Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Joyce over at From this side of the Pond tagged me with an award her I don't normally play along but like her it's a rainy grey day so why not!! 

Here's the deal-

1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to their blog.
Thanks visiting's like going home to my NJ roots plus love hearing about all her travels plus expat experiences and her two beautiful daughters. I do her Wednesday Hodgepodge meme so if you ever want to join the fun do....From this side of the Pond.

2. Name 5 fabulous moments of your life.

My wedding day
Graduating from college
Katelyn's birth
Moving to Germany
Moving back to USA

3. Name 5 things you love.

My family
My Sophie
My friends

4. Name 5 things that you hate.

starving children

5. Pass the award to 5 deserving bloggers.

eh. Sometimes I skip this part because not everyone appreciates a tag, and lots of bloggers even advertise their sites as 'award-free'. I love lots of blogs for lots of different reasons so it's hard to pick, but today I chose five that I read regularly. If I tagged you, play along or's up to you.

1. Tami at PrettyPurplePlexing she says she is on a summer blog break....but maybe she will play along to jump start her blogging break! 

2. My Sister Preppy Player because this two will be a great jump start back into blogging....come on sis play along!! 

3. Leslie from A spoonful of everything she is probably out on her boat enjoying the summer or crafting something wonderful. Just maybe she will take a break from fun and play along??

4. Somer from Love to Breathe I have known Somer since she was in diapers....she is the best of the best...and needs to get blogging again! Do it Somer! 

5. Bobbi from Bobbi in La La Land this girl cracks me up...she has dropped off blogging but is on Twitter all the time....come back to blogging Bobbi....we need more massage stories! 

Happy Friday All! Have a wonderful weekend! Please keep the victims  from Aurora Colorado tragedy in your prayers .....such a senseless act of violence. 



I am an AWARD and TAG FREE blog. Was tagged so many times I couldn't keep up. LOVED reading about yours, though. So sad what happened in Colorado. When society realizes all this violence in our movies, TV, video games and music is NOT healthy. Maybe things will change. take care.

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Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Yesterday was gray here was nice to learn more about you. Happy Weekend!

likeschocolate said...

Have a great weekend!

Joyce said...

Sweet loves! Enjoy my friend. xo

bill lisleman said...

I see a theme in your selection process. Using an award to prod these bloggers along?
Why do bloggers stop? That could be in the next set of questions.