Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year....

Happy New Year a day late...
yesterday was a fog
not because of the alcohol
more the lack of sleep
and my dancing feet hurt!
the decorations... gorgeous
the food.. delicious from the Buffalo Chop House
the entertainment....Jim Tudini Band 

Not the most photogenic...but you get the picture...
My TOMS wedges look great and felt great until the dancing started
It's not the shoe.. it's me..really!
High heels and me just can't be friends!

The night started out with meeting the Mayor, we were looking for parking and pulled in front of the event to ask for directions and who came over to our car and gave us directions...none other than Buffalo's Mayor Byron Brown!

5,000 people attended, I think 10% were over 40 the rest were 20 somethings...I felt like we crashed a frat party or prom! Open bar from 8-2 am!!  Lots of barely dressed girls and by nights end lots of drunk 20 something year olds falling,vomiting, total train wrecks...I wanted to go up to each of them and tell them their Mother's would NOT be so proud!!

The noise level from 11:30 on was crazy everyone blowing the horns and noise makers! Once the ball dropped it was ears were ringing all day yesterday and I seriously have no feeling in one of my toes! We lasted until 1:30!
Happy 2012!! 


Tami said...

You look FANTASTIC! Love the sparkly you wore! It sounds like a great time!! (minus the people who drank a tad bit too much). Happy New Year dear Friend!xoxo

ps. You will just have to have hubby rub your feet!

Bobbi said...

Love your photos, you look great!

Happy New Year!!

preppyplayer said...

You look so pretty! What a glamourous evening and great photos too :)

likeschocolate said...

Looks like you had a great start to a New Year!

Purple Flowers said...

You made it through the big event, and you look quite lovely!
Happy New Year to you and your family.

Ina in Alaska said...

Wow! What an evening! You and Mr. W look fantastic! Those young uns' have no class Kathy! Vomiting & getting all carried away like they did :(

I watched the news link, it sure looked like quite the place to be if you had a reservation! Beautiful hotel. The facade reminds me somewhat of The Waldorf in NYC. Glad the building was rescued and restored.

While speeches are given I always wonder why at press events the main speaker always has a cast of characters standing behind him or her.

Joyce said...

Sounds like fun! Except for the vomiting 20 year olds...the sight of that would probably cause me to launch into lecture mode with my own girls, even though they are not the type to be vomiting in a crowd. Thank goodness!

Hope you got to rest your aching feet today!

Joyce said...

Looks like a beautiful night. You and Craig look awesome. I'm happy you showed those young ones a thing or two staying out late and dancing up a storm!! XO


You looked lovely. What a way to start the evening, being greeted by the Mayor. WOW. That made it the place to be to ring in the NEW YEAR. Getting caught up in a crowd of 20 somethings should have made you feel young at heart. But navigating high heels all night long gets tiresome, I know. Especially if you're stepping over vomit. LOL Hope 2012 blesses you with joy and happiness. Take care.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I think you both looked wonderful. I really love your outfit. That would be the style that I would choose too. Too bad some people (the younger crowd) don't know how to welcome in a new year without being over the top drunk.

At least you got directions from someone that REALLY knows his way around.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You both look gorgeous!

I hear you on the high heels and numb toes-- Me too.

Congrats on making it til 1:30. We left our party at 12:06am. Ha!

Happy, happy New Year. xo jj

a happy little life said...

You two look just beautiful! Sounds like a nice celebration and it's such fun to put on the fancies and dance the night away.
I used to live in heels now when I slip on a pair I can only think... how, why and get them off NOW!
XOX Tracie
ps. it stopped raining, we have a snow covering now... seen it, now it can go away. LOL!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Sounds fun? You look great! And me and high heels don't mix anymore either - that's why I've stocked up on fancy flats to get me through those types of occasions.
Our night was low-key - watched 3 sets of fireworks from our apartment and sipped some drinks at home. Exciting huh?

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Wow, you really made the most of the evening in spite of your feet. You looked so pretty!

Melissa said...

I love your new header!

You did better than me on NYE. I was asleep by 10:30!

WhisperingWriter said...

Great pictures!

Happy New Year!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

So Glam you are!
Happy New Year!!

pve design said...

Happy 2012 to you and your lovely dancing feet!
Perhaps a foot massage is just what you need! Have you ever thought of teaching etiquette? I bet those raucous youngsters could learn a tip or two on how to behave.
You look beautiful, elegant and very regal.

Cathee said...

So glad I'm not the 20 something train wreck! We went to a friends house just in the neighborhood. I was afraid I wouldn't make it until midnight! So tired the next day - getting old. Hope Craig's back is better!