Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Lake Superior University has once again published a list of words/phrases they think should be banished from the Queen's English in 2012-

amazing, baby bump, shared sacrifice, occupy, blowback, man cave, the new normal, pet parent, win the future, trickeration, ginormous, and thank you in advance.

Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why? Go here to read more about how the words are chosen.

Well I use amazing a lot probably too much!! Some of these words I have never heard of or used. I would probably pick trickeration mostly due to its nature plus I'm clueless to it's meaning.  Football terms should never been common language or at least in my vocabulary! 

2. Are you easily embarrassed?

Depends on the situation...I'm embarrassed for other people that embarrass themselves unknowingly by what they say or wear or act. 

3. What is your go-to snack?

Cheese....couple slices or a cheese stick.

4. Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? If not do you have any desire to go? What site/attraction would you most want to see in that city? If you have been, what's your favorite site/attraction?

We visited last Spring break and loved it. It was my first visit to DC and I can't wait to go again. We were there for three days and didn't see it all. I loved the National Cathedral and it's grounds.

and Arlington Cemetery and the changing of the guards is another must see. 

5. sit ups-planks-lunges-squats...which do you hate the least?

Planks we do those almost every time in my Bootcamp we never have done a sit-up in all the time I've gone there.

6. What's a small act of kindness you were shown that you've never forgotten?

I would have to say when we were living in Germany many acts of kindness were given during those awkward language barrier moments. I would be in the grocery store looking for something or trying to order something from the deli or bakery and be struggling  and a random stranger would help me. I appreciated those moments like none other in my life. 

7. Have you ever been a blood donor?

Yes it's been a while though since I've participated in a blood drive or donated. I need to do that...goal for new year!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Remember when men didn't care about decorating....before HGTV was around....suddenly my hubby has opinions and thinks he is Genevieve Jr. Needless to say our ideas are not the same and they are clashing. Compromising  and decorating is not meant to go hand and hand is it!! 

Stop by Joyce's blog and play along! 
Happy Wednesday! 


Tami Miller said...

I use amazing a lot too. Now whenever I go to type it, I feel the need to type a different word.

#8 had me laughing! I husband doesn't have a decorating bone in his body! I couldn't imagine if he tried to tell ME how to decorate the house…

If you ever want to go to DC again, let's make it a blogging buddy trip! =)

Joyce said...

I had to laugh at the comment about husband decorating. We too have differences at times. I pick my battles and I think G does too. Could be he learns to like the final outcome or just lives with it. :) xo

Bobbi said...

Your randomness just cracks me up.. husband is currently beginning work on bookshelves for me...same kind of thing. Oui VeY!

Brenda said...

Number 8 is too funny!

Bobbi said...

I say amazing and ginormous alot.

I need to go to Washington DC, I've never been and the pictures are so great!

Joyce said...

Ha I love your #8 although my hubs has always had opinions! I can certainly appreciate the kindness of strangers in navigating around a foreign city.

Yvonne said...

I overuse the word Awesome. I'm not a fan of ginormous. And the fact that pet parent exists, disturbs me.

I guess you could say that my husband was decorating forward. He has been bossy all of our 37 years. We buy every household item (minus kitchen stuff) together. But things like dishes, glasses are included. He likes to 'choose together.' This has lead to little spats right in the middle of stores with us each clutching our preferences.

Cathee said...

Karl totally thinks he can have opinions on furniture. Dude that is what your garage is for. He has a signed poster of the St. Provo girl in the garage. Lucky me I get to pull into the garage and see it every time. Wrong placement - end of discussion! LOL Glad you had some nice weather!

lisaroyhandbags said...

oh my gosh - I say 'amazing' all the time! I didn't realize it was so annoying. The words in that list don't really bother me at all - I would suggest "at the end of the day" as the most annoying phrase.
As for guys and decorating... sometimes they should just stick to their garages and man caves (oops! annoying word!)

Ina in Alaska said...

Genevieve Jr--Hilarious!!!

Snowing AGAIN this morning. I have about had it. Leaving next Wednesday for Loews's Hotel on the beach in Santa Monica for some relief!! Girls getaway!!! Just a long weekend but much needed. xoxo

Joanna Jenkins said...

No sit-ups! I like that idea A LOT. THere are so many other ways to work the core without that back-breaking exercise..... Now if I would just start exercising again.

xo jj

Mrs4444 said...

Your DC pics are gorgeous!

I totally agree on the men decorating thing; Mr.4444 is always second-guessing my decorating decisions about painting. Of course, he's always wrong, and he doesn't admit it, but he does approve when I'm done.