Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Have you ever been to the capital of the USA-Washington DC? If so what's your favorite site? If not, what site would you most like to see on a visit to that city someday in the future? Is it even on your list of places to visit?

I just went there for the first time over Spring Break and loved it. We need to go back, it was impossible to see it all. My favorite was Arlington but loved all the Monuments, National Cathedral and Georgetown for sure.

2. When did you last attend a wedding? Are there any weddings on your summer calendar? Were you a summer bride? If you're single is summer the season of your dream wedding?

Last wedding I attend was in 2007 my friends Ben and Brittney. It was the coolest wedding, they were married at the top of  Park City Ski resort. We took the chair lift up and rode the Alpine slide down and the reception was in the lodge. For two outdoor enthusiast it was perfect for them. 
No wedding for us on the calendar anytime soon. I was a Spring bride, March! I think the weather is too iffy for a summer outdoor wedding I would be too afraid to risk it. 

 Bride and Father
Me getting ready to head down the mountain.

3. What is your favorite way to eat strawberries?
Strawberries any way is perfect for me. I miss being in Utah, we would go to Strawberry Days Rodeo with my sister and her family. They had the best strawberries and cream...yum!

4. What is one thing you are especially looking forward to this summer?
Family reunion to the Jersey Shore - LBI  
All 27 of us...
Staying here

5. Do you use/like the self scanner at the grocery store?
Sometimes only if I have a few items

6. Share a favorite piece of common sense advice.

Look both ways....

7. Barefoot, flip flops, tennis shoes, sassy sandal-your first choice for summertime?

Flip Flops- my Fit Flops are my go to shoes!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Allergy season is killing me and my daughter slowly.....mostly my daughter!
I would think with all the rain it would be better but ugh!! it sucks!
Oh and while I'm complaining the mosquitoes are also killing me I'm loaded with bites!

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Joyce said...

The slide sounds like crazy fun and very memorable! I've been taking claritan religiously for the past month and my allergies are tolerable this year.

Have fun at the family reunion...sounds like a blast!

CM said...

I love the idea of a wedding at a ski resort, that would totally be up my alley! My hubby and I are both big outdoor enthusiasts. Fun!

Sorry about the allergies, that's a bummer :-(

Amy said...

sounds like a fun family trip enjoy..

Joyce said...

A great list of hodgepodge. EEKS on the allergies. I bet you can't wait for the family reunion- it will be a good time and a lot of laughs. I can't image sharing a house with so many peeps. xo

Sheena said...

WOW the shot on #1 is gorgeous!

Bobbi said...

I still haven't been to DC but I want to.

While you're at the Jersey shore this summer say hi to the tv Jersey Shore kids if you see them! Or smack them in the face, either one!

Mary said...

Laughing at your advice! The summer get away sounds like big fun!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Poor you with the allergies! I'm fortunate to never had had any. And it may be sizzling in Dubai but there are no bugs for the first time ever in my life! Your reunion sounds like a blast :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Fun post! I do not think I could ride on that slide down the hill though, .....

Our daughter Lizzie works at The Canyons in Park City. Has been there for many years. Pretty awesome place! One year for Thanksgiving she got us a penthouse to stay in (comped).... 2 levels of awesomeness!! All 5 kids and their spouses/significant others stayed and it was so big none of it bothered me! I generally do not like being all together like that... but there was plenty to do, we had a blast. Park City is such a great place.

And of course you know I love the Jersey Shore!

Unknown Mami said...

Mosquitoes used to devour me when I lived in Southern California. Thankfully there are not many here, too cold.

likeschocolate said...

Sassy fun summer shoes, summer bride, just love the national art gallery in D.C. but also love walking along the mall. Hope you have a fantastic week. Has the weather gotten any better?

Life with Kaishon said...

I know what you mean about the allergies. When I go outside my eyes water and itch. I look A MESS all the freaking time!

Leslie said...

I hope that your allegies get better soon.
The Jersey shore place looks great, I have never been there, and I doubt that I could go without saying " going to Jersey shore Bitoooch!" ( snookie style).
I love the june header!!!