Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's a Girl!

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant like it was of those days that are so clear in your mind. I was never really a crier or particularly emotional but that day someone at work upset me, it was nothing really but the flood gates opened. I couldn't stop crying was ridiculous! I remember calling my sister Beth and telling her what happen at work and that I couldn't stop crying and being confused by it. She said get a pregnancy test I bet you are pregnant....sniff, sniff sniff okay and I did and I was. I was shocked we had been trying for a long time and just like that I was pregnant. We were so happy and scared.

At the time we had bought a little house and were remodeling it after work and weekends all the while we lived in the basement. Our kitchen consist of a microwave and refrigerator. We ate out almost every night, healthy things like burgers and fries, soup and bagels. I grew like a house!

My pregnancy was exhausting, I worked full time mostly on my feet. I remember coming home every night to crash on the bed, while my husband worked feverishly after work on the house. The day after we put the dishes away in our new kitchen I went into labor, two weeks early.

We lived down the street from the hospital, how convenient right! I went into labor on a Friday at a restaurant far away from said hospital. Didn't even get my meal. I remember my husband driving like a bat out of hell (what does that even me) to the hospital and we went rushing in. Well everyone in SLC was also there waiting to give birth and they did not have a room for me. Well to say I went a little "jersey" on them, meaning there might have been some language mixed in. They said I didn't look like I was in full labor to wait in the waiting room. WHAT!! So we waited and waited, the pain was all in my back I was pretty sure death was knocking at my door. My husband ask again and finally they put us in a room, well it was more like a storage closet. Seriously there were ladders, buckets and a bed with a dirty foot print on the bed....I went ballistic! They checked me and I was only at a 1 and my water had not broke. The nurse was like okay listen you can stay here as in here in the closet and have no food and wait. Or you can have a shot of morphine and go home and eat something take a warm bath and wait. I took door number two!

For the next two days I would have the most painful back pains, go to the hospital and be sent home once again. After all I was not due for two weeks, and most time I came marching in demanding to have this baby. All clear factors I was not in full labor to the nursing staff. Fast forward to Monday morning intense pains and contractions so intense...I was having this baby.

I was admitted into a nice birthing room in the wee hours of the morning, demanding drugs asap! Long story short, drugs were given, drugs didn't work, I could still feel everything, no one believed me. There was screaming, yelling. begging, hair pulling, swearing like a sailor, pushing, panic,tearing and finally the Hoover sucked my baby out.

It was a GIRL....the joy and emotions, instant love. They placed her on me and seconds later whisked her away. Panic set in again as they work away, suctioning her and finally screams of my little girl. My husband  and baby left for the nursery as my doctor went to work repairing the damage her exit cause.
I kept saying are you done yet? He would say not even close!

I believe I said "You will never see me here again!" , that was nothing like the video....she will be an only child!

That was the day I became a Mom.
It's also the day my husband's hair turned gray!
I remember that first night home with our baby and Dr. Spock book both of us looking at each other and back at Katelyn saying OMG now what!


Debra said...

You have me in pun intended!!! Mind you I wouldn't be laughing had this been more recent or God forbid...been ME! One child here as well.....Happy Mother's Day! said...

Very Good.

kks said...

what a wonderful mothers day story!! :)

Melissa said...

Oh my, if I was in labour for several days, I'd only be having the one kid too, haha. Happy Mother's Day!

Sneaker Teacher said...

What a great story, thanks for sharing it. A good friend of mine back home just had a baby boy yesterday. He came three weeks early, but I think he just wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with his mama. I can't wait to meet him when I get home in August!

Happy Mother's Day

beth said...

yippee....a birthing story !

and didn't we all have the same reaction ?

say what ?
no pamphlet with instructions, they let me just leave the hospital with this thing and now i'm supposed to take it from here ?

help !!!!

Unknown said...

WOW this whole post is all too familiar!! My first labour was very similar, including me getting stitched up at the end and proclaiming i'd never be back.
Well, time heals all and God had other plans. Baby #2, OMG--i have to go through it again! (Pregnancies were terrible--vomitting till the end!)
Baby #2 took a cool 2hours to come from Not the days i was anticipating. His birth was so much more enjoyable- however all i was allowed to do for pain was huff gas.
So huff it i did.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Unknown said...

You are killing me....
You describe it though extremly well and true! You know, I am also a midwife - worked in Germany for 10 years...before I studied art and design!
I have been through this five times...(I lost my first after 5 month pregnancy)
And yet, one forgets the pains and I am so happy to have them all....

You are so dedicated and loving, it does not matter how many kids we have, but how we raise them, right?

Great story!

Happy Mother's day from one mom to another! Enjoy your day!


lytha said...

i hope and pray to God to never go thru that. and i am so impressed and happy for you that you did it. and happy mothers day!!!!!

it must be amazing, but today in town i saw a couple with their new adorable baby and i said to my man, "oh my gosh i'm so happy i don't have one!"

he would kind of like one, so that is why we are not getting operations, but letting God decide thru the use of nonperfect methods.

(honestly, his answer was "i want God to decide - let's use the pill")

happy day to you, you deserve it.


Ina in Alaska said...

So funny! And you can take the girl outta Jersey but you can't take Jersey outta the girl!! xoxo & Happy M D!!!

Coby said...

Thanks for visiting and following my blog!

I LOVE birth stories. They're all so unique and special. This is a wonderful story! Happy Mother's Day!

Unknown said...

Does Katelyn realize that she was almost born in a closet? :)

As you look back on the labor part of it, I bet money you'd do it all over again! :)

Happy Mother's day! Loved the story.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Frau-- That is the greatest story-- I could picture the whole thing. I love the "going Jersey" part :-)

I've been away and out of town-- LOVE the new header photos-- Great job.

Enjoy the weekend and have a wonderful Mother's Day!
xo jj

Karena said...

Love you story of Motherhood!!

Art by Karena

Follygirl said...

Oh what an great story, thanks for sharing...
Liebe Grüße zum Muttertag, Petra

Liz Mays said...

You cracked me up! I love how you went all Jersey. If there's a time for it, it's during labor! LOL

jenbusymom said...

Great story! I remember feeling the exact same way once I was home with our Caitlin, like now what do I do? We learn fast though!

Mrs4444 said...

You were still feeling everything?! YIKES! No wonder she's an only child.

Nishant said...

what a wonderful mothers day story
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