Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday already.....

Yesterday we had a little snow storm...Sophie loved it!

It was really pretty...from the comfort of my warm home!

I ♥ this sweater coat
I think I need it for the winter months ahead!!
Santa......take note!

Oh my... evil knocked at my door the other day....
in the form of this ⇓

damn you Girl Scout cookies....

Breaking Dawn
Team Edward
I know..
 I'm a 16 year old trapped in a 46 year olds body!

Happy Friday!!!


Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

brrr....My Mom is excited to get out of town for a week. We will be having nicer temps ahead while she is here. I love that sweater, and Sophie is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the movie! I love it lives up to your expectations.

And I love the photo of Sophie - so very cute.

Joyce said...

oooh, I think I need a sweater coat like yours : ) Daughter1 saw the movie last night...she is more excited for The Hunger Games right now. Enjoy your weekend-stay warm!

Ina in Alaska said...

Sophie is so snowy adorable!! Love the sweater coat & thanks for the link to the Sundance catalog. Order it!!!

This is the part of the week where I begin to make better food choices cause I am getting on that scale on Monday morning. I admit to being bad on Wed. & Thurs. but the weather was so unbelieavably awful & cold that I had to break into that canister of Popycock that jumped into my cart at Costco !!!! It was so cold that little Jeter had trouble moving his little paws outside- had to carry him back inside after he did his business (quickly) outside.

Have a great weekend!!

Nezzy said...

Oh I so hope Santa Baby brings you that adorable sweater coat. It is magnificent!!!

We had flurries here a couple nights ago and it was a whoppin' 24 degrees this mornin'.

...and I'm in southern MO.!!!

I see I'm not the only ones who can't resist those little cuties and their cookies!

God bless and have a delightful weekend!!! :o)

Cathee said...

I like all the things u posted. I' m team Edward to.

Bobbi said...

I know my dogs will be disappointed to not be able to play in the snow this year but I won't! I don't mind it if I I can just watch it from somwhere warm and not have to go out in it at all. :)

I'm excited to see Breaking Dawn too!

ttmillers said...

I love the sweater AND the boots! and I SO wish we lived near each other, because I am a Team Edward fan myself!!! xoxo
Have a good weekend!


When it snows here I do not venture out in it, if I can avoid it. Sophie looks happy following the romp in the snow. Personally, I wouldn't wait, If you've been a good girl LOL indulge yourself and buy the sweatercoat. It will look marvelous on you. The last vampires I saw in a movie were Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Take care.

Unknown Mami said...

Friggin' girl scouts!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Frau, You're right, that's a great sweater-- Perfect for a girl living in upstate NY where it's already snowing-- Sheesh. I hope you have a warm-up for Thanksgiving!
xoxo jj

pve design said...

How sweet, Sophie looks like she is a true "snow dog!"
Love that sweater coat and I think I need some new things for "apres ski wear" - I have not looked at Sundance for some time.
Happy b-day to your man and enjoy the holidays doing fun things...morning, noon and twilight!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Love the sweater coat! I'm such a sweater gal - wish I could wear them here. And I just want to squeeze the cuteness right out of Sophie! :)