Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fragments

Happy Friday!!
Joining Mrs. 4444's
@Half past kissin time

It's time.....

 New reading glasses....oh and driving glasses too!
Stinks getting older!

 There here...yay!!!
The Girl Scouts delivered my goods!
My favorite is the Samoas aka Carmel DeLites
Whatever you do DON'T read the Nutrition info on back!!

Yup the only place I sing is in my car alone.....
CD's are loaded and radio station is set!
Christmas music baby!!

What are you doing this weekend?
We are painting our garage door....yup the orange spray paint is still noticeable!
I can still see it on our driveway too, but I hope over time it will fade.
They spray painted over the two penises on street with a black can still see it!
Our neighbors are still gone
This is my view from my office window
It ticks me off to still see the work of those hooligans!

Happy Weekend! 


Ina in Alaska said...

Sad!!! But your hood looks very nice!!

Happy Friday Kathy!

Mark said...

Girl scout cookies delivered? Thats living, and no, no looking at nutritional facts.
Love the view, hate your hooligans.

likeschocolate said...

Love the window not the view . Shame the Girl Scouts haven't come to our neighborhood . Counting down the days for you to see your baby. I just bought a new rod Stewart for Christmas .

Tami said...

I've went to reading glasses to prescription glasses. It sucks! I tried contacts with no luck because I have both near sight and far sight. Someone recently told me about bifocal contacts. I'm going to go back to the dr and get more info. Your glasses are very chic!

I love how your window looks out to a beautiful sight, well minus the big orange dot.

Have a wonderful weekend!

bill lisleman said...

that vandalism does ruin the view. I had a fragment about older eyes today.

Joyce said...

It makes me sad that some kids would do such a thing. I hope at some point in their live now or as an adult the quilt will set in. Doesn't any neighbors have camera security to get the make of a car at least? Hope you are feeling better. Love the glasses. xo

lisaroyhandbags said...

Yup, getting older sucks. I've worn glasses since I was 10. I looks like I should get mine checked again- one eye is worse again. Oh to catch those hooligans!!

Mrs4444 said...

That kind of vandalism is just so crazy! Why???

Thanks for reminding me that I need to say NO to the Girl Scout Cookies and just give a cash donation or something.

I'm going to wear my monovision contacts for as long as I can. I think your glasses look great, though! I just balked at the word "bifocal."

Thanks for linking up! :) Have a great weekend.

Yvonne said...

I am up to 4 pair of glasses.
1. Everyday
2. Reading
3. Computer (different distance)!
4. Sunglasses

Thanks for the tip about the chalkboard instead of cork on my blog!

Leslie said...

Love the new glasses!!!
I can't believe that someone would do that... Jerks!

Ohhh.. girl scout cookies, beware.. You will eat the whole box!!! : )
Have a great week and a wonderful thanksgiving.

Unknown Mami said...

Bunch of dicks, I say.

Buckeroomama said...

Girl Scout cookies --yum!! I think my favorites are the Dulce de Leche. I love the Samoas, too.

pve design said...

Thought I had left a comment....I am so sad to admit that I was inspired by the NY Graffiti of Keith Haring when I came to NY that another friend and I did the lockers at school of the NY skyline and nearly got expelled. We turned ourselves in. Gosh what youth will I commiserate with the hooligans - they could do much better and perhaps if they are smart they will confess their crime.
Cleaning up taught me a lesson.
If only I know what I know now, then that it was a dumb thing to do. Oh trouble loves trouble.

pve design said...

meant to say I knew....
and I love your new glasses.
I am due for a new pair. Have you seen the frames online of warby parker?