Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What is one thing on your bucket list? If you don't have a bucket list let's pretend you do.

Visit San Francisco and Napa Valley

2. What makes a good dad?

I think a good Dad is one that listens and talks to their children, plays with them, teaches them, guides them and is there for them. He needs to be a good role model, talk the talk and walk the walk.

3. Are you afraid of insects? Which ones?

Heck ya...spiders and bees top the list!

4. We're barbecuing...what's on the grill at your house?

Chicken Kabob's was the last we BBQ....they were yum delicious!

5. Do you believe that playing is more important than winning?

I think being a part of team is more important than being the Champs! But lets face it, it feels good winning too!

6. Do you tan? Use self tanners? Visit tanning salons? See your dermatologist at least once a year?

If I'm pool side or at beach I tan pretty quickly. Used self tanners once didn't like it. Back in the 80's along with my bad perm I was a tanning salon junkie! I have been known in the past before a vacation to pop in and get a head start. I haven't been to a dermatologist in years.....I should go uh?

7. Five years ago I would never imagine that today I would_______________.

Live in rural Western New York!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Sophie does not like being outside alone. Last year she loved lounging on the porch, this year she waits by the door to come inside! Crazy dog....go be a dog!

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pve design said...

love your happy hodgepodge!
I am convinced that our dog is part herder, as he wants us all in one spot.

Joyce said...

Napa is on my list too! I'm thinking anniversary trip somewhere down the road. My dog lays right up against the door outside. Or splayed out on the stone patio-she doesn't like to be hot.

Have a great day in rural Western NY!

Anonymous said...

Great description of what a dad should be - talk the talk and walk the walk says it all.

likeschocolate said...

Napa is beautiful! I have always wanted to go to Rio and ride in a hot air ballon. What's on my grill is salmon. My husband is on a health kick.

lisaroyhandbags said...

Sophie cracks me up! Our dog used to do the same thing - she had to be whereever we were - only then could she relax.
I've had San Fran on my list for a long time and driving up the California coast.
And I love that a dad should talk the talk and walk the walk. I have a feeling your guy does just that! :)

Thena said...

LOL at #8.

MixtressSamiJoe said...

Okay the dog picture and comment, 'Go Be a Dog' have me in fits! LOL

Happy Hump Day!

Bobbi said...

I absolutely LOVE San Francisco!

My dogs are the same way!

Maggie May said...

Your little doggie is gorgeous! Had to smile that she needs to be near you all the time. Thats nice, though.

Enjoyed reading your answers.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Joanna Jenkins said...

A million years ago I lived in SF and the Wine Country was my sales territory. It's gorgeous. I hope you get to enjoy it soon.

xo jj

forever folding laundry said...

You know, I live very close to both SF & Napa. If you come we could meet for lunch. :)


Joyce said...

Oh that Miss Sophie reminds me of our Kelly. In the photo you can just read her mind by the door. LOL... xo

Cathee said...

A Sophie is the cutest little dog!