Tuesday, November 18, 2008

100 Random Facts about ME

My friend Brittney's blog showed her being tagged with this task and I loved it . After reading it I felt a learn quite a bit of fun and interesting facts about Mrs. Jones. I never thought I could come up with 100 facts about myself so I thought I'd try it and low and behold I could of kept going. I'm tagging Katelyn because she thought it was so easy, we will see!

100 Random things about ME
1. I’m Left Handed
2. My favorite color is Green (but I love Orange & Brown)
3. I married young- age 22
4. I knew I would marry Craig the first time I met him…Really!
5. I love Coffee
6. I live for a Diet Coke
7. Having Tea relaxes me!
8. Margaritas are dangerous for me! (Can’t stop at one!)
9. I hate to dance (unless I have had more than one Margarita)
10. I love to read Oprah picks
11. I love all my friends
12. I love being a MOM
13. I’m not ticklish
14. I like to cook but I don’t like planning what to cook
15. I like to clean house
16. Doing laundry relaxes me…I like seeing empty hampers
17. I watch MTV The Hills
18. I love reality TV
19. Hate to watch a movie twice
20. Hate to re-read books
21. Favorite movie Raising Arizona
22. Worst book I ever read- House of Sand and Fog (Hated it)
23. I believe in Angels
24. I love my Family
25. I love that I come from a family of all girls
26. Love coats (own too many, Want more!)
27. I hate to do karaoke
28. Favorite store is Target for everything
29. Favorite Beer Franziskaner Weiss bier
30. I love Halloween but hate wearing a costume
31. My daughter is the BEST love her so!
32. I have the best dog name Sophie
33. Fall is my favorite season
34. I’m always cold
35. I like to lay over the heater vent

36. I love talking
37. I snore occasionally
38. I have allergies
39. I love wearing second day jeans
40. I love being organized
41. I love drinking water with a straw
42. I’m afraid of fire
43. I hate spiders and spider webs
44. I collect Rooster and Chicken Decor
45. My favorite song is by Green Day –Good Riddance
46. I don’t like swimming in the ocean (sharks!)
47. I think I have a green thumb! But I don’t
48. I love going to movies
49 I love Lucky Charms
50. I love toasted Peanut Butter Sandwiches
51. I hate lunch meat (but I like Blimpies)
52. I lie about my age (forever 39)
53. My slippers stink!
54. I swear too much (sorry!)
55. I say sorry too much
56. I have Catholic Guilt
57. I suffer from CRS (Can’t remember shit)
58. I love Pop music (top 40)
59. I don’t like crowds
60. I hate to linger in a restaurant
61. I’m not a patient person
62. I may have a slight issue with Germs (hand sanitizer a must)
63. I’m not a hugger
64. I like my personal space
65. I don’t like using public restrooms
66. I fall off my bike all the time
67. I have no balance
68. I love taking pictures and want to get better at it
69. I made a quilt
70. I love knitting but can really only knit scarves
71. I love candles but don’t like to light them (fire issues)
72. I think my husband is so handsome
73. I love the smell of babies
74. I don’t like to change in locker rooms
75. I sweat when I’m nervous
76. I love Birthdays (mine especially)
77. I love Candy!
78. I love to figure out what is happening with police activity or an accident
79. My favorite dessert is Tiramisu
80. I love when my husband kisses my neck
81. Going to church makes me cry
82. I love the song Amazing Grace –makes me cry
83. I’m stubborn
84. I don’t throw away the microwave popcorn bag until it cools off (fire issues)
85. I love Maggie Moo’s Cake Batter Ice cream with sprinkles mixed in.
86. I hate milk
87. I’m afraid of the Boogieman
88. I hate scary movies and can’t remember the last I saw Halloween 2 Maybe
89. I love the 80’s
90. I know I’m lucky
91. I love to travel
92. I have a lot of fears
93. I gossip (in a nice way!)
94. I’m so happily married
95. I love themes
96. I think I’m brave
97. I love country and traditional furniture.
98. I wish I was more positive about myself

100. I think I have the BEST Life too!


preppyplayer said...

Well. I learned a lot about you today. I too, love. the smell. of babies. I might do the 100 thing when all my biz dies down.
preppy girl

Ina J Offret said...

How fun and brutally honest. Enjoyed getting to know you 100 ways. You left out tennis. I thought you were a player.

I disagreed with you about House of Sand and Fog. I liked that story. did you read Kite Runner and Water For Elephants? Liked those 2 stories. I can only knit scarves too.

Frau said...

Thanks Ina I know I left off alot of things tried to think of things people might not know. I'am currently on the injured list for Tennis...bad shoulder. I hope to start after the first of year.

I loved the Kite Runner, I have not read Water for Elephants but will give it a look. I usually love all books, some times I think the mood you are in when reading changes your out look on the story line. Maybe I will rent the movie and it will change my mind. I'm easy that way!

Ina J Offret said...

You will LOVE Water for Elephants. It reads like a movie!!

kLw said...

I can totally handle this! hehe

Bliss Portraits said...

Kathy! How in the heck are you? Thanks for commenting on my blog... looks like you've figured out the blogging thing really well! Hey, I want to direct you to our family blog so you can keep up with our doings. Just email me and I'll send you then link...looks like you're having the time of your life over there in Germany!

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, you forgot to mention that when you sneeze you sneeze at least 4times possibly up to 6 in a row. So funny. Love ya sis Beth