Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fragments...

It's Friday....woo....woo!
Joining up with Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments
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Did you get your lottery ticket?
Half a billion dollars!
According to CNN you have a greater chance of getting struck by lightening then winning!
I'm thinking about buying one...
It will be my first time...
What do I have to lose!

At my workout class yesterday everyone was talking about what they'd do with the money! I was like you wouldn't see me again....I'd be in Beverly Hills having this body nipped,tucked and sucked!
The hell with working out! What would you do with the money?

Katelyn had an amazing Birthday thanks for all her Birthday greetings.....still struggling with the fact my baby is 18! On the eve of her Birthday...her friends took her to dinner and at the restaurant was a friend from school...with flowers and candy asking her to prom. She is so Birthday ever! 

This week has flown by incredibly fast....yet I find myself saying I'm glad it's Friday! I'm shocked we are almost to April yet glad to have March behind was a busy one! Spring break is coming and we are heading to the sunshine....I can't wait! But I seriously need to do something about my scary white legs! 

We are going to our first wedding in years, anyone now the etiquette on how much to spend on a gift when three of you are going? 

I think I found my dress for the wedding and the best part is it only cost me $39.99! Now the hunt for shoes is on! 

Tonight is my daughter's scholarship dinner...I'm really proud of her and her hard work....but the reality of her leaving for college leaves a lump in my throat...and a tear in my eye! 

Have a wonderful weekend all! If I win the Mega Million....I will share I promise! 


oceangirl said...

The nipped, tucked and sucked sounds good to me too. Happy Friday Kathy.

Tami said...

Now that you have it in writing… I will hold you to your promise and will share.
Picture of the dress, pleeeeease!
Happy Friday Kathy!

Ina in Alaska said...

If I won I would quit working, buy a home in another state (not sure where) so I could snowbird out of this snowy He*& in the wintertime. Great fantasy. Won't happen.

Great deal on the dress! I am with Tami, picture please!

I have a formula for wedding gifts. I only give money. If it is a family wedding I give a certain level of $$ if a great friend's kid then a lower, but respectable, amount.

Joyce said...

WOW a dreass under $40 smack a roni- now you can get 3 more dresses!
As for the gift- I give most of the time $$, it I know the b/g I give a special gift too. What I do and I'm not sure if this is proper, but I figure how much they spend per plate and give a bit more. Oops middle age moment, did you say the wedding is this weekend? Have fun!! xo

Joyce said...

Oops I was happy on the cost of the dress I couldn't spell dress correctly on the previous email. xo

Wayne W Smith said...

Actually you have a better chance of being struck by lightening TWICE. If someone gave me a ticket and it happened to win, I would buy the naming rights to my school. It would be fun to teach in a school with my name on the building.

CM said...

Happy B Day to your girl!

I'm guessing if three of you are going, maybe $50? I'm not too sure.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes we have a ticket! Well you know there is beginners luck so I think you should get one.

Katherine said...

I would give money! Or maybe a gift card to walmart, sears,or K-mart so that they can get what they want! :)
Hope Katelyn has fun at prom and her scholarship dinner!

Have an awesome friday!

likeschocolate said...

I wish I had! Have a great weekend!

bill lisleman said...

what do you have to lose? your money. How many tickets are you buying? $5, $10 no big deal but some do that every week maybe twice a week. It all adds up. I'm not against the lottery or other gambling. I just think people should have the right attitude about it. Enjoy a fantasy and thrill of possibly winning but don't think of it as a way to get rich. If you do win - contact a lawyer before you make the claim.
Now a scholarship - that's a better way to go. congrats to her on that.

Cathee said...

Karl tried to get a ticket, but the guy going to Idaho said the wait was 2 hours! I hope you win!

Keetha Broyles said...

I heard something interesting on ESPN today about lottery winners - - - 9 out of 10 of them go bankrupt.

I'm not sure if I'm surprised or affirmed in what I already suspected.

American in Norway said...

All of that money... sigh... can't let my mind go there... LOL
congrats on your BABY being 18.. can not even imagine what that must be like... Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Karen and Gerard said...

I hear sending a kid off to college is the hardest, even more so than when they started Kindergarten.

Don't know what I'd do with that much money other than quit my job for sure!

lisaroyhandbags said...

So did you win? Are you getting all nipped and glammed? :)
Great deal on the dress - as for the gift, it all depends on how close you are to the happy couple. Hope it's fun.
And it sounds like Katelyn had the perfect day - what a great prom proposal :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

No lottery winner here-- unless you count the $2 I won for picking the number "23" as the mega and in my regular numbers. Kind of a letdown ;-)

If you were in Beverly Hills you've be nipped, tucked, sucked AND spray tanned :-) No one here has a "real" tan.

You have lots of exciting stuff going on but most of all your baby girl is 18!!!! Whoa. hard to believe.

xo jj

Debbiedoo's said...

I take it you are not in Beverly hills, getting nipped and tucked LOL! I don't play the lottery, being rich is not always a good thing LOL!

Mrs4444 said...

I get choked up thinking of you getting choked up--That'll be me, next year.

Some people say to cover the cost of your meals with the gift, but I don't agree. I'd give $50.

Congrats on finding a great dress.

Did you win? :)

Mrs4444 said...
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