Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm back from vacation and trying to get my groove back! I decided to partake in a 30 day Blog Challenge..lets see if I can do it...probably lose me around day 15!

Day One- Introduce self...

Hi my name is Kathy as known as Frau...
I'm married to Craig coming up on 23 years!
Have a wonderful daughter Katelyn that's almost 17! Yikes!
And my Wire Fox Terrier pup Sophie
I'm 40 okay I'm 45 wow 40 sounds better! 
Currently living in Western NY after living in Bremen Germany for two years, before that I lived in Salt Lake City Utah since my junior year of High School before that lots of places...were called home.

Me and my BFF Di

15 interesting RANDOM facts about me...
1. I'm left handed
2. My favorite color is Green 
3. I have four sisters
4. I knew I'd marry my husband the first time I met him!
5. I hate sushi 
6. I love anything chocolate
7. I have no balance
8. Margaritas, Red Wine....Beer...lots of favorites!
9. I'm a collector of many things...blue and whites china, roosters ....
10. I have fire issues
11. I'm not ticklish 
12. I use explanation marks too much....it's a problem I know!!
13. Love sparkling water
14. Love reality TV like The Bachelor, American Idol ....DWTS! 
15. Love my family and friends!!!!

Okay there you have it day one!


blueviolet said...

I admit I like exclamation marks a whole lot too!

I'm not ticklish either. In fact, it kinda makes me mad. And I ADORE reality tv. Looking forward to American Idol getting started tonight!

Expats Again said...

Getting to know you more and more. Your life in the U.S. with family and friends makes me jealous. Germany is wonderful, but as Dorothy said, "There's no place like home."

Anonymous said...

I like this post, very cool want to get to know you better!

I really like your new header too!

Apparently I really like exclamation marks too!!! haha

Ronda said...

Was wondering where you were, hope you had a nice vacation! Where did you go? Nice blog challenge, can't wait to see what the rest brings us!

Joyce said...

This was fun to read... Who are you hoping wins The Bachelor? Is 'wins' the right word?

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You're not ticklish? Not even on the bottom of your feet? I'm squirming at the thought of it right now. :)

Your favorites are also mine!

I want to hear how you knew that you were going to marry Craig the first time you went out with him. Spill it!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great vacation!

Yay for trying the 30 day challenge. Keep going!

Joyce said...

I like the photo of you and your BFF. I enjoyed your list. Ooops I need to get in the shower before the painter comes. I'll be back to read more... xo

lisaroyhandbags said...

Great day one! You'd never make it on Dubai with your love of wine and beer since it's a dry country! Going from Ireland to here is a huge shock to the system! :)

Somer Love said...

Awesome!!! I started a day late had to post about McNoodles ears ;)

how do you do the strike thru words I need to use that!

Matty said...

I like to use exclamation points too!

And chocolate has always been my downfall.

Pink Martini said...

Nice to meet you...again. :)