Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Post

Seventeen weeks ago we picked up and left family and friends to move to Bremen Germany.....
Well I said I would start a blog, took me awhile ....still trying to figure out my new life here. Each day has been one adventure after another, some days with laughter, some with frustration followed by tears, followed by beer and others just a blurr! Bremen is a beautiful historic city. Every time I walk through the City Center I'm taken back by it's beauty and hustle and bustle of the city life. We are getting used to living life as "Germans" do , learning about the laws and etiquette and customs, sometimes the hard way, but we are learning. Navigating the buses and tram system, bike paths and never leaving home without an umbrella. We had our first visitors last month, my parents. We had a great visit with my mom and dad showing them Bremen and we spent the weekend in Berlin. My mom was determined to get the Germans on the tram to smile, I have to say she was successful to my amazement. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving in London and Christmas in Utah.


Karen Andre said...

HI Kath!!
I am so proud of you. Gtreat job on the blog. We are doing great Jess's soccer team won their 3 state game today 1-0 and now they move on! Hope all is well with you guys. Love, karen

pattycorn said...

I am expecting daily posts!
I want to know what your eating, with posted pics and what you're doing.
Love you all,

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Matty said...

I remember my first post too. It sat unread for many, many months because no one knew about me.