Friday, May 14, 2010

Vatertag recap

Yesterday was Father's Day in Germany.

We took a bike ride in the country...
  • Saw the goats, the one guy was climbing the wire fence and sticking his face through the opening, it was too funny. The other is giving him a look like show off! I have a feeling they are feed by many people passing by. They were practically begging from us. 
  • Fields are freshly plowed and had a Oh so stinky manure smell to it!
  • Fields of yellow flowers dandelions, they were really pretty. 
  • It was cold, I had one many layers, scarf and gloves. It's May right?
  • The random roadside Grill was open due to the holiday. We stopped had a Bratwurst and bier! 
  • It's hard to ride a bike after drinking a bier! 
  • Sophie"s boyfriend Eddie was hanging out at the Grill.....tried to deflower her once again....the girl has got a growl on her, she wanted none of that. 
  • Came home and watched our first German movie with English subtitles....Germans talk fast and I discovered I'm a slow reader. I loved the movie it is called "Rabbit without ears" or in German "Keinohrhasen".
  • It's was a great Vatertag! But I have a feeling come June 20th I might have to step up my game and actually cook a meal and possibly get a card.




SamiJoe said...

Glad it was a super Father's DAy! I really like this new look to your blog--it's fresh and the pictures are gorgeous!

BTW--make sure when you get back to the USA, if you do come my way, we'll have to have a 'bier'. Besides, after being in Germany all this time, you'll not want to go back to that 'lite' stuff you guys call Beer in the USA. Ours in Canada is much closer to German brew!

The Empress said...

Love how your blog looks.

It is so relaxing,,,,very nice job.

and the photos are lovely. Wonderful to have all this beauty at your fingertips.

Happy Weekend!

Unknown Mami said...

Poor Sophie. I'm glad it was a fun Father's Day.

bernthis said...

hey there: aren't you coming back to the states very soon? am i imagining this?

Grand Pooba said...

You look so cute! Like Dorothy and Todo!

Maggie May said...

Wonderful Father's Day. Love the photos.
I like the goats.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

beth said...

the fields around here make everything and everywhere smell like manure, too....

we're kind of used to that bad ?

Ina in Alaska said...

Happy Vater-Tag-You're-It!!

That looked like a great outing. Sophie looks so happy to be part of the festivities, other than Eddie.... She must be a Assertive Jersey Girl too!!! xoxoxo

Joanna Jenkins said...

You guys all look so happy. Even the dog is smiling!
Have a great weekend,

Matty said...

Wow, father's day already there. Sounds like you all had a nice day out together. Gotta love the beer and bike ride.

kks said...

great pics! i love Sophie in the basket!