Friday, March 4, 2011

My Parents

Day Four of my Blog Challenge....My Parents ❤

These are my parents on their Wedding Day, 52 years ago next month.
They both grew up in Seattle, Washington.
 In big Catholic families, she is Irish he is Polish/Irish.
My parents raised five girls, have five wonderful son in laws and fifteen grandchildren.
They spend half the year in Arizona and half in Utah.
They both love to golf, read, travel, and enjoy their wine. 

It's not easy being parents of FIVE girls....can you imagine the drama.
I have amazing childhood memories of my Parents being their for each of us teaching us to be the best we can be. Instilling a good morals and values, incredible work ethic and loyalty, friendship.
I love my parents so much, I hope and pray they stay healthy and happy and in our lives for a long time to come.


Joyce said...

Your parents set a good foundation for their family and the family yet to come. Wishing them a month of anniversary celebration. xo

Ronda said...

Happy Anniversary week! Celebrate family style, and you have a wonderful family!!

kks said...

wow, how wonderful....such a beautiful couple! raising 5 daughters is crazy...:) obviously they did a wonderful job and are reaping the rewards!

Ina in Alaska said...

Kathy!! Hello friend!

Beautiful wedding picture. I just love your mom's gown. Where is it now? They are a lovely couple, living the life!

I am still under the weather but slowly gaining traction. this flu bug is just awful, I have not been this sick in years. Thinking of you, sweet lady, hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

VictoriaArt said...

What a wonderful post! Five girl, eh? I know just a fraction of it, we were 3 girls!
Do you have any Irish/Polish traditions left? My husband is Polish!

What a lovely anniversary!Enjoy your family!
Happy weekend!

Somer Love said...

I love your parents!!!!

Lisa said...

What wonderful stories you must have with five girls in one house! I cannot imagine. I love everything your parents love....except the golf. But I do love it sometimes when it gets my husband out of the house!

Joyce said...

I just love your mom's dress! And five daughters? God bless your dad. Your mom too but especially your dad...that's a lot of women in one house : )

preppyplayer said...

love them too! And, your header and the little leprechaun with the glasses too :)

Mama Zen said...

What a gorgeous couple!

Matty said...

They did a great job, especially with five girls. My goodness. And they aged gracefully too.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading all those nice little stories... I'm sure your parents did a great job raising 5 girls... I can only imagine the drama ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Ocean Girl said...

Now I understand the root of all these wonders. So much blessings, so much to be grateful for.

lisaroyhandbags said...

What lovely pics of your parents and happy anniversary to them! I always love seeing the wedding pics of our parents' generation - the gown, the tuxes, the hairstyles. They looked beautiful!