Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fragments...

Yesterday seemed like Friday to ready for the weekend! 

Katelyn has 2 official classroom days left...
Last two weeks of school are finals...she has 3. 
So one final next week, two the last week with a few study sessions in between..
Lets pull the bandaid already and be done with it!!
Feels like summer out...too hot in the schools!
Do you know they can't have water bottles in the classroom..isn't that crazy!

I can hardly watch the news any more. I'm so sick of hearing about Weiner's wiener....seriously he needs to go!

I had a great visit with my sister when she was here this week. One thing we both enjoy is Antique/Flea Market shopping. We went to several and had some luck. I have been looking for an old kitchen scale forever. I have found a bunch but never the right price or look. My sister found this one and I snatched it was exactly what I was looking for and perfectly priced. 

Isn't she pretty!!

Hope you all have a wonderful garden and house need my attention....the weeds and dust bunnies are taking over! Stop by Mrs. 4444s at Half Past Kissin Time for more Friday Fragments!


Mrs4444 said...

The scale is ADORABLE! I have one, too, but mine is for mail and is from the original owner (a great aunt), so that's pretty cool.

Not allowing water bottles in class just encourages the kids who would be bringing alcohol to do shots, instead, at their lockers, on the way to class.haha

No kidding. Wiener's wiener is getting far too much play time. OMG--Look! I made another pun!hahaha

Bobbi said...

That's a great scale!

I'm sick of Weiner's weiner too. One of the news stations keeps calling it Weinergate! Hahahaha!

Ronda said...

Yeah for Katelyn and good luck on her finals. Yea, that no water bottle is ridiculous when it is this hot! I'm sick of Wiener's wiener too! I love, love, love your new scale!! The color is great. Have a wonderful weekend.
I keep forgetting to tell you how nice your header is!

likeschocolate said...

Love your find! If you ever get sick of it, it would look fantastic in my kitchen.

Keetha Broyles said...

Don't you LOVE it when you find something like that (kitchen scale) that you'd been looking for?

My frag post is about something like that today too - - - only I didn't mention in the post that I'd been LOOKING for my item for quite some time.

CM said...

That is so cool, I like it! What a great find.

Ha! The Weiner comment...too funny. I tell ya, what is this world coming to!

Good luck to your daughter on her finals, I'm sure she'll totally rock em!

lisaroyhandbags said...

I am in love with your scale!! I've looked for one too and never seem to find the right one (or the right price).
I can't believe they can't have water bottles in the classroom- who's silly idea is that?
And as for Weiner's weiner... I agree - there are more important things going on in the world!

Joyce said...

They dismissed early here yesterday... So miserable! I love the scale!

Unknown Mami said...

Come on! Let the kids stay hydrated.

mimbles said...

Love the scales, if the enthusiasm for them here is anything to go by you'd better keep them locked up somewhere safe!

pve design said...

Wow she is a pretty scale! Wonder if "Oscar Meyer" need's a new wiener logo or spokesman....ha!
I think we need to move on and stop talking about Wiener's wiener.
When I went to school, the water fountain sufficed. We never had water bottles in the class room, no cell phones with pictures of wieners either. eeek.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Of course I immediately went to "When I was in school..." I would have really liked having a backpack with wheels. My art history books were heavy!

I remember when it was too hot to be in school. I don't know how the kids in Florida can stand it - maybe it's just better A/C.

Karen and Gerard said...

My dad ha a scale like that but I threw it out when getting his house ready to sell after he died. I just got so tired, couldn't save everything I would have liked because we just didn't have the space for it so this is one of the things I let go of.

Joyce said...

she is a beauty! xo