Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gay Penguins In Bremerhaven ZOO

Went to Bremerhaven today located about forty five minutes from Bremen. New "American " shopping mall I went with some Mom's from Kate's school, Sheri and Sabine. Nice mall in comparison to Bremen. At this point the shopping is NO comparison to American Malls none what so ever. Anyways back to the Gay Penguins; so we met Sheri's husband John for lunch, he works down the street from mall and the Zoo. He told me about the Gay Penguins and them not reproducing so they brought in females from Sweden to entice them to reproduce or go straight. I was like NO WAY ! SHUT UP you are making this you know the first thing I did was Google it when I got home ! Oh ya! Only in Germany ....When I tell you nothing shocks me ....well maybe I'm shocked for a minute then I say but of coarse we are in Germany! So Google gay penguins Bremerhaven Zoo Germany it's entertaining articles! Keep in mind I'm without a TV so this is entertainment for me! Sad I know!!!


pattycorn said...

Do you read these comments? Give me a sign,
in German.

preppyplayer said...

I like that you figured out how to get the pics with the story instead of just on the side. I have had a blog for awhile and will link you to it... as soon as I get anything I don't want people in our family to see off it!

There is an amazing blog I am addicted to, you have to read it from the beginning, actually a REAL mormon blog. I predict you will be addicted.
Nie Nie Diaries. Just search Nie Nie. Let me know what you think.

preppyplayer said...

I just tagged you! Check out my blog to see your mission- should you choose to accept!

Katelyn said...

Gotta Love the picture!