...

My name is Kathleen. Most people call me that, some call me Kathy. My friends call me Kath. And my Father use to call me Kat. I never liked Kat from anyone else, but being he called me that - it was alright.
My brother in law is Edwin by birth, but is called Chip. Even though he is fifty something, the name still hung on. It's funny how nicknames stick.
Good post!

Ina in Alaska said...

Some people call our Craig "Greg" too until they "get it"

I do not have a knickname except one person calls me "Pizz" after my maiden name Pizzolato. I do not like the person who refers to me as Pizz. And I do not appreciate it. This person is not one of my favorite people either.

Oh I take that back! Ron calls me "Bud" and I hate that too!!!! Cannot get him to stop.

So how did you celebrate your anniversary????? xoxo

Deidra said...

My parents call me Dee-Dee, my friends from younger days call me Dee, and H calls me Babe. For a long time I didn't like my given name - Deidra. I was named after a soap opera character, and my name means sorrow. But as I've gotten older, I think I've grown into the name and - hopefully - beyond its original meaning. :)

Anonymous said...

Being that I'm Melissa, when I was young, everyone called me Missy. I still have an Uncle that calls me that and if I'm visiting him, he'll even introduce me to his friends as "Missy". That kind of bugs me a little. Once I hit grade 6, some people started calling me Mel and that stuck for a long time. Derek hardly ever refers to me by my actual name. He calls me Babe or Baby I'd say 99% of the time.

Somer Love said...

10 more days left Kath ;)

Susan said...

I'm a Susan, HATE when called or see my name written as "Sue", but I don't correct people... My husband calls me Babe, we call each other that... but I always find people's nick names to be fascinating too... We have a friend Christopnher, he's called Topher by everyone, that was a new one and a little girl who's name is Gabriella and she is called Brielle, I love that one!
I could NOT do 30 days of blogs in a row if I was getting paid, great job!

kks said...

My name is Kimberly, most people call me Kim. My hubby calls me Marge
Kristin calls me Dudley....

Tahoe is called Bobby
Benny is Bean
Richard is Bunk

I call my Dad, Flunk Dee! My Mom, Mumsie...
loved this post! I really don't call any of my friends by their given name!

May said...

No Nickname...:( My name itself sounds like one!!!!!

Matty said...

Matty is my nickname. Only a handful of bloggers know my real name.

Pink Martini said...

What a cute post. 'Mac' in college and 'sweet cakes' by one college guy in particular but I'll save that for another time. ;)

lisaroyhandbags said...

My sister has always called me Lee and my niece used to call me SeeSee (I guess she couldn't say Lisa yet). My older brother refers to me as Kiddo. Some have called me Roy when I worked at a place with 4 Lisas, my parents call me Liliputti (a Finnish term of endearment I suppose). My guy has called me anywhere from Chicklet, Cupcake, The Bride, Spousal Unit, The Boss, and most recently Chewable Vitamin. :)